Not quite the most pleasant topic of discussion for these two!

Sofia Richie and Scott Disick arrived back in LA after their weeklong vacation in Greece yesterday, and when we asked them their opinion on Justin Bieber's recent engagement, things got uncomfortable fast!

The teen model used to date JB before he dumped her and began hooking up with Scott's baby mama Kourtney Kardashian! As to be expected, The Lord probably isn't a Belieber, and neither is Lionel Richie's daughter after being kicked to the curb.

At least they found each other after getting screwed over by the "Sorry" crooner!

LD clearly enjoyed himself overseas, in no small part because his girlfriend spent most of her time strolling around in a skimpy thong. The father-of-three Instagrammed the below pic of his lady love, and her father might want to avert his eyes!