This couldn't get any worse.

Angelina Jolie accused Brad Pitt of not paying "meaningful" child support in court documents this week, so the actor fired back via his lawyers, claiming that he's already given his ex over $9 million. Now, she's saying that that money was a "loan," and not an outright support payment.

The War Machine star says he's paid $1.3 million for the kids, and gave the rest of the funds to the Oscar winner to buy her current residence in LA. We're so confused... don't they both have more than enough dough already?!

The father-of-six's camp thinks Angie is simply trying to make the divorce difficult in hopes of winning their custody war, and the animosity is only growing as time goes on.

According to TMZ, Brad is struggling to maintain his relationship with his children, because Angelina is deliberately getting in the way. He's been in London the majority of the summer to see the kids while his former spouse works on a movie, but she's putting a lot of restrictions on their time, and he's not happy about it.

What a mess!