Time with dad seems pretty sweet!

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie took his son Mason toy shopping yesterday afternoon, and they left the store with a $1500 remote control car. He's one lucky kid! Continuing the fun, the trio hit up the movie theater to catch a flick, and it seems The Lord is doing everything he can to help Kourtney out with the kids while she deals with her breakup from Younes Bendjima.

Speaking of which, LD's teen girlfriend is none too pleased his baby mama is single again, and she's worried that he might run back to her.

"If Scott even is entertaining getting back with Kourtney she wants to know now. She doesn’t want to be played for a fool and stringed along. She loves Scott and if he is going to play these games she is not interested in keeping the relationship going. She wants to live a life with Scott, have a future with Scott and have kids with Scott. So if he is thinking of getting back with Kourtney she wants none of it," a source dished to Hollywood Life.

"She understands Kourtney will forever be in his life but she wants to make the ultimatum now that he either has love for her or bust. She wants nothing to do with relationship drama, he needs to be strictly interested in her or else," the source added.

If we were Lionel Richie's daughter, we wouldn't feel that secure in this situation. Hopefully she doesn't get burned!