We knew it! Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin DID officially, legally, legit-ly tie the knot yesterday, Thursday, and a New York City courthouse where they got their marriage license and said their "I-dos."

How do we know? 'Cause everybody's "sources" are saying so and sources don't lie! Especially People magazine's "religious" source; right? The mag reports the couple will have a huge blowout sometime in the near future in front of "their friends and God;" but we're pretty sure God was at the courthouse!

Anywho ... this is leading Jailey fans to speculate even more wildly than ever that Hailey is pregnant. Otherwise, why the rush for Bieber, 24, and Hailey, 21?

UPDATE - What?! Is it NOT true? Or is Hailey just trying to throw us off. She Tweeted that she and Biebs AREN'T married. What gives?

And Justin told X17online just a couple weeks ago that the wedding wouldn't be "soon" and would be "next year." Watch!