Hailey Baldwin is getting TONS of hate comment after streaming a video of her "dancing" with her little pup Oscar to her Instagram story that shows the supermodel shaking her little Maltese and writing across the image: "don't worry he loves it."

Well fans and others are imploring Hailey to STOP -- telling her a pet isn't a toy and that she shouldn't submit the poor little pup to such treatment just because she thinks it's fun.

In her defense, the Boomerang effect of the clip may make the "shaking" look worse than it really was. It appears she's dancing with the little fuzzy ball in her arms, moving him back and forth but not really "shaking" him vigorously. Still, in the day and age of people just waiting to jump on celebs for any little misstep, she probably should have been smart enough not to post something she had to apologize for from the get-go!

We hope little Oscar is safe! We're pretty sure this jet-setting pup has a great life with his mom and dad -- but watch the clip and decide for yourself ...