Another Wednesday night at church ... alone! Hailey Baldwin has been riding solo often, as of late, with hubby Justin Bieber out of town. Question is -- where is he and why?

A source tells X17online JB's just up north at the couple's Ontario, Canada home so that he can get some space -- space from LA, and marriage and Hailey. He's been suffering from some sort of issue for which he's been seeking treatment at Amen Clinic, a "brain health" treatment center. Perhaps he's doing a more intense therapy north of the border so that he can come home healthy and in a better mindset.

Meanwhile, Hailey's holding down the fort back home -- she's keeping up with her marital duties of settling in the couple's new home, organizing their upcoming wedding, and still going to Hillsong every Wednesday night as her therapy.

As usual, Kourtney Kardashian was also at Hillsong's service last night. We wonder if it's difficult for Hailey to have Justin's exes around all the time! That said, Hails is friends with the whole Kardashian clan because of her connection with fellow model Kendall, so maybe it's not a big deal. Also in attendance was none other than Lana del Rey! Interestingly, nee Elizabeth Grant, grew up Catholic, going to Catholic school and singing in her church's choir. So maybe it's not a huge leap to join Hillsong with their music-based worship ... still, we were surprised to see her there!