His wifey has his back.

Hailey Baldwin has been a pillar of strength for Justin Bieber as he gets treatment for depression, anxiety, and trust issues, and the model will do whatever it takes to make sure her husband gets better.

"Hailey is not going to leave Justin and he won’t leave her either. She’s been so supportive of him throughout this process," a source dished to Us Weekly.

"[Justin] brought up that he’s scared he doesn’t have a prenup. They have some issues, but are committed to working through them," the source added.

So what exactly is he struggling with?

"Justin has trouble trusting those around him and has backed away from certain friends because he’s afraid people are using him, and he’s been claiming friends are stealing his beats and things like that. Overall he has improved a lot, especially since being with Hailey," the insider revealed.

The Biebs is lucky to have his lady!