Not bad advice!

Billy Baldwin is all for niece Hailey's marriage to Justin Bieber, he just wishes they had taken a little more time to walk down the aisle.

"I love them as a couple and I would’ve loved to see them get married if they waited a couple more years. Maybe that would have been better, but they didn’t want to wait because they’re both devout in their faith and … that wasn’t the right fit for them so that’s really none of my business," the actor told the mag.

As for his best words of wisdom for the young couple?

"I’ve said to them, ‘I hope you don’t jump right in and start having two and three and four kids right away.' I just hope that they have the next few years together where they can rampage and just globe trot and just tear it up and have fun," he added.

The Biebers have no shortage of people that want to tell them how to manage their relationship!