Aww what a cute little fam!

We caught Bradley Cooper and fiancee Irina Shayk enjoying a little downtime on the stairs near their home with daughter Lea De Seine yesterday, and it's pretty obvious that those rumors Lady Gaga is causing friction between them are totally false!

After A Star Is Born and the Oscars, a lot of people thought Bradley and Gaga were secretly in love and planning on leaving their partners for each other, but we're hearing it's actually the opposite.

A source tells X17:
    "Bradley loves how secure Irina is with herself. She understands how important his work is to him, and is totally willing to pick up the parenting slack and do whatever is necessary to keep their family together. She never gives him a hard time about spending long hours on set or being away on travel, and she really is just the coolest chick. He feels very lucky to have her, and thinks a lot of his success is due to her unwavering support."

We don't think it will be long before baby #2 is on the way!