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Michael Jackson And Akon Video For Hold My Hand Debuts

December 09, 2010... Michael Jackson's music lives on in the newly released video for Hold My Hand featuring Akon. The feel-good video starts with a crowd of adoring fans screaming "Love you, Michael" just before they release hundreds of balloons. Then...

Just A Taste Of Michael Jackson And Akon Duet Hold My Hand

December 06, 2010... The entire video for Hold My Hand featuring Michael Jackson and Akon hasn't been released, but this preview definitely has us excited to hear more. The track, recorded by the two singers back in 2007, definitely sounds like an...
Akon: Not Lonely Any More

Akon: Not Lonely Any More

August 08, 2007... As you can see in this video, we weren't the only ones to spot Akon as he made his way to Papagayo during his St. Tropez vacation - the chart-topper drew a huge throng of admiring fans just walking to...
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Should Harvey Weinstein go to jail?
Should Harvey Weinstein go to jail?
Probably - seems like there'll be enough evidence.
No; nothing's been proven and some women are admitting they went along with it.
They will; he'll go to jail!
They can't win - there's no way to beat this monster.