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Al Pacino Has Road Rage!

Al Pacino Has Road Rage!

January 19, 2012... Don't mess with Al Pacino while he's on the road! The Scarface actor was seen looking pretty angry while driving around his son Anton. Not sure why Al is so mad these days considering he's dating Lucila Sola ... who...
Al Pacino Joins Lindsay Lohan In <em>Gotti: Three Generations</em>

Al Pacino Joins Lindsay Lohan In Gotti: Three Generations

May 10, 2011... Al Pacino, who starred in The Godfather trilogy, is the latest big name to join Gotti: Three Generations. Lindsay Lohan will now have the privilege in starring opposite Pacino, John Travolta, Kelly Preston and Joe Pesci. Sounds like...

Al Is Totally Devoted To His Kids

September 05, 2009... Doesn't Al Pacino look thrilled to be spending time with his young twins? I guess when you're 69 and your kids aren't even in double digits yet, it's kind of hard to relate!

You Don't Know Al

August 18, 2009... At first glance, I thought this was a pic of Al Pacino dressed as Woody Allen, but turns out Pacino may actually be in a good movie, playing Dr. Jack Kevorkian in the biopic of the doctor's life, You Don't...

They've Still Got It

February 09, 2009... I think so at least? It's the Battle of the Old Guys! Part two. First we have Sylvester Stallone with a pal in Beverly Hills, then there's Al Pacino at The Grove. Hmm, Sly does dress better, I'll give him...
Battle Of The Old Dudes

Battle Of The Old Dudes

January 16, 2009... Well, only Al Pacino and Sylvester Stallone are in their 60s... Mike Tyson is 42, but still! He's older. Hmm, I have no idea who looks "the best" here. Thoughts?

Another Day, Another Leather Blazer

December 31, 2008... We spotted Al Pacino running errands with his kids in Beverly Hills yesterday, and the actor sported his trademark ponytail and leather jacket. Think it's time for a new look?
Al Ponies Up!

Al Ponies Up!

November 22, 2008... Al Pacino was snapped in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon with a stumpy little ponytail. Though it may not be the most flattering hairstyle, at least the 68-year-old actor has most of his hair!
Maybe He's Just Jet Lagged

Maybe He's Just Jet Lagged

October 24, 2008... This is Al Pacino in Italy to accept a lifetime achievement award from Rome's mayor at the city's film festival. Wonder what he looks like when he has to get really cleaned up for something special?
Al & Anton Go Shopping

Al & Anton Go Shopping

October 07, 2008... Hey, even an acclaimed, Oscar-winning actor like Al Pacino isn't too good for Target! The 68-year-old dad took his 7-year-old son Anton (with actress Beverly D'Angelo) out and about in Beverly Hills over the weekend. The kid's really gettin' big! See...
No Country For Old Men?

No Country For Old Men?

September 17, 2008... Al Pacino and Robert De Niro were in Madrid for the premiere of their latest movie, Righteous Kill. Between the two of them, they have three Oscars, so this movie should be good, right?
Al Pacino Puts The Man In Manicure

Al Pacino Puts The Man In Manicure

August 18, 2008... Al Pacino went to Madeo on Sunday night, sporting his usual dark blazer with...bright blue nail polish. Is the Oscar-winning actor prepping for a new role, or just embracing his punk rock side?
Al Packs It In

Al Packs It In

August 10, 2008... Al Pacino certainly got peeved when he spotted our cameras spotting him out for lunch with a friend Thursday afternoon in New York - the Oscar winner actually picked up his lunch and hustled inside to get away! Aw,...

Take Two!

July 16, 2008... The Olsens and the Bush girls are the most famous celebrity twins these days, but what about twins born to famous parents? We searched our archives and came up with some of Hollywood's biggest names and their double bundles...

Al Pacino: Dedicated Dad

June 23, 2008... Despite the sweltering temps over the weekend, Al Pacino, clad in a black shirt, black pants and a jacket, took one of his twins to the park in Beverly Hills Sunday. It's great that despite being old enough to be her...
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Does Rob Have A Right To Be Pissed At Kim For Her <em>Rolling Stone</em> Comments?
Does Rob Have A Right To Be Pissed At Kim For Her Rolling Stone Comments?
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