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Sunday Funday For Nicole And Joel

Sunday Funday For Nicole And Joel

August 16, 2010... And brother Benji, too! Happy couple Nicole Richie and Joel Madden were spotted holding hands at Fred Segal yesterday afternoon - later on, Joel's bro Benji took a break from gyming it up and joined the twosome for a bite to...
<em><font color=orange>X17 XCLUSIVE</em></font> - The Brothers Madden Break A Sweat

X17 XCLUSIVE - The Brothers Madden Break A Sweat

August 13, 2010... Joel and Benji, who have been nearly inseparable in recent weeks, headed out for a jog together in Beverly Hills Thursday afternoon. The brothers Madden have been intent on getting into shape recently. Could they be trying to fit themselves...
If You're Sexy And You Know It...

If You're Sexy And You Know It...

August 10, 2010... must be a Madden! The Madden bros Joel and Benji were looking as de-lish as ever after a workout in Hollywood. Double the hottness! These boys just keep getting more muscled up by the minute. Welcome to the never-ending gun...
We'll Take The One On The Right

We'll Take The One On The Right

August 05, 2010... Both of the Madden boys are hotties, but Joel's face is far too irresistable here! Sorry Nicole, but we've got our eyes on your delish baby daddy...
Benji Madden Just Does It For Us

Benji Madden Just Does It For Us

July 02, 2010... Yesterday we caught a Nike-clad Benji Madden going for a jog in West Hollywood, and even though he was missing his number one running buddy (that would be Joel), we're still loving the dose of eye candy! But what's...
Team Hotness

Team Hotness

June 09, 2010... Yesterday Joel and Benji Madden went for a jog in West Hollywood, and the boys were looking delish as they worked up a sweat. Thank goodness for the warmer weather -- maybe next time we'll catch 'em shirtless?
Joel And Benji Lunch At The Four Seasons

Joel And Benji Lunch At The Four Seasons

June 07, 2010... The Madden bros finally eat someplace fancy! Joel and Benji donned caps - one backward, one forward - for their Four Seasons lunch Sunday afternoon. Gr, we wanna see more of their buff arms and muscled-up bods! So hot right...
Benji Gets Powered Up

Benji Gets Powered Up

May 14, 2010... Yesterday we snapped Benji Madden leaving the gym and heading into Power Zone for a shake, and we're not sure what's in it, but it's certainly doing his body good! Now that summer is on the way, hopefully he'll...
Benji Works On His Fitness

Benji Works On His Fitness

May 07, 2010... Benji Madden was snapped going for a jog yesterday, and the inked up rocker ditched his trademark baseball hat for the second day in a row, revealing his blonde locks and receding hairline. Even though he's totally going bald,...
Benji Madden And Holly Madison Go For A <strike>Walk Of Shame</strike> Stroll Together

Benji Madden And Holly Madison Go For A Walk Of Shame Stroll Together

May 06, 2010... They still haven't confirmed they're an item, but after all the time they've spent together lately, do we really believe that Benji Madden and Holly Madison are just "adventure buddies"?! Benjolly were first spotted together last December, and since then they...
Benji Debuts His Blonde 'Do

Benji Debuts His Blonde 'Do

May 05, 2010... He's had blonde hair for over a week, but this is the first peek we've gotten of Benji Madden without his signature baseball hat! We aren't exactly partial to bottle blonde boys, but this hot rocker sure knows how to work...
Buff Benji Shows Off His Tats, Toned Bod

Buff Benji Shows Off His Tats, Toned Bod

May 03, 2010... One of these days someone's just gonna scoop this hottie up and eat him for dessert - de-lish! Hunky Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden grabbed lunch at The Farm of Beverly Hills on Sunday, and we can't help but notice...
Benji Grabs Coffee For His Mystery Girl

Benji Grabs Coffee For His Mystery Girl

May 01, 2010... We're not sure who she is or why she hid in his Range Rover, but Benji Madden still went and grabbed a venti Starbucks for his mystery woman in Hollywood yesterday. New girlfriend or just a timid friend?
Benji And His BlackBerry Addiction

Benji And His BlackBerry Addiction

April 29, 2010... Yesterday we snapped Benji Madden leaving the gym in Hollywood, and the inked up rocker was glued to his BlackBerry as he sauntered down the sidewalk. I'm sure he would never text and drive, but given how focused he...
The Madden Boys Work It Out

The Madden Boys Work It Out

April 16, 2010... Muscles and tattoos and rock stars oh my! Yesterday afternoon Benji and Joel Madden went for a run together in Hollywood, and the brothers looked absolutely delish as they got all hot and sweaty under the So Cal sun. The...
The Madden Brothers Lunch At Fred Segal

The Madden Brothers Lunch At Fred Segal

April 13, 2010... Just because they're tatted up rocker hotties doesn't mean they can't enjoy a lunch at an upscale boutique in Beverly Hills! Joel and Benji were snapped leaving the Fred Segal cafe yesterday afternoon, and I know there are at least a...
Is Benji A Father-In-Training?

Is Benji A Father-In-Training?

April 10, 2010... Benji Madden was on babysitting duty yesterday with an adorable tyke that was not brother Joel's Harlow. You know his girlfriend Holly Madison is baby crazy...Is she trying to convince him they should make a little Madden of their own?
Benji Moving Fast, Moving In With Holly Madison

Benji Moving Fast, Moving In With Holly Madison

March 08, 2010... He certainly moves fast! ITW reports that Benji Madden is already planning on moving in with his blonde bombshell girlfriend, Holly Madison! “Benji cares very much for Holly. They have been talking about living together,” a source says of the short-time couple. Holly's...
Double The Hotness

Double The Hotness

March 06, 2010... I know there are a couple dozen rabid Madden brothers fans who check all the time for a peek at their favorite inked up rocker boys, so this is for them. Alas, you can't really see Benji's big...
Benji Madden Spotted With A Mystery Babe

Benji Madden Spotted With A Mystery Babe

February 26, 2010... We're not sure who she is, but she's definitely not the same girl we spotted Benji Madden with last month! Benji and this mystery brunette grabbed coffee in Los Angeles yesterday, and she may just be a dear friend, but given...
Nicole Richie And The Madden Brothers Come Out For Charity

Nicole Richie And The Madden Brothers Come Out For Charity

February 10, 2010... Photos by Jeff Vespa/WireImage Yesterday Nicole Richie, Joel Madden and Benji Madden helped kick off the 7-11 Coffee Cup With A Cause program at the Beyond Shelter's Neighborhood Resource Center in Los Angeles, and the trio signed tee shirts and chatted...
Big Buff Benji Gets Yoked

Big Buff Benji Gets Yoked

February 04, 2010... Yesterday we spotted Benji Madden leaving the gym in West Hollywood, and even though the Good Charlotte rocker was looking a little moist in certain spots, he still looked delicious! Maybe Nicole didn't pick the hotter Madden bro?...
<em><font color=orange>X17 XCLUSIVE</em></font> - Benji And His Lady Brave The Rain For A Coffee Date

X17 XCLUSIVE - Benji And His Lady Brave The Rain For A Coffee Date

January 27, 2010... Yesterday Benji Madden and an unidentified gal pal grabbed coffee at Urth Caffe in the rain, and if this was a real date, she definitely did an excellent job keeping the inked up Good Charlotte singer entertained! Think she called back?
Benji And Joel Are Starting To Look More Alike!

Benji And Joel Are Starting To Look More Alike!

December 09, 2009... They're already twins, so that's a start! But seriously, it's getting harder to tell 'em apart... Check out the Madden bros grabbing coffee in the BH before their morning workout. Damn, they're even dressing more alike these days! Is Joel still...

X17 XCLUSIVE - Lindsay Scares Away Benji Madden!

December 06, 2009... Whoa! LiLo sure knows how to alienate people... Last night at Teddy's, Lindsay Lohan was surrounded by tons of fellow celebs - the Madden bros, Katie Cassidy and Kevin Connolly, to name a few - but not all of 'em wanted...

Uncle Benji Stays Buff

December 05, 2009... Yesterday afternoon we caught Benji Madden at the gym, and even though Harlow's uncle looks like he's capable of beating some ass, we bet he's a regular marshmallow underneath!

Bald Is Beautiful Too

November 21, 2009... I usually prefer my guys with some hair on their head, but the combination of Benji Madden's cute face and buff, tatted up bod makes me not even care! We spotted the Good Charlotte rocker leaving the gym in Hollywood yesterday,...

Joel & Benji Head To Fred

November 18, 2009... Yesterday photographers caught Joel and Benji Madden shopping for shoes at Fred Segal, and even though the boys own their own clothing company, it looks like they have no problem dropping in to other stores every now and then....

Twinsies In Goatees

September 21, 2009... Madden twins Benji and Joel are keepin' the facial hair in the family, sporting matching goatees at El Guapo restaurant on Sunday. Although these bros seem to be only getting hotter with age, I'm not thinking the goatee is...

Your Daily Dose Of Uncle Benji

September 19, 2009... Yesterday Benji Madden was spotted roaming around Los Angeles, and while he was super friendly with photogs, we were kinda confused about his activities. The slightly more tatted up Madden brother was seen peering through a gate, but rather...

Double The Madden, Double The Hotness!

September 17, 2009... Well certainly double the tattoos! Harlow and Sparrow's daddy and uncle went for a stroll yesterday afternoon (okay, that's a lie, they were coming from the gym) and even though we thought we'd seen Joel in the exact same outfit the...

X17 XCLUSIVE - DCMA Offers Roadside Service!

September 03, 2009... Yesterday afternoon Benji Madden saved the day for a pal stranded on a busy street in Los Angeles, and X17 photogs caught the entire incident! The inked up Good Charlotte rocker happily filled up his friend's empty tank and kept his...

Benji Goes Audi For A Drive

August 28, 2009... Benji drove away from the DCMA store yesterday in the 100 degree heat and an even hotter car! And dayum, the R8 certainly looks good on him!

Benji Madden Stole John Mayer's Ride!

August 15, 2009... Okay not reeeally, but we bet John's annoyed that he's not the only tatted up musician rolling around town in a silver Audi R8! Is this new set of wheels hotter than Benji's old Jag? Eh, who's...

Benji Gets Clean

June 20, 2009... Well, it's not like Benji is a dirty boy or anything, but it looks like his Jaguar needed a bath! We snapped the Good Charlotte rocker at a hand car wash on Melrose yesterday, and even though he wasn't...

The Guys At Guys And Dolls

June 19, 2009... There was so much man meat at Guys And Dolls last night, that Kendra probably couldn't swing her fake boobies without hitting a hunk! Some flew solo, like the night's DJ Benji madden, a sad looking Deryck Whibley and DWTS' Derek...

They Love LA!

June 05, 2009... The LA Lakers, that is! But with one of the best players of all time on our team, how could you not? Jess and Tony weren't the only ones we spotted entering the Staples Center, last night's game read like...

To The Chateau!

May 17, 2009... Since when did the Chateau Marmont become the hottest place in town? I mean, I guess it's always been, but what happened to clubs being celeb magnets? Now it's hotels! Check out Benji Madden heading you know where the other...

X17 XCLUSIVE - When Renee Met Benji!

May 14, 2009... ...well, sorta met! Only in Hollywood does the Coffee Bean bring random people together! The Jerry Maguire actress was picking up a couple iced teas from Ashley Tisdale's favorite place in the world, and who did she kinda sorta bump into?...

Benji's An Urthling

May 11, 2009... If you live in LA, you know Urth Caffe is a great spot to people watch and grab brunch or lunch on a Sunday. Photogs caught up with Benji Madden and a buddy at the hip West Hollywood eatery,...

Hot New (Tattooed) Couple Alert?!

May 07, 2009... Well, what have we here?! Has Benji Madden finally met his match, or is he just friends with Hillary Wentz Katie Gilbert? Yeah, that would be Pete Wentz's assistant. We snapped the inked up duo strolling around...

Mad For Madden

April 23, 2009... Benji Madden is sexy because: a) he's a famous rock star b) his tattoos are way hot c) DUH, his arms! d) all of the above


April 18, 2009... Joel and Benji never real struck me as the type of twins who would wear matching clothes, but yesterday they rocked the same hat in Hollywood. Who wore it better?

Just Another Day At The Gym

April 16, 2009... Benji doesn't even look like he needs it! The Madden bro has been looking so buff lately. Do you love it or do you love it?

The Hotter Madden Twin?

April 07, 2009... I used to think that was Joel, but now I think I'm switching my vote to Benji and his big guns!

The Gun Show Starring Benji Madden

March 27, 2009... What does Benji do all day except for hang out at his store and show off his guns? I mean, Joel has a family and a foundation to tend to, but Benji? Shouldn't he get back to making music or...

Benji's Night Out!

March 02, 2009... Benji sorta had the deer in headlights thing going on when we snapped him leaving a party over the weekend, but eh, who cares? Even though he dated Paris, we still have a soft spot for the Good Charlotte...

Partying While Preggers

February 24, 2009... 1) Loves the yellow dress Nicole wore to Rick Yorn's Oscar party Sunday night. 2) She brought along the perfect accessories: Joel and Benji who are getting hotter by the minute (probs thanks to Nic!) 3) She may have stayed out until...

Big Buff Benji!

February 20, 2009... Holy guacamole! Benji Madden looks...HOT! Paris' ex showed off his guns in Los Angeles today, and we swear the Good Charlotte rocker is getting beefier every time we snap his picture!

House Of Boys And Girls

February 19, 2009... A bevy of celebs attended the Children Mending Hearts gala at the House of Blues on Sunset last night, and we're shocked to see that the men look far better than the women! I love Marisa Tomei, but... no. And red...

X17 XCLUSIVE - Zoo Time For Harlow!

February 16, 2009... Just watch out for the lions and tigers and bears! Proud parents Nicole Richie and Joel Madden took their precious little Harlow Winter to the zoo over the weekend, and guess who tagged along with them? Uncle Benji! Wow, the only...

Benji Puts On A Gun Show

February 13, 2009... He's no Jake Gyllenhaal, but still! Paris' ex just keeps getting more muscled up every time we see him. Time for some shirtless pix, Benji - we're waiting!

Benji's New Bromance

February 10, 2009... A smile on Benji's usually sullen face? Looks like he may have found someone special in his life to make him happy!

Benji At Night!

January 30, 2009... Benji Madden was out and about last night, and while we prefer seeing him like this, this look isn't too bad either! It's almost like his new year's resolution was to look extra hot with the intent of making a certain...

Benji Gets Buff!!!

January 29, 2009... Um, hello! Where has Benji Madden been hiding this sexiness?! A noticeably buffer Benji was spotted in Hollywood yesterday, and the rocker showed off his tatted up guns in a sleeveless DCMA tee. Looks like he wants to...

Benji Deluxe!

January 17, 2009... Benji Madden hit up Bar Deluxe on Thursday night, and something's different! Is he thinner? Tanner? We're not sure, but whatever he's doing, he should keep it up! P.S. We love his Jag!

Benji Lends A Hand

January 14, 2009... The paps were falling all over Benji Madden and his crew in Hollywood last night - literally! Paris' ex was keepin' quiet and minding his own business per usual when a photog accidentally fell down in front of him - and...
Britney and Benji NOT An Item

Britney and Benji NOT An Item

December 22, 2008... Well, we're just heartbroken! Apparently reports that Jamie Spears had set his daughter up with Benji Madden were totally untrue! "The claims made by In Touch are completely false,” Brit's rep told E! News. “There is not an ounce of truth to...
Brit Being Set Up By Dad...With Benji?!?

Brit Being Set Up By Dad...With Benji?!?

December 19, 2008... Apparently the men in Brit's life have made a list of suitable men for her to date, they've checked it twice and the man who came out on top is Brit's former BFF Paris Hilton's ex, Benji Madden! In Touch says...

X17 XCLUSIVE: Paris And Benji Party Together!

December 16, 2008... Is a reunion in the works?! We bet that's all Paris wants for Christmas! Paris Hilton and Benji Madden attended the opening of the Dolce & Gabbana flagship boutique on Robertson last night, and the former lovers were very friendly...
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