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<em><span class="exclusive">EXCLUSIVE VIDEO</span></em> - Bruce Jenner Drops F-Bomb On The Way Into Church

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO - Bruce Jenner Drops F-Bomb On The Way Into Church

September 08, 2014... Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed! Bruce Jenner wasn't in the best mood when he headed to church in Calabasas yesterday, and he decided to take out his aggression by swearing like a sailor at our photographer! "F**k...
Bruce Jenner Continues To Make Us Cringe With His Ratty Ponytail

Bruce Jenner Continues To Make Us Cringe With His Ratty Ponytail

August 20, 2014... From the sour expression on his face to the deep fried hair, we just want to give Bruce Jenner a hug -- and a giant bottle of leave-in conditioner! The grumpy reality TV dad went to the mall in Calabasas...
<em><span class="exclusive">EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS</span></em> - Bruce Jenner Is Still Wearing His Wedding Ring!

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS - Bruce Jenner Is Still Wearing His Wedding Ring!

July 19, 2014... He's not letting go it seems! On Friday, Bruce Jenner sported his wedding ring along with a pink shirt as he made a pit stop at a Starbucks in Westlake. The former Olympian and Kris Jenner have been separated since last October...
Bruce Jenner Has Some Pep In His Step After Grabbing Starbucks

Bruce Jenner Has Some Pep In His Step After Grabbing Starbucks

July 14, 2014... Over the weekend Bruce Jenner grabbed his daily Starbucks in Malibu, and he flashed us a sweet smile as his wispy hair blew in the breeze. Now that's more like it! While the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians...

Can We Talk About Bruce Jenner's Long And Super Feminine Nails?

June 24, 2014... They say long hair don't care, but what about these pointy and perfectly manicured nails?! Bruce Jenner grabbed Starbucks in Malibu on Monday, and the grumpy reality TV dad showed off his wedding ring and a set of claws that rival...
Bruce Jenner Still Can't Get Teenage Daughter Kylie To Hang Out With Him

Bruce Jenner Still Can't Get Teenage Daughter Kylie To Hang Out With Him

June 23, 2014... Bruce Jenner ran errands in Calabasas on Sunday, and he looked so incredibly bummed! Maybe this has something to do with the fact that his youngest daughter Kylie has totally been giving him the cold shoulder? On the last episode of...

Theeey're Baaaack! The Kardashians Return To L.A. After Kim And Kanye's Wedding

May 26, 2014... Grandma Kris has it all under control! Mama Jenner carefully stroller baby North West through LAX Monday as she and her gaggle of girls returned from Paris after Kim and Kanye's wild wedding week. While Kimye honeymoon in Ireland, Kris...

Bruce Jenner Finally Gets Some Attention Of His Own Signing Autographs

May 23, 2014... Must feel good! Bruce Jenner got an unexpected surprise in Paris last night when fans asked for his autograph and showed him some attention, and we bet the former Olympian was thrilled that for once he wasn't in the shadow of...
Bruce Is Bananas!

Bruce Is Bananas!

May 12, 2014... OMG, Bruce! You make the jokes too easy! Bruce appears to be B-A-N-A-N-A-S for phallic-shaped snacks. Seriously, though -- after a tough morning on the golf course, you've gotta replenish your potassium! Brucey sported 1990-cut mom jeans with a shirt...

Bruce Jenner Cusses Out Photographers After Church

May 05, 2014... Holy Moly ... watch your mouth, Bruceypants! And speaking of pants, would it be too much to ask one of his fashion-forward daughters to help him pick out some jeans that aren't sorta reminiscent of JNCOs? After church in Calabasas on...

Kris Jenner Reunites With Bruce At Church Service, Shows Off Sexy Legs In Mini Dress

April 20, 2014... Now that's a church dress! Kris Jenner reunited with her estranged husband Bruce Jenner for Easter Sunday church service in Calabasas. The momager showed her former hubby what he's missing by donning a mini dress that showed off her sexy legs....

Bruce And Kris Jenner Mind Their Business On Separate Sides Of Town

April 19, 2014... This divorce was supposed to be best for everyone, but seeing as Bruce Jenner is still wearing his wedding ring and a total grump these days, we have to wonder! On Friday Bruce grabbed a cup of Starbucks near the family...

Bruce Jenner Gets Grumpy With Photographers

April 18, 2014... What's he pointing at? An annoyed Bruce Jenner was spotted in Malibu on Thursday afternoon, and though he was rude with photographers, we have to say, we're pretty envious of his smooth skin and luscious locks! Heck, maybe estranged wife...

Bruce Jenner Goes On A Date With Mystery Woman In Malibu

April 12, 2014... Wonder who she is?? On Friday, Bruce Jenner met up a female companion for a day-date at Chipotle restaurant in Malibu. The 64-year-old former Olympian and reality star seemed to be pretty cordial with the cute, young girl. If you recall, Bruce...

Bruce And Kris Jenner Return From Vacation In Thailand ... Holding Hands!

April 02, 2014... Are they back together?! Or is this a belated April Fools' Day joke?! On Wednesday evening Bruce and Kris Jenner landed at Los Angeles International Airport after vacationing in Southeast Asia, and we were stunned to see the couple smiling...
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