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Mischa Drops Some Dough, Drops Her Bumper!

Mar 7, 2007 08:37 PM

MBARTONDOG030607_02.jpgMischa Barton mbartonshop030607.jpgAfter lunching with her sister, Mischa spent the afternoon shopping...and shopping...and shopping! She hit up three vintage stores before getting into her car – which was ticketed while Mischa was so busy droppin some cash – and headed over to...you guessed it, another store!Pulling into the Marc by Marc Jacobs, parking lot Mischa scraped her bumber on the gate and it fell in the parking lot! This was only a few weeks after she got into a fender-bender with Nicole’s car! She's either got the worst luck with cars, or she's the worst driver in the world!

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Mischa in Minor Scrape-Up With Nicole's Car!

Feb 19, 2007 10:24 AM

Best pals Nicole and Mischa intended on spending a leisurely Sunday together...a little lunch, a little tanning...but things quickly took a turn for the chaotic when Mischa, driving Nicole's car after dropping her off at the tanning salon, took her foot off the brake for one minute and hit the car in front of her! The other car seemed to sustain very minor damage, but Nicole’s front license plate fell off! Wanting to get out of the street, Mischa pulled into a gas station, and seemed surprised that the other car followed, to exchange information. No one was hurt, but Mischa gave the couple her phone number and insurance information before calling Nicole to let her know what happened. Mischa then went and picked Nicole back up at the tanning salon. You'll never guess what they did after to calm Mischa's nerves! That video coming soon...

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Britney May Need More Knee Surgery

Dec 6, 2006 03:42 PM


X17 has just discovered that Britney visited a surgeon a few days ago to discuss another operation on her busted knee. Considering that her last knee injury brought an end to her tour (and enabled her to spend more time with then-boyfriend Kevin Federline), let's hope it's not necessary - and if it is, that she'll pick a more suitable back-up dancer to help "nurse" her back to health!

Click through to see how the knee injury started it all:

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Miss USA Down In The Dumps?

Dec 6, 2006 06:43 AM


Our beloved Lindsay, being all patriotic with her USA shirt, doesn't seem to be on top of her game recently. She's being escorted around town by her mom and going to AA to clear up some 'issues.'

Lindsay Lohan LLohan120506_3.jpg

Is Lindsay down in the dumps about all this? Well, we'll have video coming soon to show you how things went for her yesterday as she went to an AA meeting. And you'll never guess where she went after that ...

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Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore

Oct 11, 2006 01:48 PM

Accidents Happen AJOLIE101106_1.jpgAngelina Jolie was reportedly involved in an accident earlier today in Pune, India, when the car squiring her back and forth between her five-star hotel and the set of A Mighty Heart allegedly struck an Indian couple riding a motorcycle. We haven't heard any gruesome reports from the scene yet (although we know for certain that Angelina was fine) and the couple hasn't filed a police report yet, but the scene painted by these pictures looks pretty crazy - let's hope Angelina didn't leave her Allstate card at home!

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While the Cat's Away ...

Oct 8, 2006 02:30 PM


Tom Cruise TCruiseGirl100706_2.jpg

We don't usually think of Tom Cruise as being the cheating type because we don't usually think of Tom Cruise as being attracted to women, but when a hot Malibu soccer mom does her best to reel him in at their kids' game yesterday and while Katie was still off frolicking in France with Posh, it looks like Tom's at least hooked ...

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Oct 7, 2006 02:49 PM

What? PHiltonbaggy100606_1.jpg

This is an heiress, her name is Paris.
To In 'n Out she goes to get
Some food to eat in her private jet.

I guess the good thing about flying private is that instead of eating crappy airline food you can bring your own crappy food to eat and second, you can wear the worst clothes in your closet and no one but the pilot will see you (unless you're Paris and your every move is caught on camera) ...

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We Don't Need No Water...

Oct 6, 2006 02:06 PM

Good thing that water pipe broke in Area last night - with all the celebrity firepower packing the club, everyone probably could have used a nice cool-down!
The club was set to be the scene for Nicky Hilton's 23rd birthday party, so unsurprisingly we caught Paris, Nicky, Brandon Davis, Elliot Mintz, Kim Kardashian, and Caroline D'Amore making an appearance - but we certainly weren't ready to see Lindsay Lohan pull up to the club!
And while we haven't heard any reports of punches being thrown between any of the parties involved, this video sure makes us think something happened inside - when the aforementioned pipe breaks, driving all the patrons outside, Team Firecrotch climb into Paris' SUV and leave Lindsay all by herself in a club full of dirty water!

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