EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS - Justin Bieber's Returning To His Throwback Shaggy Hairdo!

Posted on Sat Nov 18th, 2017 3:20pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Awwww! Justin Bieber's going back to his old hairstyle! Okay, so he's putting a shaggy twist on the comb-over that made him famous, but do you recognize the that original Bieber style?!

We spotted the pop star stopping by a convenience store in LA, on Friday, while his "girlfriend" Selena Gomez had lunch with pals at Tao in the Valley. SG had a different look too -- with stark, dark straight hair and a black dress and cap, whereas the day before she was in a softer winter white silk slip dress with a monochromatic matching long sweater at rehearsal for the American Music Awards.

While these two spend quite a bit of time together, they seem to be making a conscious effort not to rush into anything too overwhelming. They're keeping some distance, maintaining separate lives and not jumping into a 24/7 situation right off the bat. Which is smart ... Selena got burned once; we don't want to see it happen again!


We Asked Sofia Richie About Rumors She's Engaged To Scott Disick ...

Posted on Sat Nov 18th, 2017 3:09pm PDT       By X17 Staff

So we asked Sofia Richie about rumors she's engaged to bad boy boyfriend Scott Disick and guess what she said ...

Nothing! Not surprising; the teen certainly isn't going to dish the good news to X17online first, though we wish she would. She's probably have to go to her dad Lionel first -- and Scott would be smart to ask the pop star for his daughter's hand in marriage, though we wonder if he'd grant it.

Lionel said a few weeks ago that he is "scared to death" of his 19-year-old daughter dating the notoriously bad Lord Disick. But Sofia recently claimed her dad has changed his tune and that he's now "cool" with the relationship, telling E! News: "He's good. He's been very nice. He's been very cool. He's very supportive, whatever that means."

Hmmm ... we think Lionel's probably praying every night before bed that Scott doesn't pull something and propose!


FIRST PHOTOS - See The First Pix Of Serena Wiliams' Wedding To Alexis Ohanian

Posted on Sat Nov 18th, 2017 1:26pm PDT       By X17 Staff

It's official! Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian tied the knot Thursday in New Orleans surrounded by A-list cele friends, family and their little girl Alexis Olympia!

In the couple's wedding photo, Serena cradled her daughter who was also dressed in white. Reddit founder Ohanian shared some snaps on his Instagram including a sweet kiss and a fun shot of the couple on the dance floor -- Williams in her second, short dress by Versace.

Guests like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria and more, were in attendance -- and Serena's sis Venus, of course. Serena wore a Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen which had a sheer cape. She wore $3.5 million in jewels from XIV Karats and hubby Ohanian wore Armani.

The couple began dating in 20015, announced their engagement in December and welcomed their daughter in September. Congrats to one of our fave couples!


Post Malone Claims Justin Bieber Has Donated $10 Million To "Cult" Hillsong Church

Posted on Sat Nov 18th, 2017 1:05pm PDT       By X17 Staff

A post shared by Posty (@postmalone) on

Post Malone isn't mincing words ... he claims his former tourmate Justin Bieber is wrapped up in the "cult" of Hillsong Church and that the Biebs has donated in excess of $10 million to the megachurch!

In a new Rolling Stone profile, the "Rockstar" rapper's exchange with the RS journalist went like this:

    "When I ask Malone about Bieber, he calls him "a fucking awesome, great dude" and "a genuine friend." He adds, "He's gotten super-religious recently. Real culty." He's referring to Hillsong, a megachurch that Bieber belongs to. "It's not culty!" Ashlen interjects. "It's a total cult," Malone continues. "He's already given them, like, $10 million. Those are the worst kinds of people. I used to be super-religious. I believed in God. But now I see through it. It's nice to support something you believe in, I guess, but people are spending so much money, and God doesn't care that your church has a fucking gold roof." I ask if he's shared these thoughts with Bieber. "We don't talk about this stuff," he says."

A source denied the dollar figure to RS, but still -- makes you think it might be at least close to true, given how tight Bieber and Hillsong founder/pastor Carl Lentz are. When you follow a guru who's paycheck depends on his congregations' tithing, it tends to turn into a Jim and Tammy situation ...


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The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show To Take Place In CHINA On Monday Is In Trouble ...

Posted on Fri Nov 17th, 2017 10:15am PDT       By X17 Staff

Scantily clad women in lingerie in China?! Well, that's the supposed venue for Victoria's Secret fashion show set for Monday but things aren't going well ...

Katy Perry, who was set to perform, has now been banned from China indefinitely, along with other VS top models including Gigi Hadid, according to Page Six. You'll never guess why Perry was denied a Visa by the communist nation ...

Back in 2015, Perry wore a sparkly sunflower-print costume for her concert in Taipei and that pissed off the Chinese government because, little did Katy know, the sunflower was a symbol adopted by anti-China protesters in Taiwan the year before. Obvi!

She had originally been granted a visa but Chinese officials, after combing through the singer's social media and other records, decided to rescind it.

As for the models, superstars like Gigi Hadid were found by Chinese government officials to have made offensive posts in the past so they're out, too. After Gigi's sister Bella posted an Instagram video back in February of her older sis holding a Buddha-shaped cookie and squinting her eyes, the Hadid sisters are BANNED! Adriana Lima's visa is also tenuous and other lesser-known models have been denied.

Harry Styles will replace Perry as the performing act of the night.

Question ... why the HELL did Victoria's Secret execs pick China to host their internationally-famous fashion show? Are their thongs made in China? Do they sell lots of Wonderbra's in the communist country? Probably all of the above!


EXCLUSIVE - Kim Kardashian Jets To New Orleans For Serena Williams' Wedding ... Sans Kanye ... And Flies Home The Same Day!

Posted on Fri Nov 17th, 2017 8:57am PDT       By X17 Staff

That was a quick trip! Kim Kardashian chartered a private jet for one, thank you, to head down to New Orleans for tennis superstar pal Serena Williams' wedding to Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian. Yep, she was solo -- hubby Kanye West stayed home and in fact, Kim attended the wedding, stayed for a bit of the reception, left early and hopped right back on the same jet and flew home!

The reality TV star/entrepreneur has a new business to baby ... oh, and she's got a baby on the way, too, of course -- her new fragrance line netted a whopping $10 million in it's first day after launching! That's nothing new for the Kardashians, Kim's just following in the footsteps of younger step-sis Kylie, who's makeup business is on track for a $1 billion valuation by early next year! And hey, if holiday sales go well, she may reach the mark before the end of 2017.

So Kim enjoyed Serena's festivities, along with other guests like Eva Longoria, Kelly Rowland, La La Anthony, Anna Wintour and more, and then jumped back on the plane around midnight, touching down in LA about three and a half hours later. What a party pooper!

And so back to Kanye's absence ... there may be more to it other than the rapper just being too busy to attend the wedding. In Touch Weekly claims the uber-famous couple's marriage is on the rocks and that they're headed for DIVORCE! Well we happen to have some of our own news about that ... coming soon ... but in the meantime, we can tell you the mag reports the couple goes for days at a time without talking -- Kanye loves to give Kim the silent treatment -- and that Kim's worried about their baby (via surrogate) coming right around the holidays and things get increasingly tense between her and Yeezy.

Stay tuned for more EXCLUSIVE info about Kim and Kanye's marital troubles, right here on X17online!


Ben Affleck Calls Handles The Sexual Misconduct Question Pretty Damn Well On Stephen Colbert's Late Show

Posted on Thu Nov 16th, 2017 9:58am PDT       By X17 Staff

Ben Affleck was forced to confront sexual harassment allegations against him by Late Show host Stephen Colbert and because the Justice League star is so well-spoken, he came across not looking like an ass.

After being accused by One Tree Hill actress Hilarie Burton of having groped her on the 2003 set of TRL, Affleck has had to go on the defensive, but without accepting some responsibility. Here's what he told Colbert:

    "I thought I had a sense of the scope of the problem and I thought I understood it and the truth is, I really didn’t. I didn’t understand what it’s like to be groped, harassed, to be interrupted, talked over, paid less, pushed around, belittled — all the things that women deal with that for me, as a man, I had the privilege of not having to deal with.”

    “Part of this, for me, has been listening to people that I care about and love as they tell me stories of stuff that’s happened to them (this is men and women) and realizing this is a real thing. I’m not a spokesperson, I’m not a superhero, I can’t change it by myself. I can just be accountable for myself and for my actions."

He went on to say he wants to be part of the solution:

    "What I was accused of by a woman was touching her breast while I gave her a hug. I don’t remember it but I absolutely apologize for it,” Affleck said Thursday. “I certainly don’t think she’s lying or making it up. It’s just the kind of thing we have to — as men, I think, as we become more aware of this — be really, really mindful of our behavior and hold ourselves accountable. And say, ‘If I was ever part of the problem, I want to change and be part of the solution.’ ”

    “I think the most important thing to do is support the voices coming forward, believe them, and create a business where more women are empowered and in place so less of this happens and so there is a way of reporting this stuff that people can feel safe doing."


Selena Supports Justin At His Hockey Match ... Again!

Posted on Thu Nov 16th, 2017 7:00am PDT       By X17 Staff

As their relationship heats up, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez put their romance on ICE! Selena went to support her man at his hockey match for a second time, Wednesday evening, as Justin grabbed his stick and hit the ice to play for his team, the Warriors, at an LA-area rink.

Selena brought along her pup Charles to help cheer on her Canuck cutie engaging in his country's national pastime.

Just as recent reports claim the two have chilled on their relationship, the amount of time they're still spending together seems to prove otherwise. The couple went on a day date Monday, taking a walk around a local park near Selena's house; they've been going to church together and then there are all the late-night visits to each other's house ... And most importantly, Biebs hasn't been seen with other girls! Now THAT's a change!


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