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Chris Brown Thinks Jay Z Got A Pass For "Stabbing Someone," "Selling Drugs"

Sep 21, 2013 08:10 AM

chris-brown_jet-cover_092113.jpgWe smell a feud brewing ...

Chris Brown continues to play the victim card in his latest interview for next month's Jet magazine cover story. The R&B bad boy apparently doesn't understand why the public won't forgive him for his past missteps (namely his assault of then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009) when it's so eager to forgive other celebs, including Jay Z, who pled guilty to stabbing record executive Lance "Un" Rivera in late 1999.

    No disrespect, because I'm a fan, but nobody brings up the fact that he stabbed somebody and sold drugs. He gets a pass.

Breezy tweeted last month that Jay was stopping him from collaborating with his wife Beyonce,

Backpedaling ever so slightly, the "Forever" singer said facing backlash has only made him stronger.

    You have to go through the struggle before you can get to the good part. I don't try to lash out at people, or be as mad or impulsive as I used to be. I got to the point where it's only so much you can take from the master, you feel me? I've taken my fair share of lashings.

Chris, who wears a hoodie on the cover of the magazine, says he can relate to Trayvon Martin, the teen who was shot by George Zimmerman in 2012.

    I identify with Trayvon 100 percent as far as living in 2013 and still dealing with blatant racism. This generation is so used to racism that it's normal. We don't care. We aren't on drugs or catching AIDS, but they still look at us as n----s.

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS - Chris Brown Continues To Put His Graffiti Around Town

Sep 10, 2013 07:20 AM

Chris Brown  graffiti smoking cigarette art wall art rihanna

From cars to trendy restaurants to Justin Bieber's pad, Chris Brown's street art is in high demand!

On Monday afternoon the R&B star was snapped spray painting a building in Los Angeles, and he was quite focused while working on yet another one of his toothy monsters.

While we're sure he's still bummed that his neighbors made him cover up the paintings outside of his Hollywood Hills home, given how much of his art is going up in the greater L.A. area, Chris really is having the last laugh!

On top of the paint fumes, this can't be healthy though:

Chris Brown spray paint smoking cigarette rihanna

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Chris Brown Paints Monsters Over Justin Bieber's Half Pipe

Sep 6, 2013 08:30 AM


He's done it again! After painting his house (and being forced to cover it up), tagging girlfriend Karrueche Tran's car and putting his art the side of a popular eatery in Hollywood, Chris Brown took his graffiti skills to pal Justin Bieber's pad.

"Breezy spray painted my half pipe. He's super dope," Bieber tweeted, along with the photo above. The Biebs has been into skateboarding for a while now, and he even skated around with Lil Wayne when the two worked together back in 2012. We're guessing Weezy is a little bit better on wheels, but if Bieber has a half pipe, he's obviously been practicing!

And speaking of pipes and dope, we have an interesting story coming about Biebs ... stay tuned, we'll be posting that a little later this morning!

Chris Brown Adds More Monsters To Girlfriend Karrueche Tran's Porsche

Aug 30, 2013 02:00 PM


Chris Brown just can't seem to put the spray can down! After neighbors forced him to paint over a wall covered with caricature monsters outside of his Hollywood Hills home, the controversial star decided to take his art to the streets and spray paint the toothy creatures onto girlfriend Karrueche Tran's Porsche. And now it looks like the 24-year-old has added more monsters to Tran's car! Which is just what the world needed more of. Maybe Brown should just paint a self portrait on there while he is at it?

We first spotted the freshly painted ride on August 22nd -- and it seems as though Brown has been on a painting frenzy since then, choosing to amp up the volume of the images on the pricey vehicle. The Porsche had two fanged (one blue and one pink) images on it last week, but now the sports car's monsters have appeared to have multiplied. Doesn't everyone know you aren't supposed to feed a Mogwai after midnight?! This is a rookie mistake, people!

It's days like today where we ask ourselves: do we dislike Chris Brown because he is the type of person who spray paints a $90,000 car? Or do we dislike a $90,000 car emblazoned with multicolored monstrosities, just because we know its Chris Brown's? We may never know -- but we're pretty sure we'd think this car was an eyesore no matter whom the owner was.

Last week, Karrueche also tweeted a snapshot of herself sitting on the freshly painted whip and wrote, "this what the f*ck I come home to lmao this n**** man..."

A classy car for a classy lady.

Chris Brown Tweets L.A. District Attorney Is Racist And Fabricating Evidence In Rihanna Beating Case Community Service

Aug 23, 2013 08:05 AM


Nobody can say he doesn't have a temper!

Chris Brown went on a Twitter rant last night, lashing out at the courts for claiming the community service hours he completed in his Rihanna beating case were bogus and exaggerated.

    "N***a done 6 months community service wit police and the DA racist ass crying to the judge that I didn't do it. F**k the SYSTEM," he tweeted.

Breezy obviously doesn't know that the D.A. is an African American woman!

After being sentenced to 1,000 additional hours of community service, the R&B singer offered his opinion on different things the courts could be focusing on.

    "How about y'all take care of all the homeless kids and families on skid row. Family first! The LAW... last," he added.

The hot-tempered bad boy even admitted he channels his frustration with his court case into his art, specifically his graffiti. "I paint pics of monsters because its a reflection of u b*tch**s niggas and this b*tch**s system!" he ranted.

When will he ever learn to just shut it and deal with the consequences of his actions?

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS - Chris Brown Takes A Romantic Road Trip With Karrueche Tran

Aug 22, 2013 06:30 AM

Chris Brown Karrueche Tran luggage hat anger rihanna Chris Brown Karrueche Tran luggage hat anger rihanna

Looks like these two are headed to Texas! Or at least out of Los Angeles for the next 48 hours...

On Wednesday Chris Brown and on again girlfriend Karrueche Tran packed their bags and hopped in a black Escalade, and earlier in the day Karrueche tweeted, "H Townnnnnnn on Friday!" along with an event flyer for Gatsby in Houston this Friday, where she's set to host a bash.

Funny thing is, Chris recently backed out of four concerts in Canada that were scheduled for late August and early September due to "health-related issues," so we're curious to see how much he gets out over the next few days. After suffering a seizure earlier this month we'd expect him to be taking it easy, but he's been pretty active!

Not only has he been hitting the clubs, but he's been spending lots of time on his artwork. Last week he painted the side of a restaurant in West Hollywood, and today we snapped shots of Karrueche's white Porsche with -- literally -- a monster paint job. We didn't recognize the ride at first because it used to be blue, and while it's quite eye-catching, Karrueche tweeted a snapshot of herself sitting on the freshly painted whip and wrote, "this what the f*ck I come home to lmao this n**** man..."

Chris Brown Karrueche Tran car grafitti

Chris Brown Wants To "F**k Some More" In New Music Video

Aug 18, 2013 12:59 PM

Chris Brown wants to "f**k some more."

The R&B bad boy leaked his new, self-directed music video for "Love More" on Saturday, hours after being sentenced to perform 1,000 more community service hours. The vid features Nicki Minaj, who makes it known that she's not wife material, and comedian Nick Swardsen, who tries desperately (and awkwardly) to act like he belongs.

The musician tweeted, "While you guys kill yourself over bulls*** ill keep directing stuff like this! Thx team breezy!!"

The video features a naked Chris standing behind his balcony, shielded by an X-ray screen. All we see is his skeleton. He also dances with a Harajuku girl, a twerker, and a salsa dancer -- a.k.a. the holy trinity. There's really no central theme or cohesion to the video; Breezy should really stick to singing and dancing.

Chris Brown Sentenced to Complete 1,000 More Community Service Hours

Aug 17, 2013 08:15 AM


Chris Brown made progress in court earlier this week when a judge dropped his hit-and-run charge, but he's now suffered a setback regarding his assault case against Rihanna.

The R&B bad boy has been sentenced to complete 1,000 more hours of community service. The Los Angeles District Attorney accused him Friday of fudging his records.

The D.A. had revoked Chris' probation last month in the wake of the hit-and-run allegation, but reinstated it yesterday ... and then some. Chris essentially has to start over from scratch; he didn't receive any credit for work completed since his 2009 conviction. The singer was originally sentenced to 180 days of community service -- 1,440 hours of labor.

His service must also now be supervised by L.A. County officials so he can't complete the labor in his home state of Virginia. He has the choice between highway cleanup, beach cleanup, probation alternative work services, and graffiti removal. We have an inkling he won't choose the latter.

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