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Dina Lohan Claims The Paparazzi Are Responsible For Drunk Driving

Oct 23, 2013 10:00 AM


The paparazzi did it! Hot mess Dina Lohan and her lawyer were in a Long Island court trying to contest DWI charges, and are claiming the reason she drove drunk on Sept. 12 is because of the challenges and stress of the constant paparazzi following her. Good one, Dina!

Uhh did you steal that line from Chris Brown's post-seizure guide?

Let's get this right -- Lilo's messed up mama is saying that photographers following her caused her to drink so much that she had a .20 blood alcohol level and then made the 50-year-old adult woman get behind the wheel and drive? Last time we checked, there really weren't hordes of paparazzi willing to make the trek out to Merrick, Long Island to bother following around the nobody-cares-about D-lister?

Dina's paparazzi defense -- seems almost flimsier than the infamous "Twinky Defense." So good luck with getting off with that one!

On Sept. 12, Dina was booked on two counts of driving while intoxicated and one count of speeding.

With a mom like this -- we can definitely see why Lindsay is where she is today.

BREAKING NEWS - Dina Lohan Pleads Not Guilty To DUI

Sep 24, 2013 09:20 AM

Dina Lohan lindsay lohan blonde sunglasses purse long island dwi arrested court

All would not be right in the world without at least one Lohan in legal trouble!

Dina Lohan arrived at a N.Y.C. courthouse this morning to plead not guilty to drunk driving charges stemming from her arrest earlier in the month, when cops cited her for blowing over a .20 on the breathalyzer after speeding on a Long Island highway.

Lindsay's mom was repped by Mark Heller, the same attorney who reps Lilo. Her lawyer argued Dina doesn't have a criminal record, and she was released without bail. The mother-of-four is due back in court October 23.

The bad news? The judge suspended Dina's license!

BREAKING NEWS - Dina Lohan Arrested For DUI

Sep 13, 2013 09:05 AM


If it's not one Lohan getting into trouble, it's another!

Dina Lohan was arrested for drunk driving in Long Island, NY, last night after cops observed her driving erratically and going 77mph in a 55mph zone.

Lindsay Lohan's mother was pulled over by police around 11p.m., and after authorities determined she appeared intoxicated, they admistered a blood alcohol level test, which came back more than twice the legal limit at a .20.

The troubled divorcee made allegations she was injured during her arrest, but later went back on the claims after medical personnel responded to the scene.

After being booked, she was released to a third party. No word yet on whether it was Lilo who picked her mom up from the slammer!

Dina Lohan Doesn't Want To Talk About Lindsay's Legal Drama

Feb 2, 2013 10:45 AM

Dina Lohan The Grove Beverly Hills Gold Belt

Can you blame her?

Dina Lohan taped a segment with Extra's Mario Lopez on Friday afternoon, and when we caught up with her she avoided questions about Lindsay and her most recent court hearing. (You know, the one she almost didn't show up to!)

As you know, Dina jetted out to Los Angeles with Lindsay, and she was by her side in court on Wednesday, so we're thinking she might have had something to do with her daughter's decision to get her butt out here for the mandatory appearance.

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Dina Lohan: "Lindsay Saw Her Dad Abuse Me"

Jan 7, 2013 07:55 AM

lohanbeach081212_03_X17dina230new.jpgDina Lohan says her daughter Lindsay witnessed her ex husband Michael's spousal abuse, and for that reason, the 26-year-old starlet is "so screwed up."

Dina, who claims her ex "beat the hell out of me" back in 1986, says she was left with a huge purple bruise under her right eye. Dina says, “When Lindsay saw the photo, she was furious. She said, ‘Tell the world! Talk about it!’”

Lilo's 50-year-old mom goes on to say, Lindsay "saw a lot of crazy stuff. I want the world to know the root of her problems."

During the interview, Dina accuses Michael of drinking and snorting cocaine before the 1986 beating. She says she has medical records to prove she suffered "blunt trauma" to the face on December 4, 1986.

In response to Dina's claims, Michael denies the incident happened that way and calls her "the devil."

Michael and Dina Lohan were married for 22 years. Their divorce was finalized in 2007.

X17 EXCLUSIVE - Michael Lohan: Dina's Limo Driver Was Holding Lindsay "Against Her Will"

Oct 10, 2012 08:55 AM

lohan042511_01_X17230newcrop.jpgFollowing the big fight between Lindsay Lohan and her mom Dina, Michael Lohan says he got a "frantic call" from his daughter.

Papa Lohan tells X17online exclusively:

    "I did call the police at Lindsay's request. Lindsay even asked that I record the conversation because she was being held against her will by the limo driver at Dina's instruction."

As X17online reported earlier, the Liz & Dick star and her mom were involved in a domestic dispute just after 8am this morning. Nassau PD confirmed that the fight was between Lindsay and Dina.

Police arrived on the scene in front of Dina's Long Island home, but no arrests were made.

We've reached out to Dina Lohan for comment, but we've yet to hear back.

Lindsay Lohan And Mom Dina Get Into Domestic Dispute, 911 Called

Oct 10, 2012 08:00 AM


Lindsay Lohan and her mom Dina were involved in a massive fight outside the family's Long Island home just after 8am this morning. The incident started inside a black SUV as it pulled up to the residence.

Nassau police Inspector Kenneth Lack released the following statement, "It was just a verbal dispute in the vehicle. It was an argument between Lindsay Lohan and her mother Dina."

One of the Lohan's neighbors told TMZ, "She [Lindsay] was yelling "I’ve had enough of this!"

The Liz & Dick star and her mom were returning home from a Manhattan nightclub.

Lindsay reportedly called her dad, Michael, for help ... and he called 911. No arrests were made.

X17 EXCLUSIVE - Michael Lohan Slams Ex Wife Dina For Dr. Phil Appearance

Sep 13, 2012 03:25 PM

Michael Lohan is not impressed with ex wife Dina's recent appearance on The Dr. Phil Show. Although the episode doesn't air until Monday, a promo has been released.

In the preview, Dr. Phil grills Lindsay's mom over her daughter's run-ins with the law. At one point, Dina says, "Can I go home now?"

After seeing the promo, Papa Lohan tells X17online exclusively:

    "Dr. Phil catches her in one lie after another and you will see her "condition." And to imagine she was staying with Lindsay while shooting that. Wow! Role model? And she praises how close they are? Hmmm."

Michael, who also appears in the Dr. Phil promo, asks, "Was she drinking before she did your interview ?"

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