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X17 EXCLUSIVE - Dina Lohan: "My Son Has Been Wanting To Disassociate Himself From Michael Lohan For Quite Some Time"

Mar 1, 2011 03:36 PM


Dina and Michael Lohan are locked in another war of words -- this time over their eldest son, Michael Lohan, Jr.

Dina Lohan told X17online today that Michael, Jr. wants to change his name to "Michael Cameron" in order to "to distance himself from his father of whom he does not speak to."

However, X17online caught up with Michael, Sr. near LiLo's old apartment in West Hollywood this morning, and he told us: "My son is not changing his name. Clear that up!"

Dina fired back, telling X17online exclusively:

    "That's funny. First of all he is not a Jr. and never was. He has been wanting to disassociate himself from Michael Lohan for quite some time. Secondly my son has no contact with his father. Neither does Ali or Cody. And I have a criminal stay away order so obviously I don't."

Apparently Lindsay is the only Lohan offspring who does still have contact with her father, who moved from the east coast to Santa Monica in order to be close to his troubled daughter.

And speaking of Lindsay, Michael told us that she's doing "great," adding "especially with the news that video proved she didn't steal anything."

Check out Michael, Sr.'s exclusive remarks to X17online in the video below.

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Michael Lohan Claims Dina "Did Coke" With Lindsay!

Feb 25, 2011 01:15 PM

Michael Lohan called in to a Tampa Bay radio station this morning to chat about the latest episode of his family's drama, and he alleges that ex-wife Dina "did coke" with their 24-year-old daughter! Michael also stated that he wasn't that concerned about Lindsay hanging out with ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson, as long as the relationship isn't "toxic" again, so at least Lindsay will be happy about that!

Click the video above to see what else Lindsay's dad had to say!

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X17 EXCLUSIVE - Michael Lohan In Courthouse To Support Lindsay, Says Dina "Has To Work With Me, Not Against Me"

Feb 23, 2011 07:54 AM

mlohanheartattackscare.jpgMichael Lohan is at the Airport Courthouse in Los Angeles in support of his daughter Lindsay ... who just arrived moments ago with mom, Dina Lohan.

From inside the courthouse, Michael tells X17online exclusively:

    "I think that Lindsay really needs her family by her side. If Dina can't put our differences aside, which caused this mess in the first place, then these problems are never going to end. Dina has to work with me and not against me. No matter what problems Dina has with me, she can't put the kids in the middle or alienate me from their lives."

When asked about Lindsay's situation, Michael adds, "We're praying for her."

Papa Lohan also recently commented specifically about the jewelry incident. Hear what he had to say ... after the jump.

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Dina Lohan On Lindsay's Court Appearance: "Just Pray"

Feb 23, 2011 07:53 AM

Dina Lohan is in Beverly Hills to support her daughter Lindsay who will be appearing before a judge within the hour on felony grand theft charges.

As Lindsay's mom left a nail salon, she commented on her thoughts of Lilo heading to court again. When asked if she's worried, Dina tells our videographer:

    "I don't know if worried is the word for it... just pray."

Our videographer asks if Ms. Lohan will be moving to Los Angeles to be closer to Linds. Dina says, "I'm actually here a lot. Trust me. I just hide."

Dina is expected to arrive with Lindsay at the Los Angeles Airport Courthouse.

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Dina Lohan Meets With Larry King

Feb 22, 2011 11:48 AM

Dina Lohan blonde sunglasses jacket nate n' al larry king breakfast

Dina Lohan had a breakfast meeting this morning with Larry King at his favorite restaurant, Nate 'n Al in Beverly Hills.

King showed up with an entourage before having the sit-down with Lindsay's mom at the deli.

The restaurant confirmed to X17online that the former CNN chat-show host and the Long Island mom shared a meal before going their separate ways.

Dina left out the back (where X17online snapped her in her shades) while Larry took the front door.

Dina arrived from New York to Los Angeles last night with children Michael Jr., Ali and Cody, where she reunited with her eldest daughter for the first time since Lindsay left rehab in January.

Dina and Larry met to discuss business opportunities, and when King was asked about the possibility of them working together, he responded, "I hope!"

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Dina Lohan And Her Children Visit Lindsay In Los Angeles

Feb 22, 2011 06:00 AM

Dina Lohan LAX white oprah jeans luggage Ali Lohan airport lindsay lohan

Dina Lohan white oprah jeans luggage Ali Lohan airport lindsay lohan

Mama Lohan is back on the west coast to support her famous daughter!

Accompanied by her other kids - Michael Jr., Ali and Cody - Dina arrived at LAX on Monday and immediately headed over to Lindsay's Venice pad. The starlet's mom was recently interviewed on ABC's Good Morning America and 20/20 (and reportedly paid $15,000 in return) where she discussed her daughter's legal problems and rehabilitation.

So why visit now? First of all, Lindsay isn't allowed to leave the state due to her probation restrictions. And second, the case of Lindsay and the allegedly stolen necklace continues in court later this week, on February 23rd.

So nice of Dina and company to visit Linds during her time of need!

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Report: Dina Lohan Paid $15,000 For ABC Interviews

Feb 20, 2011 11:20 AM

Hmm, and is Lindsay herself going to see any of that money? According to Sam's now infamous Tweet, the Mean Girls actress didn't even know her mother was going to be interviewed!

Dina Lohan sat down for a Lindsay-focused chat on Good Morning America this past Friday, and the NY Post reports that Lindsay's mom received $15,000 from ABC News for her interviews on GMA and 20/20.

Technically, the payment was for licensing family photos of Lindsay - see for yourself in the GMA interview above.

"We did pay a license fee. We did pay a market-rate license fee for those images, and that was transparent to our audience," confirms an ABC News rep.

According to the Post, this tactic is "used by news agencies who can't legitimately pay for interviews with subjects who refuse to appear without a fee."

But what did Dina say in response to the claims? "I have no idea what you are talking about it. Where do you get your information? Most people are nice to me that call me on the phone," she said.

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Dina Lohan Says Lindsay Faces "Lifelong Struggle With Addiction"

Feb 18, 2011 08:06 AM

LLOHANDINA091307_001_ns.jpgDina visiting Lindsay in rehab in 2007

Dina Lohan says tonight on 20/20: "I believe [that Lindsay doesn't drink anymore], and I think it's gonna be a lifelong struggle with addiction. But I think she's gonna be okay."

Stage mom to the 24-year-old troubled actress, Dina Lohan has been criticized for her parenting skills -- and not just by her ex, Michael. The piece seems to be as much an investigation into Lindsay as it is into the mother behind her -- the mother who has taken Linds and her underage daughter Ali to nightclubs, who reportedly home schools Ali, and who is in a constant legal battle with Michael Lohan over child support and other issues.

Still, Dina trains the focus on her daughter, saying: "She's a young girl struggling. You know, she's not perfect ... She's learning as she goes, but she's learning under a microscope, so I can't even imagine how that is."

As for how Dina handled Lindsay's addiction, she tells 20/20 reporter Chris Cuomo: "I knew early on, I just didn't tell anyone about it. It was a personal situation." She says the trouble began almost immediately after her daughter moved to LA by herself, at 18.

"I saw it visually, what was happening. You know, I'm around my children. I was around Lindsay a lot, and I saw what was happening. I grabbed the bull by the horns and tried to get her help immediately."

Lindsay checked into rehab at 2007 but was busted for DUI a few months later. Her life seems to have been in a downward spiral every since. Dina says she never saw it coming: "I never thought it would be this -- the media would be so crazy. I really never thought it would get to this level. It's been really hard on my family -- harder than anything."

But Dina says Lindsay's over it now and putting her life back together: "I really think she was at a maturation level that she now understands what she needs to get from it. And she grasps that."

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