Kim Kardashian Finds A Way To Expose Even More Skin In Impossibly Tight Outfit

Posted on Wed Sep 17th, 2014 3:10pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Kim Kardashian and company headed to the studio in Los Angeles on Wednesday to record interviews for their reality TV show, and we know it's hot out, but did Kim REALLY need to tie a knot in her tank top to reveal her tummy? I mean, we know she's got a fantastic figure, but given how obscenely tight her skirt is, we don't see how this is comfortable ... or fashionable! (And on the off chance that the top was actually designed this way, she just needs to dress herself better.)

And as far as fashion fails go, Kourtney's outfit wasn't much better! Sure, she looks gorgeous and her maternity style is usually on point, but the back of this tunic looks like what she'll be wearing in the delivery room this fall when she gives birth to her third child!


Beyonce Tries To Refute Thigh Gap Photoshop Rumors With More Doctored-Looking Pics

Posted on Wed Sep 17th, 2014 2:26pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Someone should tell Beyonce if she's trying to deny Photoshop thigh gap rumors -- she probably shouldn't post more doctored-looking photos!

After posting pics from her birthday cruise around the Mediterranean, the 33-year-old was accused of Photoshopping a thigh gap in a bikini pic posted to her Tumblr account. Seemingly, in an attempt to shut down the rumors, Bey took to her site today and posted a handful of new pics, proudly displaying her legs -- but we think the pics look just as suspicious as the old one!

In one pic, Jay Z's lady love wears a matching tropical ensemble aboard the luxury yacht and in it her inner thigh looks -- weird! Is it the light reflecting off off her legs? Is it Photoshopped? What is going on here?! Are we the only ones that think this photo looks like it's been changed too! In the other snap, Beyonce's inner thighs are in the shade -- so we really don't see much.

Hey B, if you are going to prove to us you have a thigh gap -- maybe show us your thigh gap?


Do YOU think Beyonce's Photos Are Altered?
Do YOU think Beyonce's Photos Are Altered?
No way! The media is just making a fuss over nothing.
Yes! And badly, at that.
I can't tell ... but either way, she looks great!


Jennifer Lawrence Suits Up In Menswear For New Dior Campaign

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO - Melanie Griffith Says She's Replacing Her Antonio Tattoo With ... F*ck You?!

Posted on Wed Sep 17th, 2014 1:59pm PDT       By X17 Staff

She may be in her late fifties, but she's still pretty feisty!

On Wednesday morning Melanie Griffith hit the gym in Beverly Hills, and rather than covering up her infamous Antonio heart tattoo with a bandage, she gave us a peek at the results of her laser removal sessions. Melanie filed for divorce from estranged hubby Antonio Banderas in June, and the other day she briefly chatted with us about the process.

Today Mel told us it's "coming along," but when asked what she's going to "put on there next," she sweetly smiled and said, "F*ck you!" And we still love her...


Kim Zolciak Shows Off Her New Boobs And Tight Tummy After Plastic Surgery

Posted on Wed Sep 17th, 2014 1:30pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Hot mama!

Kim Zolciak gave birth to twins less than a year ago, but the reality star has a better body than ever before thanks to a good ol' nip and tuck!

This morning, the wigged beauty showed off her new figure and set of enhanced boobies as she posed in front of her mirror for an Instagram snap, and although she's open about getting plastic surgery on Don't Be Tardy, it almost seems as if she's hinting that her fab physique is the result of dieting!

"I'm loving my new swimsuits #havefaithswimwear thank you so much @jenniferstano... I feel so much better in a swimsuit now thanks to #310shakes @310nutrition vanilla is my favorite," she captioned the photo.

Fans aren't buying it, however, and the Internet is buzzing about another Photoshop job! Your move Bey!


Jay Z And Beyonce Are Very Interested In Buying This $85 Million Beverly Hills Mansion

Arnold Schwarzenegger And Maria Shriver's Divorce To Be Finalized By Christmas

Posted on Wed Sep 17th, 2014 12:55pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver are finally saying, "Hasta la vista, baby," to their 28-year marriage.

The long married couple's highly publicized divorce is in its final stages and should be settled by Christmas. Three and a half years after separating, the duo is said to be splitting amicably after agreeing to divide their massive $400 million fortune.

According to California law, Shriver, who is believed to be worth $100 million, is entitled to half of Schwarzenegger's $300 million earnings from their 25-year marriage. The longtime duo split after Schwarzenegger's shocking affair with the family's housekeeper Mildred Baena hit the media.

A source told MailOnline "It's been a long road, for a long time it wasn't a priority for either of them, but the divorce is almost complete. The lawyers are just ironing out the final details. … If everything goes to plan it should be tied up by Christmas."

The source went on to say, "When you have large fortunes to divide and legacies for the children to agree on, things aren't always as clearly defined as you'd imagine … But Maria and Arnold have resolved their differences and are on speaking terms, they have four kids together after all."

Both couples have moved on ... Schwarzenegger has a new lady love -- physical therapist Heather Milligan. And Shriver is now dating ABC news political analyst Matthew Dowd, whom she debuted at a Robert Kennedy's wedding a few weeks ago in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Good for them!


Lindsay Lohan Smoulders In Thigh High Boots For Sexy Photoshoot

Posted on Wed Sep 17th, 2014 12:25pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Oh la la Lilo!

Lindsay Lohan sizzles in a photoshoot for the new issue of Wonderland magazine, and the actress insists her healthier look is the result of sleeping, drinking water, and meditating!

The rehabbed redhead strikes some sexy poses in black thigh high boots and a see-thru sweater, and we've honestly never seen her look better!


Mickey Rourke Celebrates His 62nd Birthday With Another Tattoo

Posted on Wed Sep 17th, 2014 11:55am PDT       By X17 Staff

Better than another trip to his plastic surgeon!

On Tuesday Mickey Rourke celebrated his 62nd birthday by stopping by his favorite tattoo parlor on Sunset Boulevard, and we're not sure where he was getting inked, but he showed off plenty of other tats on his chest. Not only does he look like he's lost a significant amount of weight, but that hair! And is it just us, or is his nose looking a bit different these days too?

The Oscar-nominated star became a professional boxer in 1991 after his acting career fizzled, but when he decided to return to the big screen several years later, he admitted to having work done to fix shis face.

In 2009 Rourke told the Daily Mail:
    "I had my nose broken twice. I had five operations on my nose and one on a smashed cheekbone. I had to have cartilage taken from my ear to rebuild my nose and a couple of operations to scrape out the cartilage because the scar tissue wasn't healing properly. That was one of the most painful operations, but the worst was hemorrhoids. Most of [the surgery] was to mend the mess of my face because of the boxing, but I went to the wrong guy to put my face back together."

And in honor of his b-day, here's a look at the actor's ever-evolving looks:

Oh Mickey, you used to be so fine! :(


Report: Avril Lavigne And Chad Kroeger Headed For Divorce

Posted on Wed Sep 17th, 2014 11:25am PDT       By X17 Staff

Avril Lavigne and husband Chad Kroeger's 14-month marriage is over, according to Us Weekly (via Daily Mail).

A source tells the mag:
    "He has been going around L.A. and telling people that they're divorcing. Chad is just a complete jerk in the way he talks to her, and the way he talks to people in general. A lot of her friends don't like him."

Two weeks ago the 29-year-old singer was seen at Chateau Marmont with several gal pals and she wasn't wearing her wedding ring, and neither Avril nor Chad have posted photos together on their social media accounts over the last few weeks.

Chad gave his estranged wife a ginormous diamond ring two months ago to celebrate their anniversary, and while she tweeted the pic of it above and wrote, "I still can't believe my 1 year anniversary gift. 17 carat emerald cut. Wow. I love my hubby," the snuggly snapshot later disappeared.

But there might still be some hope for Chavril, as another source tells the mag, "There's no concrete timeline for divorce right now."

The singers met while recording their duet, "Let Me Go" in March of 2012, and they claim they started dating in July of the same year. In April of 2013 they confirmed that they were engaged, and on July 1 of 2013 the two tied the knot at the Chateau de la Napoule on the French Riviera.


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Do YOU think Beyonce's Photos Are Altered?
Do YOU think Beyonce's Photos Are Altered?
No way! The media is just making a fuss over nothing.
Yes! And badly, at that.
I can't tell ... but either way, she looks great!