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Brit's Parents Reunite To Celebrate Her B-Day!

Dec 2, 2008 08:35 AM

BSpearsNY120108_01_X17.jpgBSpearsNY120108_07_X17.jpgBrit's folks have been pretty amicable since their split, but it's been awhile since we've seen them together. But last night both Jamie and Lynne jetted to New York to be with their daughter on the eve of her birthday and her big GMA performance.

Britney Spears BSpearsNY120108_17_X17.jpgWe even spotted a bit o' Brit! That's her hiding underneath the umbrellas...guess she wanted to wait to be unveiled on the big show this morning!

Stay tuned -- we've got pix of Brit's live GMA performance coming soon!

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Jamie Makes a Stop at 7-11 To Feed His Addiction

Nov 24, 2008 03:12 PM

We're talking about his addiction to chewing tobacco -- what did you think we were talking about?

Jamie was able to keep remarkably silent while the photogs continually asked him whether or not he'd fallen off the wagon while waiting for a friend to return to the car with the can of dip.

You think that was tobacco-less chew?

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Brit's Dad Ain't Talkin' About Drinking, Prefers To Chew & Spit

Nov 20, 2008 01:20 PM


Jamie Spears JSpears111808_06.jpg

In case you missed it, we caught Mr. Spears logging some serious bar time at Big Dean's Cafe on (under) the Santa Monica Pier on Friday night.

So we decided to follow up with Mr. Spears himself and ask him just what a recovering alcoholic was doing chillin' alone at a bar. However, Jamie seemed to have his mouth full of chewing tobacco and couldn't talk ... oh, and that Arrowhead water bottle with a dirty brown substance in it? No, it's not rum and coke, we're pretty sure it's his dirty spit! ...

Here's that Friday night video again ...

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X17 XCLUSIVE: Did Brit's Dad Drive Drunk?

Nov 15, 2008 03:30 PM



Jamie Spears jspears111408_18_X17.jpg

Jamie Spears spent the better part of last night sitting at Big Dean's Cafe in Santa Monica drinking by himself, according to X17 photographers -- they say Brit's dad had more than 6 large draught beers.

In between drinks, Jamie typed away on his blackberry, chomped on chewing tobacco and at one point, he left the bar for several minutes to take a phone call. Though there's nothing wrong with enjoying a cold one (or three), thats a lot of booze, even for a guy like Jamie. Not to mention, Jamie is a recovering alcoholic.

Later in the evening, after ordering some food to go, Jamie decided to call it a night, but this is where the story gets interesting. We figured there would be a driver in the white Escalade parked outside, but as we followed Jamie to the car, he opened the door and climbed right into the driver's seat!

So what was he doing driving? Is everything okay in Britneyland?

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Brit's Dinner With the Boys

Oct 6, 2008 06:00 AM

BSpearsKids100408_01_X17.jpgBSpearsKids100408_06_X17.jpgBritney Spears BSpearsKids100408_02_X17.jpgOnce again, Brit took her adorable (and growing!) boys out to dinner with Grandpa, this time at the Mondrian Hotel, home to Asia de Cuba.

Last time it was Wolfgang's Steakhouse, now the kids are eating Asian/Cuban fusion, those boys' palettes are being developed young!

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Jamie Spears' Two-Fingered VMA Salute!

Sep 7, 2008 04:21 PM

X17 photogs caught Jamie Spears arriving at the VMAs this afternoon, and looks like he's rating Brit's opening VMA act two thumbs up!

Wait a minute, those aren't thumbs!

Britney Spears BSpearsDad0907_12_X17.jpgAnyways, Jamie arrived without his famous daughter, but with her bodyguard/cameraman and a bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs. We previously reported that Brit would be wearing Versace for 3 of her 6 outfit changes, wonder if she's donning Marc Jacobs for one of the other three?!

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Is Jamie Still Pimping Britney???

Aug 26, 2008 11:58 AM

Jamie Spears missed may have missed the boat on pimping out his babies by selling their photos for $14 million like Brangelina but he ain't missin' the boat on selling his daughter's "How I Got My Body Back" story for, we hear, a couple mill ....

But is Jamie planning something else? A Chaos, Part Deux???

We've pointed this out before, y'all, but just to prove that something is, in fact, going on ... check out the scene on Friday when we spied Brit and Jamie at a neighborhood community pool in Calabasas ...

  • Britney in bikini - CHECK!
  • Behind private gates to avoid paps getting pix - CHECK!
  • Queen B acting natural so the pix are nice and sellable - CHECK!
  • Jamie's library of photos growing by the minute - CHECK!

britphoto1.jpg"Assistant"/"bodyguard"/director of photography standing by with the camera ready!
britphoto3.jpgBrit and dad discussing shots?
Britney Spears britphoto2.jpgThe photog takes a break with Brit.

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What The Future Holds For Britney

Jul 14, 2008 12:45 PM

Britney Spears BritWeekend071408.jpg

On July 31st, Jamie Spears' conservatorship over his daughter Britney - in which he's being paid $2500 a week! - is set to expire...

Is Britney Better?

It's been a long time coming! Jamie has been in charge of Brit's affairs, everything from medical to legal, for about six months now. And in that time, Brit looks to have gotten a lot better! Check her out in the pix above from this weekend, shopping and getting dinner with her mom Lynne... what do you think, has her health improved?


Problem is, whether or not the conservatorship expires or is extended will mean a double-edged sword for Britney. If the judge continues Jamie Spears' control over his daughter's estate, this might better secure Brit's visitation with her two boys (right now, she has overnight visitation with Sean Preston and Jayden James).

BUT, if Brit is indeed deemed well enough for the conservatorship to expire, that might have a negative effect in her custody battle with ex Kevin Federline... will she risk losing her visitation rights with the kids? Will the judge not rule in her favor then? We hope not!

The Restraining Order

There's also the matter of Brit's former BFF Sam Lutfi, who is to remain 250 yards away from the pop star at all times due to the restraining order against him...

The hearing for this is set for July 31st as well. Talk about a busy day for our girl Brit! How do you think it'll all go down?

Check out more pix from Brit over the weekend below!

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