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Jamie Stocks Up

Apr 3, 2008 02:00 PM

Jamie Spears JSPEARS040208_01.jpg Now that he's letting Britney run a little more freely, Jamie Spears has all kinds of free time to spend doing the important stuff - like going grocery shopping!

We caught up with the Spears paterfamilias leaving Ralph's after a quick shopping trip. Unfortunately, Jamie was as reluctant around the cameras as ever - but then again, he's probably got enough on his mind as is!

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No Wedding For Jamie Lynn?

Apr 2, 2008 12:35 PM

Jamie Lynn Spears JamieLynnParents040208.jpg

Jamie Lynn Spears seems to be happy with her pregnancy and her engagement to babydaddy Casey Aldridge... but are her parents? Life & Style Weekly reports that behind the scenes, Jamie and Lynne are a tad more concerned.

Father Jamie in particular is "having a hard time pretending he can be happy about it all," says a family insider. "He watched Britney go through a messy divorce after rushing into marriage and having kids too young. It’s caused the family nothing but grief." Drama, drama, drama!

And what about Lynne? In Touch Weekly says Jamie Lynn's mom wants Casey to sign a prenup. "He doesn't seem as committed to the relationship as Jamie Lynn," says a confidant. And because the fam is aware of the rumors Casey's cheated on Jamie Lynn, "Lynne is keeping an eye on him."

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X17 XCLUSIVE - Brit's Bathroom Break

Mar 31, 2008 09:02 AM

BSPEARSHAIR0330_03.jpgBSPEARSHAIR033008_08.jpgBritney Spears BSPEARSHAIR033008_14.jpg
After attending a baseball game with her dad at Dodger stadium on Sunday afternoon, Brit made a sudden pit stop at Carl's Jr. later that night, where she made a run for the bathroom!

Hmm. Britney...fast food restaurant...bathroom break. Sounds a little familiar, doesn't it?

Another familiar thing about the scene last night was the smile on Brit's face. She's looking so much better, y'all!

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Brit Grabs A Bite With The Folks

Mar 19, 2008 07:34 AM

BSPEARSSCARY0318_01.jpgBSPEARSSCARY0318_08.jpgBritney Spears BSPEARSSCARY0318_40.jpg Britney Spears? Out for a family dinner with her folks? Sounds like Paradise to us!

The famous family headed over to Paradise Cove Beach Cafe in Malibu for a little seafood last night. Looks like all that family togetherness is starting to pay off, huh?

Unfortunately, even though Britney was on her best behavior, her folks still insisted on blocking as many shots as possible. Hey, these days we're grateful for any chance to see Britney - even if it's just for a second!

Click here for the gallery!

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X17 XCLUSIVE: The Spears Family Rallies 'Round The Babies

Mar 16, 2008 04:30 PM

BSPEARSKIDS031208_0001.jpgBSPEARSKIDS031208_0003.jpgBritney Spears BSPEARSKIDS031208_0008.jpg The Spears family may be going through a particularly trying time right now - but they always manage to get it together for Jayden and Sean!

Check out these pix of Britney and Jamie out with the kids (and the court-appointed monitor) during a visit last week. It just warms our hearts to see the Spearses coming together for Britney's boys - especially when it leaves the tykes looking so happy!

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Mar 10, 2008 03:21 PM

Britney Spears BSPEARSDAD021608_04.jpg

One of the most shocking revelations to come out of today's hearing is that when Jamie's temporary conservatorship expires on July 31st, the court will hear arguments that same day regarding a permanent conservatorship.

A 730 psychological evaluation is being presented today -- Britney's medical/psychological evaluation that was ordered by the court. This may be the reason the permanent conservatorship is being discussed today. In other words -- Britney's psychological condition is NOT temporary.

But the "permanent" designation might sound a bit more significant than it could be. Jamie Spears, along with his attorney, was named the temporary conservator for Britney because they went to the court in an emergency situation to ask for control over Brit's affairs. It is normal court procedure that if the condition that made the conservatorship necessary is not resolved by the end of the temporary conservatorship, that a permanent conservator must be named. This position would be dissolved should Britney become healthy again to the point of court-appointed psychologists labeling her as no longer a danger to herself or others.

That said, a temporary conservator can't make any long-term decisions that may conflict with a permanent conservator's potential plans. For example, Jamie couldn't have made real estate transactions in Britney's name but he would be able to as a permanent conservator.

Click through for info on Britney's audit of her accounts with Jive Records ...

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Britney Courthouse Update;
Britney Gets $1500/ Week Allowance

Mar 10, 2008 02:30 PM

Kevin Federline britneyjamiecourt031008.jpg

Here's the news!

Britney Spears will now be receiving a credit/debit card where she can spend $1500 a week... ya know, of her own money. So it's kind of like she's paying herself, out of her own pocket, while her dad Jamie Spears gets $2500/week.

Commissioner Goetz also granted Luce-Forward (Jamie's lawyers) a release of her funds to the tune of a $25,000 retainer for a new Miami lawyer to deal with her ongoing audit of Jive records.

They've also retained the services of entertainment attorney Tom Hansen, at a severely reduced rate of $15,000 a month. Hansen is also Mel Gibson's lawyer.

Lastly, Andrew Wallet, co-conservator of her estate, asked for more bond money to be released "because of the rapidity of the bills being paid." Commissioner Goetz released $135,000 for now.

Sam Ingham, her court-appointed lawyer said he's made it clear to Brit that she should come to these hearings, and he offered transportation and security but she declined. Ingham said,"I have spoken to my client and she's been inconsistent with her position to attend these hearings. The last word I got today was that she was not coming. I would categorize her as unwilling to appear...she does not object to the proceedings but she does object to who is in the hearing." Could this refer to her desire to have Jon Eardley be her lawyer? Or is she unwilling to speak out against her father in front of him?

Jamie Spears, and attorneys Andrew Wallet and Geraldine Wyle are currently behind closed doors discussing Brit's medical condition.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Britney Pays While the Boys Play?

Mar 10, 2008 08:40 AM


One of LA's most recognizable attorneys, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is headed back to court this morning in the ongoing custody battle between Kevin and Britney.

One of the things being discussed, we're told, is whether or not Kevin authorized Kaplan's numerous television appearances, and if he billed for them.

As part of Britney and Kevin's settlement, Britney is required to pay Kevin's legal fees, so the real question is, will Britney be paying for Kaplan's airtime?

And, of course, we already know that Kevin receives a monthly stipend from Brit as part of the agreement and daddy Jamie is getting $2500 a week (out of Britney's bank account) for his conservatorship services -- so in addition to possibly paying for Kaplan's airtime, looks like Brit is also paying for K-Fed and Daddy's green time:

KEVINBRITNEYDAD030808_01a.jpgKFEDERLINE030808_28.jpgKevin Federline KEVINBRITNEYDAD030808_01.jpg
Kevin and Jamie playing golf together on Saturday

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