Kim And Kanye Share A Very Somber Lunch Date In Malibu

Posted on Tue May 23rd, 2017 6:43pm PDT       By X17 Staff

As sunny as it was Tuesday in Malibu, a dark cloud appeared to hang over Kim and Kanye as they left a late lunch date at the seaside sushi restaurant.

Kanye was looking down as he left with his wife and Kim didn't exactly have a smile on her face either ... wonder what they were discussing over salmon sashimi?!

The two arrived separately -- Kim having come from mom Kris' house and Kanye from his studio in Calabasas. Sure, it's a little strange they'd drive so far separately when Kris' house and Kanye's studio are only a few minutes from each other and Nobu is a good 45 min drive, but ...

Mr. and Mrs. West enjoyed a family day at Disneyland on Monday and both were all smiles as they rode rides with the kids. Kim and Kanye didn't appear to have tons of interaction with each other -- it looked like the outing was more for Nori than anything.

Kanye recently returned from a creative trip to Wyoming where he was working on new music, while Kim had to attend the TV upfronts in New York to promote the family's reality show. So they've spent a fair amount of time apart recently.

So what are we trying to say here? Is there trouble in paradise? Meanwhile, Kim continues to lose weight ...


Kim Kardashian Slammed For Insensitive Tribute To Ariana Grande Concert Victims

Posted on Tue May 23rd, 2017 1:15pm PDT       By X17 Staff

She clearly didn't think this one through!

Kim Kardashian took to social media to express her condolences over the Manchester terror attack today, but she chose to post a throwback of herself partying with Ariana Grande as the image, and now she's getting some major backlash. Fans were quick to point out how insensitive and tone deaf it seemed, and we'd have to agree.

"I'm praying for everyone in Manchester. This is truly so senseless & heart breaking. I can't imagine the fear and agony these parents must be going through searching for their kids 💔 Concerts are supposed to be a place where u can let loose and have fun. It's so scary to not feel safe in this world. My heart goes out to @arianagrande I love you 💕," she captioned the snapshot of herself and the singer in better times.

Among the criticisms circulating on the Internet?

"Kim sometimes you can be so vain why post a picture with you in it?? Just say your condolences, the world is not about you," one user wrote. "Instead of posting a picture of yourself maybe show some compassion and sincerity for all those poor people who have lost their kids?? So selfish such a terrible post and picture!!" another echoed.

We get where Kimmy K was trying to go with this, but she had to have known that inserting herself into the tragedy wasn't the best move. She knows now, though, as she just deleted the post!


J.Lo Shares A Photo Of Her "Man Crush Monday" A-Rod Kissing Her

Posted on Tue May 23rd, 2017 11:55am PDT       By X17 Staff

My #MCM 💗

A post shared by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on

She's one smitten kitten!

J.Lo hasn't been shy about showing her love for A.Rod since they began dating, so it's no wonder she chose him as her Man Crush Monday. The songstress shared a photo of her baseball player beau planting a smooch on her forehead on Instagram, and we doubt she'd do that unless this was the real deal.

A new report claims that she's so satisfied with the relationship that she would happily say yes to a proposal from the MLB legend, E! News reports.

"J.Lo and A-Rod are getting very serious and talking marriage. J.Lo wants a future with A-Rod. J.Lo would marry A-Rod if he asked. She is head over heels for him. They get each other in so many ways," a source dished to the outlet. "They are perfect for each other. Their families love how they are together," the source added.

"She loves sharing her life with Alex. The kids all get along and it’s just one, huge happy family. [Rodriguez] is very supportive of Jennifer and admires and supports how hard she works. They share this amazing respect for each other," another source dished to People.

Maybe fourth time's a charm?


Celebrities React To Heartbreaking Manchester Terrorist Attack

Posted on Tue May 23rd, 2017 10:20am PDT       By X17 Staff

Everyone is feeling the pain.

Celebrities have taken to social media to express their condolences over the terrorist attack that occurred at a Ariana Grande concert in Manchester last night, and we've rounded up the most touching sentiments from some of the biggest stars.
    Taylor Swift:"My thoughts, prayers and tears for all those affected by the Manchester tragedy tonight. I'm sending all my love."
    Katy Perry: "Broken hearted for the families tonight. Broken hearted for Ari. Broken hearted for the state of this world. 😔"
    Demi Lovato: "My prayers are with you Manchester."
    John Legend: "Sending love to the U.K., @ArianaGrande and all of her supporters who were caught up in this awful attack. Heartbreaking."
    Bruno Mars: "No words can describe how I feel about what happened in Manchester. I don't wanna believe that the world we live in could be so cruel."
    Reese Witherspoon: "Sending prayers to the people of Manchester. I'm heartbroken for the lives lost and all the families suffering right now."
    John Mayer: "The parents. Their children. The dead. The injured. The artist. Her band and other performers. The crew. Venue staff. All to be thought of."
    J.Lo: "Thoughts, prayers and my whole ❤️ are with Manchester this evening."
    Dwayne Johnson: "Our prayers and strengh to the victims and their families involved in this tragedy in Manchester. Stay strong. @ArianaGrande 🙏🏾"
    Nicki Minaj: "My heart hurts for my sister, Ariana & every family affected by this tragic event in the U.K. Innocent lives lost. I'm so sorry to hear this."
    Harry Styles: "I'm heartbroken over what happened in Manchester tonight. Sending love to everyone involved. H."
    Lorde: "Every musician feels sick & responsible tonight—shows should be safe for you. truly a worst nightmare. sending love to manchester & ari."
    Selena Gomez: "My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected in Manchester."
    Pink: "My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Manchester, any one affected, @ArianaGrande and the entire crew. Heartbreaking."
    Kendall Jenner:"What happened in Manchester tonight is absolutely horrible. sending my love and prayers to those affected. 💔"
    Ryan Seacrest: "Stunned by the news coming in from the UK… my thoughts are with the fans and families at Ariana’s Manchester show. Awful."
    Lena Dunham: "Heart breaks for everyone at the @ArianaGrande show- terrorism and hatred disrupting a magical escapist experience. Sending all love."
    Khloe Kardashian: "God bless everyone who was at Ariana's concert! My prayers are with you all and poor sweet Ariana! This is heartbreaking 💔"
    Justin Timberlake: "My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by this horrific act in Manchester. We need to do better. We need to LOVE ONE ANOTHER."

A visibly emotional James Corden also delivered a somber monologue shortly after the tragedy, and it's a must-watch. What a sad sad day for people all over the world.


Ryan Seacrest Snags $75K-A-Month NYC Pad

Mariah Carey Has Date Night With On-Again Boyfriend Bryan Tanaka

Posted on Tue May 23rd, 2017 9:40am PDT       By X17 Staff

He seems to have weaseled his way back into her good graces.

Mariah Carey grabbed dinner in Malibu with on-again boyfriend Bryan Tanaka last night, and the backup dancer looked quite pleased with himself for winning back the songstress after their brief breakup in April. We get what he sees in her, but what on Earth does she see in him?

The two allegedly called it quits because of Tanaka's outrageous spending habits and his jealousy over her close relationship with ex Nick Cannon, so either she put her beau on a serious budget or she just chose to look past his money grubbing ways. It sounds like Mimi might have just needed a little lovin;, and isn't exactly committing to her boy toy this time around.

"Mariah is not looking to jump into another relationship. She also is not looking to get back together with Nick. They are better off as parents. They are friends and that's it. She has fun with Bryan. She's just enjoying her single life," a source dished to E! News.

Enjoy it while it lasts, dude. And maybe pay off your credit cards before she kicks you to the curb again!


Katy Perry Addresses Feud With Taylor Swift: "She Started It"

Posted on Tue May 23rd, 2017 8:50am PDT       By X17 Staff

She's finally facing the beef head on!

Katy Perry hopped in the passenger seat for carpool karaoke with James Corden on Monday, and the TV host accomplished what nobody has been able to do thus far, which is to get the pop star to open up about her infamous feud with Taylor Swift.

"Honestly, it’s really like, she started it, and it’s time for her to finish it," she sniped, before revealing that she tried to mend things with a phone call after T-Swizz became upset with her over stealing some of her background dancers.

"I tried to talk to her about it, and she wouldn’t speak to me. I do the right thing any time that it feels like a fumble. It was a full shutdown, and then she writes a song about me, and I’m like, O.K., cool, cool, cool, that’s how you want to deal with it? Karma! But what I want to say is that I’m ready for that B.S. to be done. Now, there is the law of cause and effect. You do something, there’s going to be a reaction, and trust me, Daddy, there’s going to be a reaction," she continued.

"It’s all about karma, right? I think personally that women together, not divided, and none of this petty bullshit, women together will heal the world," she added.

Is it just us, or has KP gotten really annoying in recent months? Further proof of that conclusion is the teaser video she made for her upcoming single "Witness." You have to watch it!


Ariana Grande Suspends Her World Tour As ISIS Claims Responsibility For Manchester Concert Attack

Posted on Tue May 23rd, 2017 8:20am PDT       By X17 Staff

This is all so tragic.

Ariana Grande has suspended her Dangerous Woman world tour in the wake of last night's terror attack at her Manchester concert, TMZ reports. The singer was set to perform in London on Thursday but is said to be "hysterical" over the incident, which claimed the lives of 22 fans and left 119 injured.

"Tonight, our hearts are broken. Words cannot express our sorrow for the victims and families harmed in this senseless attack. We mourn the lives of children and loved ones taken by this cowardly act. We are thankful for the selfless service tonight of Manchester's first responders who rushed towards danger to help save lives. We ask all of you to hold the victims, their families, and all those affected in your hearts and prayers," Grande's manager Scott Braun wrote on Twitter.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the bloodshed, the Associated Press reports. Authorities have identified the suicide bomber, who died at the scene after detonating a "sophisticated" homemade device in the foyer of the arena.

What is the world coming to? This makes our heart hurt.


EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS - Pippa Middleton And James Matthews Are Off To Tahiti For Their Honeymoon!

Posted on Tue May 23rd, 2017 6:00am PDT       By X17 Staff

Newly-hitched Pippa Middleton and her hubby James Matthews have touched down in paradise for their extravagant honeymoon and X17 has the exclusive pix of the just-married couple as they transferred flights during a layover in LA.

Pippa, 32, wed her financier boyfriend, 41, in a traditional English country wedding near the Middletons' estate. Duchess Kate and Prince William were in attendance, of course, as were their children George and Charlotte. And as their magical day came to a close, they slept just a few hours and then hopped a flight for paradise -- French Polynesia.

We spotted the couple as they made their way through security at Los Angeles International Airport -- Pippa looking tired and James, too. The newlyweds will vacation at The Brando, a private island in the French archipelago on a private island called Tetiaroa. The eco-friendly resort is on the island once owned by Marlon Brando and villas go for anywhere between $3,500 - $16,000/night!

No doubt Mr. Matthews will treat his bride to the most expensive 3-bedroom villa for complete privacy. They can fish, snorkel, SCUBA dive, relax at the pool, play tennis or myriad other activities ... or just enjoy their villa :)


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