Kim Kardashian Flips The Bird While Cruising Around With Mom Kris Jenner

Posted on Wed Aug 27th, 2014 6:00am PDT       By X17 Staff

Kim Kardashian flashed her middle finger when she drove around in her Rolls Royce with mom Kris Jenner on Tuesday, and we find this so amusing. Why, you ask? From the camcorder that filmed her sex tape with Ray J to the TV crew that follows her and her family around 24/7, you'd think Kimmy would be used to sharing all aspects of her life on camera, but apparently not.

But as much as we looooove to hate on Kim for being famous for absolutely nothing, she has made quite a name for herself. In addition to her fashion/beauty lines and video game, she's going to appear on a major television series later this fall! Well, as a guest star anyway. On Monday Kim tweeted, "Shooting an episode of #2BrokeGirls with @OfficialKat & @BethBehrs! Can’t wait for you to see it 10/27 @ 8pm on #CBS."

Like, Bible, that's SUCH a big deal...


BREAKING NEWS - Justin Bieber Rear-Ended By Paparazzo

Posted on Tue Aug 26th, 2014 1:33pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Justin Bieber is NOT going to be in a good mood after this ...

The Biebs was rear-ended by a paparazzo (not ours!) just moments ago in West Hollywood and got a nice scratch on the bumper of his red Ferrari. Neither party was injured and police are still talking to both Justin and the photographer. A pap at the scene tells us he thinks Bieber was trying to be annoying to the photographer following him by not just tapping the breaks, but slamming on the breaks, which kinda worked against him when the following photographer, in a Prius, bumped into Biebs.

A spokesperson for the West Hollywood sheriff's department tells us police are still investigating, fault has not yet been determined.

Shortly after the crash, Bieber took to Twitter to comment, likening the incident to Princess Diana's tragic death.

We get it -- the paps should be more careful. But maybe the 20-year-old shouldn't play games on the road, especially when he's riding around in a $660,000 car!


Miley Cyrus Needs A Stylist

Britney Spears' Top Might Be A Size Too Small...

Posted on Tue Aug 26th, 2014 1:31pm PDT       By X17 Staff

...but we still love her!

Britney Spears went to lunch in Thousand Oaks on Tuesday afternoon, and rather than stepping out in sweaty workout wear, the pop princess rocked a fancy pink top, black shorts and high heels. Not only did she show off a noticeably slimmer waistline, but those boobies! Seems like those new outfits she's been wearing in Vegas have inspired her to sport some sexier attire for her day-to-day activities...

After performing in Las Vegas on Sunday night for her Piece of Me show at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, the 32-year-old singer jetted back to Los Angeles for a few days. But she's not getting much of a break! Brit will be back in Sin City tonight for yet another concert, and she has 8 more shows before then and September 10, at which point she'll have three weeks off between the next leg of her residency.


Jennifer Lopez And Iggy Azalea Show Off Their Booties In Sexy Artwork For New Collab

Posted on Tue Aug 26th, 2014 1:30pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea are looking seriously bootylicious in the artwork for JLo's revamp of her single, "Booty."

And these two make quite the fine pair!

You gotta hand it to Jenny for the smart business move; the 45-year-old singer's latest album, A.K.A, only sold 47,000 copies in the first month. It appears as though sultry singer is calling upon the "It" girl power of Iggy, and switching up her single, which originally featured Pitbull, to a collab with the 24-year-old Aussie rapper.

Along with the sexy snap, Jenny wrote, "Ain't seen a booty like this since Jenny From The Block … #jlobooty #doublebubbletrouble #jloiggybooty."

At least Jennifer knows how to highlight her best assets -- with some serious bronzer!


Bruce Willis Sells Massive Beverly Hills Mansion For $16.5 Million

LeAnn Rimes Should Put On A Few Pounds If She Wants To Get Pregnant

Posted on Tue Aug 26th, 2014 1:00pm PDT       By X17 Staff

She's looking a little on the thin side!

LeAnn Rimes was all smiles as she ventured out to grab lunch with a friend in Calabasas today, and let's hope she really indulged during her meal, because her legs look so skinny and frail in these white short shorts! The country singer recently admitted she wanted to start trying for a baby with husband Eddie Cibrian, but it's common knowledge it's easier to conceive at a healthy weight, so she might want to add a few pounds to her petite frame.

"I knew my mom had difficulty having me, but I never really knew how difficult it was. Eddie and I have talked about waiting a little bit longer before we try to have kids. It had never popped into my head that maybe I will have the same trouble that she did…Given my mom's history, it does make you wonder if I waited too long. If I find out I can't have kids, that will be really tough," she recently confessed on her reality show LeAnn & Eddie.

So is her TV actor beau ready to be a father again? It sounds like he would prefer to hold off, but he doesn't have much of a choice. "I mean, the truth is, is there ever a perfect time? I know that I do want to have a child with LeAnn, and if this is a decision that we have to make right now because of what’s going on with her fertility, I say let’s just do it,” he explained during one of the confessionals.

Tick tock, LeLe!


Matt Damon Dumps Toilet Water On His Head To Raise Awareness For ALS And Water Conservation

Posted on Tue Aug 26th, 2014 12:20pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Jimmy Kimmel and Ben Affleck nominated Matt Damon for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but seeing as the Oscar winner runs, he had some reservations about wasting a whole bunch of H2O.

“It posed kind of a problem for me, not only because there is a drought here in California, but because I co-founded, and we envision a day when everybody has access to a clean drink of water,” Damon says in the video above. “There are about 800 million people in the world who don’t, so dumping a clean bucket of water on my head seemed a little crazy.”

Matt's solution? Take it from the toilet bowl! "For those of you, like my wife, who think this is really disgusting, keep in mind that the water in toilets in the West is actually cleaner than the water that most people in the developing world have access to," he continued. "So as disgusting as this may seem, hopefully it will highlight the fact that this is a big problem and together we can do something about it."

Damon then nominated pal George Clooney, U2 singer Bono and Tom Brady. But Matt's not the only one who has pointed out that we're wasting water with the challenge! Kristen Stewart and co-star Nicholas Hoult used dirty bath water for their ALS challenge last week, and the other day Jeremy Renner did his in a kiddie pool with his daughter.


Nick Cannon Looks Like A Wreck Amid Separation From Mariah Carey

Posted on Tue Aug 26th, 2014 11:46am PDT       By X17 Staff

Is Nick Cannon still moving out? Because he's definitely carrying bags under his eyes!

Amid his separation from wife Mariah Carey, the America's Got Talent host looked haggard, exhausted and all sorts of no good upon leaving his bachelor pad at the Franklin Tower in New York City.

The father of two geared up in a hoodie and sweats and a gold chain, which, when paired with that mini mohawk thing he's got going on, makes him look like a not-so badass Mr. T.

Last week, the funny man confirmed to the Insider that he and his songstress wife were separated, saying, "There is trouble in paradise … we have been living in separate houses for a few months."

We hope these two patch things up -- because single life does not look good on Nick!


Simon Cowell And Lauren Silverman Don't Let Parenting Stop Them From Partying

Posted on Tue Aug 26th, 2014 11:25am PDT       By X17 Staff

Spread Pictures

They live the good life!

Simon Cowell and baby mama Lauren Silverman were all smiles as they partied with friends on a yacht in St. Tropez last night, and the new parents certainly don't seem to be letting son Eric get in the way of a fun time!

The British music mogul is relishing in every second of parenthood, though! The X-Factor head hauncho's baby boy is getting older, and that means more milestones to mark for the first time pop! "The first five months were weird. Eric didn’t have a clue who I was – I could have been anybody. But the last two weeks have been good – he’s started to recognize me, and as everybody knows, I demand recognition! He’s a cutie," he recently gushed to Radio Times magazine.

We wonder when the notorious lothario is going to make an honest woman out of his lady love and put a ring on it?


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