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Kelly Osbourne Tattoos ... Her Head

Jun 30, 2014 06:00 AM


Kelly Osbourne submitted to some cranial ink over the weekend, with a new tattoo on her scalp just above her left ear reading, "Stories ..."

Bet she'll have some stories to tell after this latest sesh at Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood. Fortunately, the Fashion Police hostess with the mostest already had a half-shaved head -- the tattoo artist just had to go a little deeper with the razor to reach fresh skin.

The 28-year-old caption her Instagrams, "#oops what did I do tonight?"

Stories, indeed!

Kelly Osbourne Is Reportedly Hooking Up With Puff Daddy's Stepson Quincy Combs

Jun 23, 2014 08:29 AM


Kelly Osbourne is reportedly getting down with Sean Combs' stepson Quincy!

"Kelly is single, but she's having a lot of fun. She's been hooking up with Quincy, her really good friend lately," the source tells Us Weekly. "It's not serious but he's really hot and he's very into her!"

Combs posted the above photo on Instagram back in April, and just a few months before that it was announced that Osbourne had split from fiance Matthew Mosshart. Combs' mother is Puff Daddy's on and off girlfriend Kim Porter, and his biological father is singer-producer Albert Joseph Brown III, a.k.a. Al B. Sure. (And yes, apparently Sean Combs/P. Diddy/Diddy is now going by the moniker Puff Daddy again.)

But Combs, 23, isn't the only man Osbourne has her eye on! The 29-year-old Fashion Police has reportedly been chatting up 27-year-old British model Ricki Hall, and according to Us, the two "have been messaging via social media." Translation: they're totally sexting!

"They recently started following each other on Instagram. He's got a a huge beard which Kelly finds really sexy, she loves guys with beards!" the source told the mag. "She's definitely interested in seeing where it goes with him."

Might this explain why Kelly posted the below shot of her thong-clad butt? Maybe she meant to direct message it to Mr. Hall? She captioned the scandalous pic, "It’s not a #FullMoon but it feels like one! Good luck everyone tonight!"

Um, put that away please. And the dirty socks? #GROSS.


Kelly Osbourne Thinks You're Never Too Old To Be A Mommy's Girl

Jun 11, 2014 10:36 AM

Kelly Osbourne Sharon Osbourne airport lax scarf purse

Even at the age of 29, Kelly Osbourne is still a mommy's girl.

The Fashion Police host landed at LAX with mom Sharon on Tuesday night and the mother/daughter duo were holding hands after a long flight from London. If we weren't so afraid of both of them -- we might even say this pic is kind of cute!

For the international flight, the mother and daughter wore complementing looks. Both gals wore sexy leather jackets atop all-black ensembles with grey scarves. With these coordinating looks, they look like they could be members of the same girl group!

The purple-haired star and her mama make a great team it seems. The Osbourne ladies just released a two-part collection for MAC cosmetics. The limited edition line offers a "Bloody Brilliant" quad eye shadow, lipsticks in bright pink, orange and light lavender. The packaging is also an ode to Kelly's signature hair -- violet.

In an interview with Huffington Post, the in-your-face star talked about her wild style, saying, "A lot of girls don’t like to think outside of the box, so I had to be very careful about not going too far."

Kelly Osbourne Keeps It Edgy With A Purple Mohawk

May 3, 2014 12:30 PM


It just keeps getting shorter and shorter!

After sporting her bob, Kelly Osbourne decided to take things up a notch as she chopped off some more hair, leaving only a purple mohawk behind.

The 29-year-old has been known for her assorted looks over the years, with her latest change coming almost a month after the last. The Fashion Police co-host debuted her new 'do at the Race to Erase MS event at the Century City Park Hyatt last night, showing that she has a big heart under her edgy appearance. Kelly was there in support of brother Jack, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis two years ago and who was honored at last year's event.

With the new switch up, looks like she and her brother Jack will share some more resemblance!


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Kelly Osbourne Switches Up Her Hairstyle

Apr 7, 2014 08:55 AM


Unfortunately it's still purple ... but this is an improvement, right?

Kelly Obsourne posted this photo above of her new hair on Sunday and wrote, "Here is one pic of my new hair cut!!! What do you guys think? I'm also sporting the #SpringTrend and have no bottom mascara on! It looks weird!!!"

What do we think? Oh Kelly O, do you really want to know? We think you should go back to blonde and call it a day!

But her hair isn't the only thing she's looking to change! Apparently Kelly is looking to drop a few pounds before it's officially bikini season. According to Now Magazine, Kelly has reportedly put herself in "food rehab" after gaining nearly 20 pounds following her split from fiance Matthew Mosshart four months ago. But don't call it a diet! The mag reports that the Fashion Police host is referring to her new routine as a "cleanse." Of course.

Kelly Osbourne Says That The Criticism Of Kimye's Vogue Cover Is "Disgusting"

Mar 26, 2014 11:50 AM


Is Kelly Osbourne defending Kimye? Umm … sort of!

The outspoken Osbourne has given her two cents about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's controversial Vogue cover, and while her words aren't all complementary -- the 29-year-old TV personality definitely defends the duo.

On Tuesday, the E! star took to her blog to give her thoughts, writing, "I don't think there has been this much controversy over an American Vogue cover since 2008, with their April issue featuring LeBron James and Gisele Bundchen!"

The Fashion Police star is referring to the Vogue cover which featured James, who was shown baring his teeth with his arm around Bundchen's waist, and caused an uproar for appearing to propagate racial stereotypes. Many likened the striking interracial image with the iconic image of King Kong and Fay Wray.

Osbourne asserts that the outrage then was overblown -- just as it is now over Kimye's April 2014 cover. The former reality star does understand why some readers are upset about the cover, saying, "There is no denying that it looks like a really beautiful picture for the cover of Prom magazine so I understand why the fashionistas of the world would not like it."

And while she may not like the prom-tastic cover, she thinks the negativity is extreme. "People are even going so far as to cancel their subscriptions or bloggers [are] taking down the link to Vogue magazine. I don't want to even go into the awful things people have said about them." The purple-haired Brit continued, "I find this disgusting. Regardless of whether or not you think Kim and Kanye are worthy enough [to] be on the cover...it's not your decision to make. I do believe that would be up to Anna Wintour."

Osbourne also added a few words about Wintour, Vogue's editor-in-chief:
"Vogue would not be what it is today without her foresight. She knows what she is doing and no one can make her do anything."

Hmm ... is someone trying to butter up Anna Wintour to get on the cover of the glossy mag?! We think so!

Ozzy's daughter also added, "Sooooooo to all you people bashing Vogue, Kim, Kanye, and Anna, stop and really think for a second because I am willing to bet my life that whether you recognize it or not, somewhere hidden deep down inside of all of us is the dream of being on the cover of VOGUE!!! So back off, stop s--tting on people's dreams that have come true and try for once to be happy for others' success. Stop raining on their parade!"

Do we secretly want to be on the cover of Vogue -- yeah sure. That would be cool, and so would owning a pony. But it seems unrealistic at this juncture in life. But do we also think Kimye's cover is absurd and Vogue made a mistake by putting the fame-hungry reality hounds on it? Yes, yes we do.

But seriously, we'd really like a pony.

Kelly Osbourne Replaces Fiance Matthew Mosshart With New Beau Braydon Szafranski

Mar 18, 2014 11:10 AM


Over the weekend Kelly Osbourne stepped out with a tatted-up male friend, and the Fashion Police host was grabbing on to his arm and acting pretty clingy. So who is he?

It turns out the hottie in question is professional skater Braydon Szafranski, and this is the first guy we've spotted her with since splitting from fiance Matthew Mosshart back in January.

Our photographer tells us: "Kelly looked totally into the guy; she was hanging on him and they were laughing and teasing. It was cute."

Last month the pair partied in Las Vegas and Kelly has known Braydon for a while now -- he even hung out with her when she was still with Mosshart! Not only that, but Braydon seems a little bit obsessed with the Osbourne family, as he has "OZZY" tattooed on his knuckles.

He told ESPN a while back, "I got that because when I was born, my dad got Black Sabbath Volume 4 to take me home from the hospital because he wanted it to be the first music I ever heard. So I’ve always been a huge fan, since the day I was born." Hmmm...

Kelly Osbourne Returns To Her Rocker Roots While Out With Friends

Mar 16, 2014 02:00 PM

She can go from glam to grunge just like that!

On Saturday, Kelly Osbourne sported a Misfits t-shirt, lilac shades that matched her hair in her most grungy attire while in Hollywood. Should someone call the fashion police?

The 29-year-old entertainer grabbed a bite to eat with her equally grungy friends at Cabo Cantina before doing some shopping in Los Feliz.

She's allowed to have an off day too!

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