Elle Fanning Shows Off Her Toned Tummy

Posted on Fri Aug 22nd, 2014 6:30am PDT       By X17 Staff

She's working on her fitness, all right!

On Thursday, Elle Fanning looked ready for a workout as she and her toned midriff headed to Dove's Bodies in North Hollywood.

The 16-year-old actress has been coming into her own since following in her sister Dakota's footsteps and doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon.

Next up for the budding star is the film Young Ones, a futuristic western which also stars Michael Shannon and is written/directed by Gwyneth's brother Jake Paltrow. Sounds like an interesting flick!

Check out the trailer for Young Ones below.


Ryan Seacrest And Shayna Taylor Spend Some Time In St. Tropez

Posted on Fri Aug 22nd, 2014 6:00am PDT       By X17 Staff

They love to travel!

Ryan Seacrest and Shayna Taylor's relationship seems to be going swimmingly well as the two were out and about in sunny St. Tropez.

The 39-year-old media tycoon has been quite cozy with the 23-year-old model since splitting with Julianne Hough last year, though they've only been dating for a handful of months.

Despite that, in conjunction with his 40th birthday coming in December, the idea of settling down certainly hasn't escaped Seacrest's thought process.

"I look at what my mom and dad have had for 40-plus years—a fantastic relationship and great marriage," he recently told People. "Someday I'd like that. They're my role models."

Sounds like he's serious!


Madonna's Used Underwear To Be Auctioned Off To The Highest Bidder

Justin Bieber Tears Around Town On His Hot Wheels

Posted on Thu Aug 21st, 2014 3:28pm PDT       By X17 Staff

After running a red light in his new red Chevrolet Corvette earlier in the day, Justin Bieber found a new way to tear around town -- on a black Can-Am trike!

The 20-year-old singer left a pal's apartment building in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon, and we'd recognize those tatted up guns anywhere! And in typical Bieber fashion, he's definitely not looking to keep a low profile with this motor vehicle...

But we do have to scold the Biebs, because when we caught up with him around 2pm, X17 photographers witnessed the bad boy pop superstar driving his new 'vette right through a stoplight in Beverly Hills. Shortly after that he arrived at his pal's pad, at which point he switched rides and posted an Instagram pic of his car parked in the garage.

We do love the Biebs, but it certainly seems like he went to the same driving school as Kylie Jenner ... just be careful JB!


Cara Delevingne Is The Reason Behind Michelle Rodriguez And Zac Efron's Breakup

Posted on Thu Aug 21st, 2014 2:30pm PDT       By X17 Staff

We wonder if the British beauty knows her ex-girlfriend is still hung up on her?

Cara Delevingne went for a stroll around New York City with pal Zoe Kravitz today, and the model looked stunning in a simple t-shirt and gold sunglasses. We can see why former lady love Michelle Rodriguez is unable to get over her!

According to reports, the Fast And The Furious star's brief relationship with Zac Efron fizzled because she couldn't stop talking about the Vogue cover girl. "Cara was always being mentioned. Cara would spend time on the same boat and Cara and Michelle have all the same friends. It was just a lot. It was always, 'Cara, Cara, Cara'," a source told E! News.

The High School Musical actor sounds like he was the one that was more into it to begin with, too. "It had just been a casual hookup for Zac and Michelle. They were having fun. She is such a great person and he naturally gravitated towards that. They saw comfort in each other and connected on their experiences in rehab and were really good for each other. They were there for each other," the source adds.

Three's a crowd!


Christie Brinkley Lists Turks & Caicos Home For $9 Million

Kylie And Kendall Jenner Dare To Bare Some Skin For A Trip To The Family Office

Posted on Thu Aug 21st, 2014 1:30pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Who needs high school when you got midriff baring shirts and miniskirts?!

Keeping up the the Kardashians' traditions of skimpy clothing, teen reality stars Kylie and Kendall Jenner showed off some skin when they hit up the family's office in Calabasas on Thursday morning.

For the office trip, 18-year-old Kendall donned some skin tight yellow pants and a crop top, while 17-year-old Kylie wore her standard issue miniskirt and combat boot combo.

We are definitely loving Kendall's nautical-themed outfit -- and we bet we aren't the only one! Kendall may have a new sexy friend. The teen model has been headlines about a possible new romance with 25-year-old Dallas Mavericks star Chandler Parsons, who just signed a three-year, $46 million contract with the NBA franchise.

A source told the Daily Mail that mom Kris Jenner has already met Chandler, and she was "blown away by not only his good looks, but his promising B-ball future." But that could be a problem too. The source added, "Everyone knows that when you date a Kardashian you have to deal with Kris, who is totally enmeshed in the lives of her kids. No matter how hot Kendall is, it’s not worth it."

Hmm ... we don't know about that -- she looks damn fine in those yellow pants!


Kristen Stewart Does The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge ... With Dirty Bath Water

Posted on Thu Aug 21st, 2014 1:14pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Kristen Stewart wins the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge celeb video of the day, because not only did she do it with dirty bath water, but she dunked her head in a bucket before having it dumped all over her!

K. Stew, who was challenged by Anne Hathaway, was joined by her Equals co-star Nicholas Hoult and pal Scott Fahrendorf, and before the chaos began, she said, "Hathaway, get this. This is a f*cking real challenge." She wasn't kidding! Hoult and Scott Fahrendorf dumped a trashcan of water on the Twilight starlet, who then nominated Jenny Lewis, Jackie Weaver and Brie Larson.

After the 24-year-old actress was completely soaked, she said, "In good faith you must believe this was all done with dirty bath water. Please be considerate of California water conservation." Glad someone finally said it! And is it just us, or is she looking awfully chummy with Mr. Hoult, who recently split from his longtime lady love Jennifer Lawrence?

P.S. For all the Shia LaBeouf fans out there, he did one too ... you gotta watch it!


Victoria Beckham Keeps A Close Eye On Husband David At Soulcycle

Posted on Thu Aug 21st, 2014 12:45pm PDT       By X17 Staff

She's got to stop the ladies from flirting with her man!

Victoria Beckham accompanied husband David to a SoulCycle class today in L.A., and although the designer has admitted to hating exercise in the past, it seems she has changed her tune in the interest of making sure the other female spinners don't try to flirt with her handsome hubby!

The former Spice Girl looked impeccable after the workout class, and we really don't know how she does it! Speaking of looking perfect, you too can look as fierce as VB… for a price! The British beauty is auctioning off more than 600 items from her personal closet to raise money for the charity Mothers2Mothers.

"I'm very blessed that I've got a beautiful daughter to hand lots of things down to. But out there in a world where mothers are trying to prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS to their own unborn babies, and where mothers are struggling to get the medication for their own daughters, these clothes have more value being sold online than sitting in a closet for another 20 years waiting for Harper to take an interest," she explained to The Daily Telegraph about her passion for the cause.

We couldn't love Vicky B more!


Hilary Duff Looks Like A Serious Business Lady On The Go!

Posted on Thu Aug 21st, 2014 11:50am PDT       By X17 Staff

Well hello hello, someone's got herself a lady blazer!

Looking like quite the business woman on the go, Hilary Duff was all talk when she slinked down the street in West Hollywood on Wednesday. The actress/singer was walking it out with her trademark skintight pants -- but this time added a little gravitas to her ensemble with her blazer.

The Cinderella Story star stopped to meet a friend at European style eatery Zinque yesterday afternoon. The blonde looks like she is kicking it into high gear after a quick trip to Hawaii with her two-year-old son Luca.

The mom has been busy promoting her single "Chasing The Sun", which marked her musical comeback. On Monday, Lizzie McGuire promoted her next single, "All About You," by releasing a lyric video.

Go get 'em, tiger!


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