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Lindsay Lohan Takes A Sudden Interest In Briefs

LLOHAN110906_1.jpg...legal briefs, that is! We spotted Lindsay getting awfully chummy with her favorite companion for late, one Mr. Mike Heller, Esq., a local legal eagle who also happens to be best friends with Harry Morton. Could Lindsay's frequent proximity to this young and powerful Hollywood attorney be motivated by her recent run-in with Harry? Maybe her recent run-ins with another car? Or could Heller simply be the most recent addition to Lindsay's ever-growing collection of conquests? We snapped a few pictures of Mike walking Lindsay to his car, and we've got a few suspicions - but when a lawyer's involved, we don't want to say too much!

LLOHAN110906_4.jpgI know I never leave my lawyer's office without giving him a lingering embrace...

LLOHAN110906_3.jpgMaybe he agreed not to charge her for every hour she refuses to wear a bra!

LLOHAN110906_5.jpgNo peeking

You be the judge - Lindsay's already got the lawyer!



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jellyjamaam :

oh my gosh SERIOUSLY. i was thinking while scrolling down- what the heck. this girl NEVER wears a bra?! then BAM! your near-closing statement. but hey- atleast she looks great while NOT wearing one.

Amber :

Um, WTF is w/that belt? And the cigarette? I didn't realize smoking was some form of therapy for asthmatics.

Dumbazz. When she turns 30, she's gonna look back at this time and be like "Dayum...was I an idiot?!?"

I hope the guy has a chance!

lord xenu :

I cant spell oompa loompa!





Who is dressing her lately. Oh is this just dirty clothes she finds on the floor of the guy's room she wakes up in?

She's such a skank.

celeb :

She is interest in lot of things


Anonymous :

lindsays noone get some new videos of parissssssssssssssssssss!!!

Gregg :

She will fuk anyone just to get ahead...or should I say give head!

joko :

shes copying KEIRA KNIGHTLEY!!!!!!

Predictable :

Just another guy using Lindsay Lohan's fame as a stepping stone to get more girls. Harry Morton probably told him to do it because it worked so well for him.

Mohawk :

Why has she been wearing the same stupid cut off jean shorts (in the middle of November) for the past week? I'm tired of seeing her pastey white freckled legs already. She's so gross! AND.. she looks like a complete idiot with that belt over a wife beater.

Drama :

We're gonna have more drama now!

cactusflower :

Mike Heller has been her lawyer and member of her entourage long before Harry Morton came along.

april :

is she still going out with harry morton?

WoHo! :


Anonymous :

she can avoid wearing a bra because her breasts are FAKE!!!
if i had plastic boobs like hers i would certainly get rid of all my bras! :-P

Anonymous :

she can avoid wearing a bra because her breasts are FAKE!!!
if i had plastic boobs like hers i would certainly get rid of all my bras! :-P
btw, she is in LA, that's why she can wear shorts still in the middle of november!DUH!!

Katie :

Okay, had to do a double take and make sure I read the attorneys name right...dude, that's my dad's name, but that sure as hell ain't my dad.

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