EXCLUSIVE - Kylie Jenner's Vegas Appearance Crashed By Animal Rights Protestors!

Posted on Sun Apr 23rd, 2017 8:52am PDT       By X17 Staff

This is the risk you take when you wear fur, celebs! Take note -- Kylie Jenner comes from a family of fur-wearing women (and men -- Kanye has fur pieces in his Yeezy collection) and animal rights activists have taken notice.

Protestors came out en force to demonstrate at a paid appearance Kylie made at the Sugar Factory in Las Vegas, Saturday night. The held signs featuring photos of animals caged, ready for slaughter, all to make a fur coat. They chanted and called Kylie an animal abuser.

Now Kylie's known to love animals -- she's got a few dogs running around her house and she's always posting pix of them on social media. But clearly these activists see a disconnect -- how can Kylie love her pets but wear the pelts of other animals on her back, all in the name of fashion?

Kylie Jenner's not the only one in the family getting slammed for her fashion choices -- half-sister Kourtney faced backlash online this week after posting a photo of herself with a fur coat draped over her shoulder, riding in an elevator with a glass of Champagne in one hand and a Hermes bag in the other. Not only was it an ostentatious show of wealth (we expect it from the Kardashians) but it highlighted her love of fur and plenty of haters had something to say about it. So much so, Kourt ended up taking down the photo because she couldn't handle the negative comments.

Hey, KarJenners -- if you're gonna wear fur, either speak out and stand up for your choice or make a change! If you can't make an argument for wearing dead animals, maybe you should stop!


Lady In Red! Sexy Khloe Kardashians Visits Lisa Vanderpump's Dog Rescue

Posted on Sat Apr 22nd, 2017 3:37pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Put your eyes back in their sockets and wipe the drool off your chin -- it's just another day, another crazy sexy outfit on Khloe Kardashian's hot bod!

Oddly enough, the Revenge Body hostess with the mostess, dressed to the nines to visit fellow reality show star Lisa Vanderpump's new dog rescue in West Hollywood called Vanderpump Dogs.

Maybe Khloe's prepping to adopt a dog? One DID walk out with her!

We have a feeling Khloe's more concerned with starting a family with a baby than with a dog ... and dressed like that, we bet Tristan Thompson will jump at the opportunity!


Is Zayn's Latest Single "Still Got Time" The Next Big Hit?

Posted on Sat Apr 22nd, 2017 3:07pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Here's the video that was shot over a two-day party complete with drinking, smoking, strippers and more!

Okay, we're hoping all of that was smoke and mirrors -- props and actors for Zayn's new single "Still Got Time," featuring PartyNextDoor. But here's the final product, finally!

Gigi Hadid's boyfriend sheds his squeaky clean One Direction image and goes for something badder and sexier here. No wonder Gigi Hadid loves him! What do YOU think of the new video? Comment after the jump ...


Reporting Live From Hollywood, It's ...

Posted on Sat Apr 22nd, 2017 2:54pm PDT       By X17 Staff

You NEVER would have guessed this was Kourtney Kardashian, right?!

The blonde-wigged "reporter" took to the streets of Hollywood to interview random passers-by and tourists. Obviously this is a bit for the family's reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which we can't wait to see. What's she asking them? Did they realize it was Kourtney or were they wondering why an American Airlines stewardess was approaching them on the street with a microphone?!


Selena & The Weeknd, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Paris Jackson and More Turn Out For John Mayer's LA Concert

Posted on Sat Apr 22nd, 2017 1:40pm PDT       By X17 Staff

It was a star-studded night at John Mayer's LA concert at The Forum, Friday night. The date was enough to bring out Selena Gomez and The Weeknd, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Meghan Trainor, Paris Jackson and many, many more.

Selena and The Weeknd slipped in quietly through the back door and left the same way, heading back home in their chauffeured SUV, accompanied by three bodyguards. Selena wore her hair up, with a sundress and sneakers, while The Weeknd wore his usual black. Gomez kept her 'do after attending former Wizards of Waverly Place co-star David Henrie's wedding, earlier in the day.

Kendall and Hailey looked like the models they are, decked out in high-end labels. Kendall wore a newsboy cap over her short bob, a denim jacket and Vetements stiletto sock-boots. Kendall was resplendent in Gucci -- a tee, backpack, army pants and bright red heels with a scarf wrapped around her head.

Meghan Trainor was there with her boyfriend Daryl Sabara. Paris Jackson attended with pals -- the young daughter of Michael Jackson was wearing a blush-colored peasant skirt, a belly-bearing top and lace-up boots.

Mayer's The Search for Everything tour has been a hot ticket and is still making the rounds across the US. Last night's show brought in special guest Ryan Adams, who jammed with the soulful crooner to "Come Pick Me Up." Check it out ...


Caitlyn Jenner Says What Defines Her Is "Between Her Ears," Not "Between Her Legs"

Posted on Sat Apr 22nd, 2017 1:01pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Caitlyn Jenner can't stop dishing! The tea was flowing as the former Olympian sat down, again, with 20/20's Diane Sawyer in an interview that aired Friday, as she continued to throw her family under the bus and to talk about how difficult her life has been.

The once-revered athlete who had multi-million-dollar contracts after becoming a gold medalist, who had three wives and six kids -- a few of whom she wasn't around to raise -- tells Diane some of her kids don't keep in touch: "A couple of them … I’m a little more distant. I have to admit, I’ll sit here and wonder, ‘Is it because of my transitioning? Or is it because their life is so busy that they don’t call, like, all the time?" She says the Kardashian side doesn't call much: "Nobody calls that much. I mostly reach out to them. Obviously, the Jenner side calls more, but they all have their own lives."

She also addresses that shocking Vanity Fair cover in which she bared some serious cleavage in a bust-boosting bustier: "I know my kids, they thought, ‘You know what, it’s a little too much. But, from my standpoint, I had suffered for 65 years. T o have a beautiful shot of my authentic self was important and [I wanted] the shock value. I wanted to end the old Bruce, my old life, and that picture did it."

Speaking of that picture -- perhaps more talked-about than her bust was what was between her legs ... Caitlyn did a serious tuck to fit into that bustier bodysuit but she doesn't have to do that anymore. Jenner confirms she's had the FULL gender reassignment surgery and that she's nothing but woman now -- not that she wasn't before, "I wasn’t less a woman the day before I had the surgery than the day after the surgery, because that did not define who I am as a human being." She went on to say she didn't want to dwell on the subject because she didn't think it was an appropriate question to ask a trans person -- even though she speaks in fair detail about her decision to go under the knife, in her new book The Secrets Of My Life.

But as fraught as Ms. Jenner's life seems, she says she's happy now, "[There is] peace in my soul. All that confusion has left me."


Ben And Jen Go For A Drive Just Days After Filing For Divorce

Posted on Fri Apr 21st, 2017 1:32pm PDT       By X17 Staff

This isn't your typical split!

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner went for a drive together this morning in Brentwood, and they certainly didn't look like a spouses that had just filed for divorce! Their breakup is said to be "amicable" and they are super dedicated to co-parenting, so we guess they're just the latest pair to consciously uncouple!

The actress seemed like she wanted to show the Batman star what he lost, because she got all dolled up in a short skirt and heels. This is the best she's looked in years!

Both parties are said to be interested in moving on and dating, and TMZ recently reported that the Oscar winner is actually seeing someone new already, but that the relationship "isn't serious." We wanna know who she is!

We're still so sad these two couldn't work it out, because they were adorable together.


Tyga Moves On With Justin Bieber's Former Fling Jordan Ozuna After Kylie Jenner Split

Posted on Fri Apr 21st, 2017 1:20pm PDT       By X17 Staff

The LipKit mogul is NOT going to be happy to hear this!

Tyga was spotted getting cozy with model Jordan Ozuna on a lunch date in Hollywood this week following his split from Kylie Jenner, and if her name sounds familiar, it's because she hooked up with Justin Bieber back in 2014. He must not mind sloppy seconds!

She has humble beginnings as a Hooters girl and Las Vegas cocktail waitress, but in more recent years, she's become an Instagram "influencer" and modeled in Kanye's Yeezy fashion show.

Every time T-Raww and the youngest KarJenner breakup, they try to make each other jealous with other people, and this time it's no different. In fact, the reality star was spotted romancing hit maker Travis Scott at Coachella just last weekend, so this could be Tyga's revenge.

She's pretty, but she can't pay his bills quite like Kylie can!


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