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Melanie Griffith's Black Eye Mystery Explained: "Skin Cancer"

Dec 18, 2009 08:03 AM

Melanie Griffith scarf black eye jeans coffee

X17online was the first to bring you the news that Melanie Griffith was sporting a shiner, and now her rep is speaking out about what caused the black & blue bruise underneath her right eye.

A rep for the star says the black eye was caused by surgery to remove early stages of skin cancer from her face. Luckily (so says her spokesperson), it was done early enough to prevent further complications.

I'm sorry, but would the procedure, which would remove a portion of the skin, really blacken that whole area around her eye?

Or could it be just an embarrassing case of botox gone bad?

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Melanie Wears Sunglasses At Night, Holds Hands With Mystery Dude!

Dec 15, 2009 02:10 PM


So much going on with Melanie Griffith these days...

First she leaves rehab and THEN gets a black eye. WTF! She was so open about showing off her eye before, and now she's covering it back up. Why?

And now we spotted her leaving Neil George holding someone's hand. Sure, it looks like he was just ushering her out, but still. Where's Antonio???

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The Curious Case Of Melanie And Her Black Eye!

Dec 13, 2009 12:02 PM

Melanie Griffith scarf black eye jeans coffee

Melanie Griffith scarf black eye jeans coffee


We first showed you Melanie Griffith's black eye yesterday, but now here it is in full view! Poor thing. That looks like it hurt!

We sincerely hope there's no suspicious story behind it, and that it was just an accident...

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X17 XCLUSIVE - Melanie Griffith Hides Her Black Eye

Dec 12, 2009 12:30 PM

Melanie Griffith smoking cigarette driving cell phone Melanie Griffith smoking cigarette driving cell phone

Photogs snapped Melanie Griffith nervously smoking in her car yesterday after she was spotted trying to buy concealer to cover up a black eye.

A source tells X17online Xclusively that Melanie ran into the Larchmont Beauty Supply store yesterday afternoon with a big shiner.

    "Melanie ran into the store looking like she was wasted on something," says our source. "She was so out of it, she mistook me for a salesman and asked me where the concealer was! As I showed her the makeup section, she rambled on about being a klutz. She bought the concealer I suggested then ran back out to cover up her shiner. As big as it was, I think she needed a lot of it!"

Later, photogs snapped Melanie driving around in the rain, talking on the phone and smoking, before she threw her butt out the window.

If she really is that clumsy, we hope she'll be more careful next time!

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Melanie From The Front And Back

Nov 30, 2009 03:49 PM


The actress slash mom still looks pretty damn good for 52! (That is, when she's not smoking up a storm.) Who cares if she's had plastic surgery or not, right?

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Melanie Spends Quality Time (And Money) With Stella

Nov 12, 2009 03:10 PM

Melanie Griffith blonde american apparel shopping

Yesterday we caught Melanie Griffith and daughter Stella shopping at American Apparel, and it looks like the two are closer than ever after Mel's recent stint in rehab. And that's not all the shopping these two have done since mom came home!

A source who recently ran into the mom/daughter duo at Urban Outfitters in Hollywood tells X17online exclusively, "I saw Melanie, Stella and some of her girlfriends shopping at the Melrose store the other day, and Mel generously spent hundreds of dollars on the girls. She was such a sweetheart, and she's definitely back on track ... she clearly enjoyed spoiling her daughter and her friends!"

Aww, Mel! We want to go shopping with you too!

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Rehab Does A Body Good!

Nov 4, 2009 03:15 PM

Melanie Griffith sunglasses mr. chow

Yesterday we spotted Melanie Griffith leaving Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills, and it looks like the time she spent in rehab has definitely helped her! Melanie was all smiles as she tipped the valet, and she even took some time to chat with the photographers, telling them she feels "wonderful" and that she's still very much in love with Antonio. Aww!

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Melanie Griffith Went To Rehab To Avoid Relapsing On Painkillers

Sep 9, 2009 09:35 AM

antonioellen99.jpg This sounds like a smart move, and her whole family is behind her, so we're glad the 52-year-old actress is getting the help she needs.

Antonio Banderas sat down with Ellen DeGeneres and revealed that his wife of fifteen years is back in rehab to avoid getting hooked on narcotics after several knee operations stemming from a skiing accident a year and a half ago. On today's Ellen DeGeneres Show, Antonio said Melanie was "obligated to use narcotics," and she became worried so she headed back to treatment as a precaution.

"In March, she came to me and said, 'I'm feeling a little bit weak in my determination for this...so I just thought to go to rehabilitation by myself,'" Antonio said. "So the whole entire family is supporting her and I am supporting her and at this particular time more than ever. I'm very proud of her."

"We have been following some type of therapy with other families," he added. "There are a number of invisible heroes working in AA all around the world. I just say to families, don't get embarrassed just confront this problem head-on. And don't hide from that because there is a beautiful gift at the end of this tunnel and it is the person that you love back and that is what I am searching for. I am very proud of my wife."

Maybe Melanie was worried that she might head down the same path as DJ AM or Michael Jackson if she wasn't careful? These recent celebrity deaths have perhaps opened people's eyes to the dangers of post-op painkillers, especially when there is a history of addiction. Would DJ AM have relapsed if he hadn't needed meds to help him get through the burns he suffered following that horrific plane crash? Would Michael Jackson ever have been introduced all sorts of narcotics had he not gone through the pyrotechnics accident on the set of the Pepsi commercial that left him with third degree burns? Just something to think about!

Get better Mel! We're rooting for you!

Image courtesy of Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

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