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Michael Jackson's Family Loses Appeal In Wrongful Death Case

Mar 21, 2014 01:15 PM


It's over!

Michael Jackson's mother Katherine has lost the appeal for her $40 billion wrongful death case against AEG Live, according to court documents. Not only has the appeal been dismissed, but parties must cover their own court costs.

Katherine and Michael’s three children filed the appeal in November, which was a month after a jury ruled that AEG Live was not responsible for the pop star's death in 2009.

Jackson died from an overdose of the anesthetic propofol, and though blame initially fell on Dr. Conrad Murray and possibly AEG for contracting him, the jury ruled that he was not "unfit or incompetent to perform the work for which he was hired," which was what got AEG off the hook. In 2011, Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for giving the drug to the star and he was subsequently sentenced to four years in prison.

In January a Los Angeles judge rejected a request from the family for a new trial, but it appears as though they were still holding out some hope in this civil appeal.

Report: Michael Jackson's Estate Owes $702 Million In Taxes, Penalties

Feb 8, 2014 12:30 PM


Michael Jackson's estate reportedly owes $702 million in federal taxes and penalties for undervaluing the star's assets and legacy by hundreds of millions of dollars.

According to documents filed with the U.S. Tax Court, Jackson's estate set his net worth after his death in 2009 at slightly more than $7 million. The Internal Revenue Service, on the other hand, placed it at $1.125 billion. Meanwhile, the estate said his image and likeness were valued at $2,105 and the IRS determined it was worth $434 million.

The IRS said Jackson's return was so erroneous that it qualified for a "gross valuation misstatement penalty," which would double the usual 20% penalty for underpayment. However, the estate won't need to pay any fees unless the court rules in favor of IRS claim.

A rep for the Jackson estate told Reuters that the IRS's appraisal values "were based on speculative and erroneous assumptions unsupported by the facts or law" and that the estate has paid $100 million in taxes.

Justin Bieber Compares Himself To Michael Jackson Following Jail Release

Jan 25, 2014 08:15 AM


Just call Justin Bieber the new King of Pop.

Following his Thursday DUI arrest, Justin posted a photo on Instagram yesterday comparing himself to Michael Jackson. The split shot shows the troubled singer sitting on top of an SUV and waving to his fans following his release from jail beside an image of Michael standing on top of a car and flashing a peace sign to fans after he was cleared of child-molestation charges in 2005. Speaking out for the first time since his arrest, he captioned the pic, "What more can they say."

Does he realize that Michael was facing four charges of child molesting, one charge of attempted child molesting, one conspiracy charge and eight possible counts of providing alcohol to minors? Next up, he'll compare himself to O.J. Simpson.


He continued praising God on Saturday by captioning his Instagram selfie (above), "Thank u Lord."

Biebs was arrested early Thursday morning in Miami Beach for driving under the influence and with an expired license. He was released later that day on $2,500 bond.

Conrad Murray Says Of Michael Jackson: "I Held His Penis Every Night"

Nov 25, 2013 10:45 AM

Conrad Murray just keeps digging a hole! The controversial doctor, who was released three weeks ago after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2011 for the death of Michael Jackson, just did an interview with Australia's 60 Minutes -- and we gotta say things got uncomfortable.

When interviewer Liz Hayes asked the disgraced doc if he thought MJ was a pedophile, Murray paused for a good long while then said, "I am not prepared to answer that question not now. And I will tell you now that the reason why is because my interview is quite candid and honest and I will not make up or fabricate anything."

Then why agree to an interview if you aren't going to answer questions?!

Despite being convicted, Murray maintains his innocence, telling the program that King of Pop begged for his help that night.

"He said to me, 'If I don't go to rehearsal I'm going to lose everything' ... When I saw how desperate he was and I knew how much of a destitute he was, what he was facing if he did not do this, it all again, fell on my heart."

Aww -- what a good friend! With friends like that, who needs enemies?!

Murray said, "Michael Jackson accidentally killed Michael Jackson."

Murray seems to be talking a whole lot about his former patient. Over the weekend, he gave another interview with England's Daily Mail. When asked about their relationship, the doc said, "You want to know how close we were? I held his penis every night to fit a catheter because he was incontinent at night." Murray continued to reveal embarrassing details about the Thriller singer, saying, "He wore dark trousers all the time because after he went to the toilet he would drip for hours."

Murray couldn't stop saying odd things said about his relationship with the man he was convicted of helping to kill: "I love Michael. I love Michael Jackson, I love him, I was his closest friend. … You see, I was Michael's doctor, but I spent more time with him as a friend than taking care of him medically."

He continued, "I love Michael, I will mourn his loss forever. I am so sad that he's not here."

Yeah so are we!

Jackson Family Loses Big In $85-Million Wrongful Death Trial Against Michael Jackson's Concert Promoter AEG Live

Oct 2, 2013 03:50 PM


We are shocked! Katherine Jackson and the Jackson family have just lost in their $85 million civil court fight to hold concert tour promoter AEG Live responsible for Michael Jackson's 2009 death. Therefore, AEG is NOT liable for Jackson's death and will not have to pay out to the family.

While the jury ruled that AEG Live DID hire Dr. Conrad Murray (which was hotly disputed), the jury also ruled Dr. Murray was NOT, "unfit or incompetent to perform the work for which he was hired," which means he WAS a competent doctor at the time of hire, and which boils down to this: Katherine and the kids lose.

The outcome of the civil trial hinged on the question of whether Murray was competent to handle the pop singer when he was hired, which the jury said he was. However, a jury in the criminal case against Murray ruled that the doc DID go off the deep end and made choices that eventually contributed to the death of the "Billie Jean" singer. Unfortunately, because Murray was competent when he was hired, the Jacksons lost -- big time.

After the verdict was read, the Judge Yvette M. Palazuelos polled the jury individually (in an awkward, "Who's on First"-style few minutes) on their verdicts and then thanked them for their five months of jury duty.

During the trial, Jackson family lawyer Brian Panish has asserted that the tour company tried to "hoodwink" jurors and put off the blame for the death of the King of Pop at the age of 50.

In the trial, Panish did his best to (and ultimately did) persuade the jury that AEG did hire Dr. Conrad Murray, who was found guilty in 2011 of causing Jackson's death while he was preparing for his "This Is It" come back tour. Panish told the six-man, six-woman jury, "AEG Live is a money-making company …They didn't want to help Michael do a comeback. They wanted Michael so they could make money, and that's why they did it."

On June 25, 2009, the world famous entertainer died from an overdose of the anesthetic propofol at a home he was renting in Los Angles, just as he was gearing up for his comeback tour at London's 02 Arena. Very quickly after the death of the popstar, blame fell on Jackson's doctor who had been administering propofol to help the singer sleep. In 2011, Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for giving the drug to the star in a criminal trial. Murray was sentenced to four years in prison.

In this civil trial, 83-year-old Katherine alleged that AEG Live was negligent when it hired an incompetent doctor and also the company ignored red flags about the star's failing health so that they could profit. However, the jury did not agree with such claims.

Had the verdict sided with the family, the Jacksons wanted AEG Live to pay $85 million to each of the star's three children, Prince, Paris, and Blanket, for emotional loss, as well as an unspecified amount, which is believed to be up to $1.6 billion.

AEG Live's lawyers said the Jackson family's figures were "absurd" and "speculation and guesswork," since it was based on Jackson being able to tour until he was 66 years old.

Panish said in Thursday's closing argument that the "Bad" singer was 20 percent responsible for his demise.

An important issue in the trial was whether or not AEG Live actually hired Murray before Jackson died. The jury decided that AEG had hired the doc and a key piece of evidence in that decision was a copy of a contract signed by the doctor, but neither AEG or Jackson, which was found in Murray's car after Jackson's death.

During the trial, Panish showed nine emails, which includes one particularly damning one from AEG executive Paul Gongaware. "We want to remind (Murray) that it is AEG, not MJ who is paying his salary," said Gongaware.

Despite the fact that AEG hired the guilty doctor, the tour company seems to have gotten out of this mess relatively unscathed.

Michael Jackson's Never-Before-Seen Family Photos, Videos Shown During Trial

Jun 27, 2013 09:50 AM


On the heels of the fourth anniversary of Michael Jackson's death and amid speculation about his children's paternity, his son Prince testified on Wednesday during his wrongful death trial. The Jackson family's suit claims the King of Pop's concert promoter AEG negligently hired Conrad Murray, the doctor who was later arrested for involuntary manslaughter for giving Michael an overdose of the anesthetic propofol.


The teenager took the witness stand as never-before-seen private family photos and home movies were shown to jury members for 15 minutes. Michael can be seen playing with his three children Prince, Paris, and Blanket. Some of the videos were filmed by Michael himself, as he asked his kids what they wanted to be when they grew up.


The pictures capture family memories from Christmas, Halloween, and a birthday party, as well as baby photos, including one of Michael teaching his then blonde baby Prince how to play the piano. In one of the Christmas videos, Michael sings a carol to the kids. Both Prince and Paris call themselves "daddy's baby" when asked for their names.

JacksonKids8-2.jpgLA Superior Court

The images depict a much happier time in Paris' life. The 15-year-old attempted suicide in early June. The photos of the loving siblings are a far cry from recent reports about Paris and Prince's strained relationship.

During his testimony, Prince testified that:

  • His father had several tense phone conversations with his show promoters that often ended with Michale in tears. After one of the conversations, Michael told Prince "They're going to kill me," but didn't elaborate further.
  • He saw AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips arguing with Murray at the family's rented mansion days before his father died. He also witnessed Phillips grabbing Murray's elbow and "looked aggressive."
  • He saw Murray performing CPR on his father. At the time, Michael was hanging halfway off his bed with his eyes rolled back in his head.
  • The staff wasn't allowed upstairs at the mansion. Michael kept his bedroom locked while receiving treatments from Murray.
  • His father gave him and Paris $100 bills to give to Murray because Murray wouldn't take the money from Michael himself. He often wouldn't even accept it from the children. Prince said it was implied that the money partly covered Murray's fees until he was paid in full by AEG Live.

Blanket Jackson Steps Out For The First Time Since Sister Paris' Suicide Attempt

Jun 19, 2013 06:30 AM

Blanket Jackson Prince Jackson paris Westfield Topanga Mall Blanket Jackson karate kids blue belt michael jackson

Blanket and his big brother Prince Jackson went shopping at the Westfield Topanga Mall on Tuesday afternoon, and this is the first time we've seen Michael Jackson's youngest son out since sister Paris' suicide attempt earlier this month. Later in the afternoon Blanket went to karate class, and he seemed to be in good spirits.

Paris is still recovering in the hospital, but her late father's wrongful death trial is still going on, and a previously taped testimony from the troubled teen was played in court today. Paris spoke about the family's former nanny, Grace Rwaramba, and though the Jackson family had essentially hinted that Rwaramba had been fired by AEG, the company's lawyer Jessica Stebbins Bina played a clip from Paris' deposition that seems to speak otherwise.

When asked why Rwaramba was let go Paris replied, "My dad didn't like her... She was sneaky. She wasn't an honest person, and lied a lot. One time when me and my brother were really young, before Blanket was born. She would call the hotel and say she was his wife and they'd let her in, and he'd wake up and she'd be like in his bed.... She was obsessed with him. That's what he told us...kinda freaky."

Paris Jackson Transferred To UCLA Medical Center Where Michael Jackson Died

Jun 9, 2013 08:16 AM


Paris Jackson was transferred to UCLA Medical Center from Children's Hospital Los Angeles yesterady evening after ending her 72-hour psychiatric hold, TMZ reports. This is the same hospital where her father Michael Jackson passed away almost exactly four years ago.

The teen was initially rushed to West Hills Hospital and placed under psychiatric evaluation after allegedly cutting her wrist with a meat cleaver and consuming an excessive amount of Motrin pills on Wednesday morning at her Calabasas home.

A judge has ordered an investigation into Paris' suicide attempt to determine whether her "health, education and welfare" had been compromised under her grandmother Katherine's guardianship. After a court investigator presents the findings to a Superior Court judge, Paris may be placed under another family member's custody.

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