Angelina Jolie Opens Up About Her Struggles And Reveals That She Prefers Directing To Acting

Posted on Wed Apr 1st, 2015 7:50am PDT       By X17 Staff

Sigh ... it looks like we'll be seeing a lot less of Angelina Jolie on camera in the future!

In a recent interview with, the 39-year-old actress chats about the challenges of filmmaking and how she's all about directing these days.

"I prefer directing to acting," she says. "There is huge freedom that comes from being behind the camera. It brings a lot of responsibilities as well, but is intensely rewarding. Particularly the chance to help draw out the best in young actors, like Jack O'Connell in Unbroken, who is a remarkable talent."

On the struggles of making Unbroken, she says:
    "I tend not to look back and dwell on a project once it is finished. But I do remember how intense the atmosphere was on-set filming some of the tougher scenes [such as] when Louie is being brutalized. It was very moving how always, after those scenes, the actors involved would check [and make sure that] everyone was okay and look out for each other."

When asked what she thought the greatest lesson from Louie's story was, Jolie replied:
    "Like many of the greatest human stories, it is about the capacity of regular men and women to rise above adversity. It reminds us never to give up, and that having the spirit to fight is what really matters. It is powerful because it speaks to the potential inside all of us ... I do believe in the old saying 'What does not kill you makes you stronger.' Our experiences, good and bad, make us who we are. By overcoming difficulties, we gain strength and maturity."

Jolie was also asked what issues she'd highlight if she had the power to redirect American media's attention away from gossip, and she said:
    "It is not really the nature of the news, but what we do with the information we have. We know more than ever before in history about conflict and injustice happening across the world, but the will to translate that knowledge into pressure and action at a global level somehow seems to be lacking. Time and again, after massacres and atrocities, the world says, 'never again.' But in Syria today, to take just one example, these things are happening with impunity in the full knowledge of the world. We need a greater focus on solutions—not just on information."


Beyonce And Jay Z Have A Romantic Dinner Ahead Of Their Seventh Wedding Anniversary

Posted on Wed Apr 1st, 2015 7:10am PDT       By X17 Staff

Can you believe Beyonce and Jay Z have been married for nearly seven years now? After Elevatorgate we weren't sure what the status of their relationship was, but clearly everything is fine now!

On Tuesday evening the billion dollar couple went to a Chanel event in New York City, and after that the two headed to sushi at Shoku. When X17 photographers snapped the couple leaving a few hours later, they were all smiles. Beyonce is usually pretty friendly with photogs, but Jay Z is notoriously poker-faced -- it's good to see him flash a grin every now and then!

The previous night they attended the launch of his new music streaming service Tidal, and they were joined by a number of other high-profile celebs, including Madonna and Rihanna. Are they feeling giddy because they're about to celebrate seven years of marital bliss or because they think they stand to make even more money off of Jay's latest project? Or maybe B was giddy from the Chanel Paris-Salzburg 2014/15 Metiers d'Art show earlier? You know she got hooked up with some freebies!


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Teresa Giudice Gives Us A Peek At Her Life Behind Bars

Posted on Wed Apr 1st, 2015 6:29am PDT       By X17 Staff

Teresa Giudice covers the new issue of Us Weekly, and this is the first peek we've gotten at the Real Housewives of New Jersey star behind bars. From her hair to the prison uniform, this is quite a transformation!

Teresa, 42, is currently serving time for her fraud conviction at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut while her husband Joe is staying at home and raising their family. As soon as she's done with her 15-month sentence he'll start his, which will be a considerably longer 41 months.

Teresa and Joe shared a recent photo with the mag and chat about how life is different for their family these days. Their New Jersey mansion was put on the market for $4 million in September, and in January the couple slashed $500,000 off the asking price. The home hasn't sold yet, so that's where Joe and the couples daughters Gia, 14, Gabriella, 10, Milania, 9, and Audriana, 5 are staying.

"I cry more than the girls," Joe tells Us Weekly. "I pretty much cry every time I leave. Like a little baby." Joe is allowed to see his wife for six hours once a week, and Teresa is able to e-mail her daughters. Joe notes that their youngest daughter, Audriana, "thinks she's working." Teresa added, "I miss Joe and my girls terribly."


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Rihanna Looks Less Than Thrilled To Have A Dentist Appointment

Posted on Tue Mar 31st, 2015 3:30pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Stars - they're just like us!

Rihanna helped Jay Z launch his new Tidal music streaming service with a slew of other celebs last night, and she seemed less than enthusiastic when we caught her heading to a dentist appointment in NYC today. Can you blame her? The last thing we'd want to do after partying all night is get a root canal! The singer dressed down for her visit in a grey sweatsuit and rabbit fur-lined Celine slipper sandals, and we guess if you have to have your toofies worked on, you might as well be comfortable while doing it.

It's been a big week for our favorite bad gal! Not only did she debut her new single "B*tch Better Have My Money" at the iHeartRadio awards on Sunday to rave reviews, but her new animated movie Home took the top spot at the box office this past weekend, grossing a whopping $54 million!

Everything she touches turns to gold!


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Justin Bieber Is "Not Looking For A Girlfriend," Reveals He Was In "A Dark Place" After His Tough Year

Posted on Tue Mar 31st, 2015 2:30pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Justin Bieber may be one of the most famous faces on the planet, but aside from his appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, he doesn't give interviews very often, so when he does, we listen!

The 21-year-old pop superstar recently chatted with USA Today about everything from his love life to his new music, and it seems like he's grown up quite a bit. Perhaps being roasted by some famous friends last night made him realize he needed to make some changes?

On having a girlfriend:
    "Well, at this point in my life I’m so focused on myself that I’m not looking for a girlfriend. I’m just trying to make sure I’m 100 percent so I can add to the person I want to be with. I want a girl I can trust, who I can lean on. This business is hard, and I want someone I can confide in."

On finding himself and re-doing his new album:
    "It’s changed everything. My whole direction has changed. What you are thinking about all the time is what you write, and now that I’m thinking about more positive things, it completely changes my music. I had to re-do my whole (new) album. It was done but it didn’t match up to where I am now and where my head’s at. I want to tell my story, but I also want to give people hope. I lost hope for a while, I was in a dark place, but it’s about getting out of that rut. It’s about knowing there’s sunshine on the other side."

When asked if there "was any one incident that made this all click", Bieber replied:
    "No. I had to see the downs to appreciate the ups, and know what I want. I'm the type of person who has to learn the hard way. Sometimes I just have to see what it feels like. But I got to the point where I wasn't happy, I wasn't who I wanted to be. Now, I'm around some pretty awesome people who are supporting me and have my back. So that's pretty cool."

When the reporter points out that Biebs seems to have "everything many people want," the pop star says:
    "Unless you're stupid, I don't think you would think it's easy to be who I am. Just use your head, you'll understand that my life is not easy. Not having privacy. Growing up in front of the cameras since I was 13, 14. You need to have those mess-ups without anyone judging you, and that's not something I was able to do. I think that people realize, they see it now, the transition. We can talk and do interviews and I can say I'm in a better place, but until they see the walk, and see the transition come to life, that's what's really going to matter."

So what will his new album sound like? The Biebs is working with Kanye West and Rick Rubin, and he's still not revealing much about his new sound. "I'm not rushing it, I'll just wait until it's totally done," he said. "I don't want to say 'it's different,' because that's what everyone says. But it is different, it's a grown-up version of Justin and I think people will be shocked."

We can't wait to hear it!


David Beckham Can't Decide If It's Summer Or Spring In Flip Flops And A Beanie

Posted on Tue Mar 31st, 2015 2:15pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Sexy Becks is a bearded babe!

David Beckham sweated it out at his morning SoulCycle class in Brentwood today, and after his workout, he threw on a beanie and flip flops. Clearly the babealicious Brit can't decide if it's hot or cold in L.A.! Either that, or he's torn between post-gym fashion trends. We'd say go with the headgear and ditch the footgear, because nobody likes to see men's toes, even if you're one of the most gorgeous dudes on the planet!

The father-of-four appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Monday, and told the audience a funny story about being quite the protective parent when eldest son Brooklyn wanted to take his crush on a date.

"On his first date, which he was about 14 and a half, Victoria was actually in London. It was Valentine's Day and he said, 'I'd love to take this girl to dinner.' I said, 'OK, great.' I spoke to Victoria and she was like, 'Really?' I said, 'Yeah, he's going to do it.' She said, 'OK. Make sure you take him and make sure you sit in the restaurant.' I was like, 'Really? You're gonna make me do that?' She said, 'Yep. That's the only way I'm going to let him go.' So we took him to a small sushi restaurant and he sat at the sushi bar and I sat about five tables back," Posh's husband recalled.

He's just too perfect!


Khloe Kardashian And French Montana Flaunt On-Again Romance While Partying With Diddy In Miami

Posted on Tue Mar 31st, 2015 1:30pm PDT       By X17 Staff

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Khloe Kardashian and French Montana's relationship has been speculated about for months, but it appears they are very much back ON because they've been on a romantic vacay in Miami with close pal Diddy this past week. The couple have been spotted holding hands and kissing, so Lamar Odom might want to stay off the Internet for a while!

The reality star and the rapper shared some Instagram shots of themselves partying with Puffy and his girlfriend Cassie at the Red Bull Guest House, and it looks like they're having quite a wild time on their Sunshine State trip. The duo's romance has been featured as a storyline on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and we wouldn't be the least surprised if their "breakup" late last year was simply for ratings and they've been together this whole time!

Khlo better think long and hard if she wants Mr. Montana to be the father of her children, because we think she can do so much better!


Ryan Reynolds Pumps It Up For New Role In Deadpool

Posted on Tue Mar 31st, 2015 1:00pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Ryan Reynolds is one seriously buff dude! The 38-year-old is bulking up for his new role in the X-Men spinoff, Deadpool -- and has been using his gym time to get a rockin' -- as well as meet some little fans!

The new dad posted an adorable pic on his Twitter account of himself and a little boy named Adley. Ryan captioned the adorable post, "This stud out-benched me in the gym Sunday. Nice meeting you Adley.” OMG! HE'S SO CUTE! WE LOVE HIM!

Not only is Ryan hot -- but he seems to be in love with being a dad with wife Blake Lively. At the New York premiere of his new film Woman in Gold on Monday, the movie's director said of the famous father, "I can't imagine a better dad than Ryan."

The director added, "He's such a sweet, funny guy. He seems besotted with his new baby, and I think he'll be a remarkable father."

In the new movie, which is based on a true story, Reynolds plays an inexperienced lawyer who takes on a new client, an elderly Jewish woman, looking to fight the Austrian government in an attempt to recover five stolen Gustav Klimt paintings.

The film opens in select cities tomorrow and nationwide April 10.


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