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Paris Jackson Posts Bikini Selfie From Hawaii Vacay

Jan 3, 2014 06:30 AM


Why? Why??!!

Don't rehabs, treatment centers and therapists tell young people with emotional issues (and older people too, for that matter) to stay off social media and definitely not to post risque photos that expose their bodies to the world and to cruel commenters?

Well Paris Jackson either didn't get that advice during her six-month stint in treatment or she's just decided not to heed the warnings. The 15-year-old posted a sexy selfie on Instagram Thursday, taken during a family trip to Hawaii over the Christmas holiday. And she looks great! But no doubt she'll have to endure haters who decide to post negative things about her. And really, does a young teen need to put herself out there like this ... especially being a famous young teen?

Paris is reportedly back in LA now at her grandmother Katherine Jackson's house after having spent time with her "momma" Debbie Rowe and the rest of the family in Hawaii. Paris also posted a pic of her and some friends who came along on the trip. Looks like she's got great support from family and friends ... hopefully it'll be a positive 2014!


Paris Jackson Posts Photo WIth Mom Debbie Rowe While On Vacation In Hawaii

Dec 30, 2013 03:15 PM


We're glad to see that Paris is on the road to recovery!

Despite having a rough year, Paris Jackson was all smiles when she posted a photo with her mother, Debbie Rowe, while vacationing with her family in Hawaii.

Along with the Instagram photo, the 15-year-old wrote the caption, "Momma : ).'' In the pic -- the two both look healthy and happy.

The media has caught very few glimpses at Paris after her June suicide attempt and subsequent rehabilitation.

While taking time off from her $14,000-per-month therapeutic private school in Utah, the King of Pop's middle child spent Christmas in Hawaii along with her brothers Prince and Blanket, as well as her cousins. And it appears as though her biological mom accompanied her children to the island.

Paris, who is wearing a black and white sweater and choker necklace, and Debbie, who is pictured in an oatmeal-colored sweater, spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day together, according to Radar Online. The two have spent significant time together during Paris’ break from school," reported the media outlet.

We love hearing that Paris is doing well!

Randy Jackson Says Paris Jackson's Lengthy In-Patient Treatment Is "Not Right"

Aug 20, 2013 02:33 PM


Randy Jackson is taking Twitter to express his mounting concerns for his 15-year-old niece Paris Jackson, who attempted suicide earlier this summer. Michael Jackson's only daughter has been in an unknown facility receiving treatment after her attempt on her life -- and her uncle thinks it's about time the teen came home. On Monday, the 51-year-old musician wrote, "I don't like that Paris is still in this facility. It's not right. She's been there much too long."

On June 5, Paris allegedly overdosed on 20 Motrin and cut herself with a kitchen knife. A source told Us Weekly at the time, "She has major depression issues, a lot of it stemming from her dad's death. It's very real and very sad. She has been extremely depressed and not been able to sleep lately, staying up all night."

After being UCLA Medical Center on June 5, Paris checked out of the hospital in early July and has been receiving extended in-patient treatment in an undisclosed location since that time. At the time, a source told People that, "The feeling is that Paris is still a danger to herself. Both Katherine and Debbie [Rowe] want her to get the help that she needs." However, Paris' uncle is now concerned about the lengthy stint, saying, "I'm going to look into this. Stay tuned."

He also wrote, "There's something more to this there's something going on I don't like it I'm afraid for her. Psychiatric hospitals oftentimes make you feel as though you're psychotic when you're not. Sometimes they make matters worse."

Rowe, who is Paris' biological mother, responded to Randy via Twitter, writing, "As usual you are grossly misinformed."

Whatever the truth is, we are glad that family members are concerned for Paris but we hope they sort all this out and let Paris get the help she needs!

Report: Paris Jackson To Transfer To Utah Boarding School For Troubled Teens

Jul 8, 2013 10:22 AM


Paris Jackson will reportedly transfer to a $10 million Utah boarding school for troubled teens following her suicide attempt.

According to The Sun, Paris will be moved from UCLA Medical Center to Diamond Ranch Academy because her mom Debbie Rowe and grandmother Katherine Jackson don't think she's made a full recovery yet. She will most likely live at the treatment center until her family's wrongful death lawsuit against Michael Jackson's music promoter AEG Live comes to an end.

A source told the newspaper that the move is temporarily on hold until a security team is put in place at the ranch to protect Paris and the other children from "obsessive fans."

    As far as Paris is concerned she is fine and is ready to go home, but the doctors and her family are not taking any chances. She tried to end her own life and it doesn’t get more serious than that. She was in a terrible state and her family know it would not take much to tip her over the edge again.

The secluded treatment center specializes in depression and grief management for 12 to 18-year-olds, the source said. It will also shield her from the internet and social media.

    They are terrified she will have a major relapse if she has access to Twitter and the internet again — especially with all the shocking information that is coming out in the AEG wrongful death court case.

Paris Jackson To Remain Under Guardianship Of Katherine And T.J. Jackson

Jun 26, 2013 06:00 AM


Katherine and TJ Jackson will remain the legal guardians of Paris Jackson and her brothers Prince and Blanket, a judge ruled on Tuesday.

The decision, which came on the four-year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death, was made after authorities had time to investigate the welfare of the late pop star's three children following Paris' shocking suicide attempt earlier this month.

The judge said he was taking "no further action" regarding the guardianship, but TMZ reports that Paris' biological mother Debbie Rowe is prepared to file legal documents to get custody if the situation gets worse again. Rowe is reportedly happy with the decision, and her attorney stated that Paris is physically fine and receiving proper medical attention.

Over the weekend People Magazine reported that MJ's only daughter is headed to a longer-term treatment center out of state. "Paris will be staying at least another week, and then she'll be going to a facility for additional care."

Report: Paris Jackson Seeking Long-Term Treatment Out Of State

Jun 22, 2013 11:41 AM


Paris Jackson has been in in a psychiatric facility at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles since attempting to take her own life on June 5, and now People Magazine is reporting that Michael Jackson's only daughter is headed to a longer-term treatment center out of state.

"Paris will be staying at least another week, and then she'll be going to a facility for additional care," says the source. "This has been so hard for Mrs. Jackson. She keeps saying she's never had any experience of how to deal with someone in this situation."

Katherine and Paris' biological mother Debbie Rowe sat down with doctors and agreed that this was the best move. Apparently Katherine fears that her granddaughter had "fallen in with the wrong crowd" in Los Angeles. The facility will include both school and therapy.

Jermaine Jackson and his family caught a screening of Man of Steel on Friday in Calabasas, and when asked how his niece Paris is doing, he smiled but didn't have much to say ... check out the gallery below for more photos of the Jackson family.

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS - Debbie Rowe Visits Daughter Paris Jackson At The Hospital

Jun 20, 2013 08:10 AM

blonde Debbie Rowe paris jackson michael jackson paris jackson suicide attempt hospital

X17 photographers snapped Debbie Rowe making a pit stop before visiting daughter Paris Jackson in the hospital on Wednesday, and she looked very somber when when she paused to fill up the tank of her truck.

Paris has been at the UCLA Medical Center for over two weeks now since attempting to take her own life by slashing her wrist with a meat cleaver and downing 20 Motrin. Earlier this month it was reported that Debbie could become Paris' legal guardian if the teen pushes in her welfare investigation, but there hasn't been any update on that.

However, Debbie will be attending family therapy with her daughter, and apparently she's temporarily moving closer to Los Angeles so the two can spend more time together.

Debbie Rowe Could Become Paris Jackson's Legal Guardian

Jun 10, 2013 02:25 PM


The judge in the Jackson family's guardianship case has ordered an investigation into the welfare of Paris Jackson after she attempted to kill herself last week, and according to TMZ, Debbie Rowe could become Paris' legal guardian.

Katherine and TJ Jackson are currently Paris' guardians, but if the judge determines that the "current arrangement is not serving Paris well" and if Paris requests that Debbie replace Katherine and TJ, there's a very good chance that things could be switched around. TJ has a wife and children so the case could be made that he's not around that much, and Paris has become "increasingly frustrated" that her grandmother is not "connected" to her life. The website also reports that Paris requesting a change in guardianship is a "likely" scenario and that Debbie would "gladly accept."

Debbie never waived her right to a guardianship, and she has been spending more and more time with her 15-year-old daughter over the last year. In fact, Paris was feuding with her brother Prince about spending time with their biological mom, which was reportedly one of the things that drove her to cut her wrist with a meat cleaver and OD on Motrin.

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