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Pete Wentz And Meagan Camper Look Like Twins!

Jan 30, 2013 05:00 AM

Pete Wentz  Meagan Camper holding hands hat baseball cap fall out boy

If we didn't know better, we would think they were related!

Pete Wentz and girlfriend Meagan Camper held hands for a coffee run in Santa Monica yesterday, and we can't get over how much they look alike! Besides having similar features, the Fall Out Boy rocker and his lady both have a penchant for the color black and baseball caps!

These two have been dating for a while now, so could marriage be in the cards for this cute couple? The leggy model has shown her maternal side on playdates with his son Bronx, so we know she'd be a great stepmom!

How is fatherhood treating Mr. Wentz these days?

"I mean, I'm [still] trying to conquer... putting away our toys after they're used. I'm going to get there, and I feel like by the time we get there, hopefully I'll have figured out where I sit on it and I can actually give decent advice," he dished to Us.

There is nothing sexier than a man who is a hands-on parent!

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Pete Wentz And His Two Favorite People Head To The Farmers Market

Jan 7, 2013 07:20 AM

Pete Wentz bronx ashlee simpson tattoo hat sunglasses

Pete Wentz, son Bronx and girlfriend Meagan Camper were spotted at the Farmers Market in Studio City over the weekend, and the trio couldn't stop smiling when we snapped their picture. The other day Pete tweeted, "'It feels like we only go backwards.'" followed by "You're beginning to irk me, I am irked," and at first we thought there might be trouble with his lady love, but clearly that was directed at ex-wife Ashlee Simpson someone else!

In other news, MTV Books announced last month that they will be releasing the Fall Out Boy rocker's book on February 26 titled Gray: A Novel, which was co-written with James Montgomery.

Wentz has noted that the story is "vaguely autobiographical" and according to a press release, "The rise to fame is not always smooth and glamorous, and Gray reveals the rocky road to stardom, including the extreme highs and lows along the way. Based heavily on Pete Wentz’s own tumultuous life, Gray is about a singer named Pete. Pete is touring with a band, struggling to understand who he is, where he’s been, and what he’s become. He vacillates between the highs of being recognized as an international sex symbol and the aching hopelessness he feels when he is alone."

Click thru for more info!

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Pete Wentz And His Little Helper Run Errands

Jan 6, 2013 11:55 AM

Pete Wentz Bronx Mowgli Studio City

Pete Wentz and his adorable son Bronx went on an errand run in Studio City on Saturday, and the week before that the 4-year-old traveled with mom Ashlee Simpson and the rest of her family to Hawaii for Christmas.

Ash is back in New York City, and we know she's working on her upcoming fourth album, but since she's split from beau Vincent Piazza, we have to wonder why she's so far away from her little boy! Why not move back to Los Angeles? We know Pete loves being on daddy duty when he's not hanging out with his hot young girlfriend, but we're guessing Bronx misses mommy!

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Pete Wentz And Meagan Camper Bring Bronx To The Farmers Market

Nov 19, 2012 11:20 AM

sunglasses sweats Pete Wentz  Meagan Camper spandex sunglasses sweats Pete Wentz  Meagan Camper spandex

On Sunday Pete Wentz and girlfriend Meagan Camper were snapped at the Farmers Market in Studio City, and while Bronx had some fun on the slide, Pete and Meagan grabbed him a shaved ice.

Mom Ashlee Simpson is in Florida with her sister Jessica to promote their clothing line, so it looks like Meagan and Pete will have plenty of time to bond with his adorable little boy. But will Ash make it back in time for Bronx's fourth birthday tomorrow?

And speaking of Ashlee, Radar reports that her father Joe is trying to manage her career after Jessica decided she doesn’t want to be represented by him anymore. A source tells the site, “It’s no secret that Joe favored Jessica over Ashlee when they were growing up. Jessica was always the more famous and most successful of the two, and made the most money for the family. So, for years Joe made sure Jessica got his full attention and Ashlee basically took the back seat and had to rely on mom Tina Simpson for support. But, now, Joe is doubling down career wise on Ashlee. Ashlee is Joe’s main source of potential income right now as Jessica doesn’t want him to manage her, and he is pushing her hard.”

Hmm, think that's true?

Pete Wentz And Meagan Camper Bond With Bronx

Nov 16, 2012 10:45 AM

jeans Pete Wentz  Meagan Camper  boots bronx ashlee simpson Pete and Ashlee's little boy is getting so big!

Pete Wentz took son Bronx on an errand run with girlfriend Meagan Camper yesterday, and the couple couldn't help but dote on the rocker's son. Could the leggy model be a stepmom-in-training? She looks like a natural at parenting!

We wonder how much this Fall Out Boy knows about his former father-in-law's gay scandal? According to reports, Joe Simpson came out to his family shortly before wife Tina filed for divorce, and rumor has it his daughter's are not taking the shocking news too well!

Ashlee has been throwing herself into work in the wake of all the upset, and is set to release her brand new song "Bat For A Heart" on Nov. 21.

We bet Pete is glad to be out of the Simpson family drama!

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Pete Wentz Goes Grocery Shopping With His Little Pumpkin

Oct 18, 2012 07:30 AM

Pete Wentz  groceries hat tattoo ashlee simpson

Pete Wentz and his son Bronx went grocery shopping in Studio City yesterday, and the Fall Out Boy rocker had his hands full with the adorable 3-year-old and a cart full of goodies.

We're not sure where ladylove Meagan Camper was (perhaps at home with their new puppy?), but we're even more curious about mom Ashlee Simpson's whereabouts. Seriously...doesn't it seem like we always see Bronx out with Pete, but rarely Ash?

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Pete Wentz Likes 'Em Nice And Round

Oct 17, 2012 01:35 PM

Pete Wentz  pumpkins jeans hat tattoo ashlee simpson Pete Wentz  pumpkins jeans hat tattoo ashlee simpson

When it comes to his pumpkins, anyway! We all know that the Fall Out Boy rocker is a fan of skinny hipster types...

Pete Wentz and girlfriend Meagan Camper were spotted picking out pumpkins on Tuesday afternoon, and little Bronx wasn't with them, so maybe he's with mom Ashlee Simpson for once? After all, we spotted her grabbing lunch with a friend the other day, so we know she's back in town!

When Pete's not spending time with Meagan or his adorable little boy, apparently he's obsessing over the latest episode of Showtime's hit series, Homeland! "[M]ost of the time when I'm quiet on a conference call i am thinking about next weeks episode of homeland," he tweeted yesterday. Good to know!

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Pete Wentz Has Family Day At The Farmer's Market

Oct 15, 2012 11:45 AM

Pete Wentz  Meagan Camper hat dog farmers market tattoo

Even new puppy Berenstein came along for the outing!

Pete Wentz and girlfriend Meagan Camper took his son Bronx to the farmer's market in Studio City on Saturday, and from the looks of it, the leggy model seems to be an honorary part of the family. We wonder how Ashlee Simpson feels about another woman spending so much time with her son?

Given that we haven't seen the singer-actress with her little boy in a while, we're going to assume she's just fine handing over mommy duty to Meagan while she spends time with her Boardwalk Empire beau Vincent Piazza.

If you believe the rumors, another person Ash hasn't seen in a while is her sister Jessica. According to reports, the sisters are barely on speaking terms after Jess turned to her younger sibling for weight loss support and was given the cold shoulder. "She moaned to Ashlee about [the weight loss] and when Ashlee showed very little sympathy for her, Jess lost it. She was devastated and hit back, saying Ashlee is jealous of the attention she gets. It turned into a massive fight," a source told OK! magazine.

We haven't seen Pete looking this happy in a while, so could there be a proposal on the way?

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