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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS - The Willis Women Can't Handle The Wet Weather

Apr 14, 2012 09:10 AM

rain running face wet rain running face wet red hair

Talk about some fierce faces!

Yesterday we spotted Tallulah and Rumer Willis out and about in Los Angeles, and it looks like they had NO idea there were supposed to be torrential downpours all day. C'mon ladies -- check the weather reports! Then you wouldn't have gotten soaking wet and looked like this while running back to your car without an umbrella!

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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS - Tallulah Willis Stocks Up On Cigarettes At The Gas Station

Apr 7, 2012 10:42 AM

Tallulah Willis Beverly Hills Camel cigarettes

Well, she's legally allowed to smoke, but that doesn't mean she should!

Tallulah Willis was snapped at a gas station in Beverly Hills yesterday afternoon, and the 18-year-old starlet was spotted leaving with two packs of cigarettes and a bottle of juice. But maybe she should have purchased some gum too? Tallulah lit up as soon as she got in her car, so it seems like she's quite the habitual smoker:

Tallulah Willis Beverly Hills Camel cigarettes

Hopefully she freshened her breath before meeting up with dad Bruce Willis and his new baby girl!

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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS - Tallulah Willis Unleashes Her Inner Rock God

Apr 3, 2012 04:40 PM


Is it just us, or is Tallulah Willis totally channeling her inner Ozzy Osbourne here?!

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis' youngest daughter was spotted at Starbucks today with a gal pal, and the 18-year-old starlet may not be as stylish as her big sis Rumer, but she's definitely not afraid to show a little leg:

Tallulah Willis tie dye shirt shorts boots circle framed sunglasses hippie

And c'mon, anyone who wears round sunglasses and parts their hair down the middle while making a beastly face is going to invite a slew of Ozzy comparisons...

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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS - Tallulah Willis Fills Up Her Tank In LA

Mar 28, 2012 07:30 AM

jeans hollywood Tallulah Willis demi moore tank top bmw gas station
jeans hollywood Tallulah Willis demi moore tank top bmw gas station

Gas prices may be on the rise, but thankfully Tallulah Willis has the deep pockets to fully fill up her BMW SUV X5!

The youngest daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis recently celebrated her 18th bday at the Beverly Hills home of her dad, alongside big sisters Rumer, and Scout, where she's been staying with her dad to help step-mom Emma Hemming, who is pregnant with their first child.

No wonder the Hollywood princess looks eager to blow off some steam at the gas station!

jeans hollywood Tallulah Willis demi moore tank top bmw gas station

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X17 EXCLUSIVE - A Cheerful Tallulah Willis Enjoys A Can Of Coke

Mar 8, 2012 03:15 PM

Tallulah Willis denim coke  soda west hollywood plaid shopping Tallulah Willis denim coke  soda west hollywood plaid shopping

Ahh, just the thing to perk her up!

Tallulah Willis and a mystery male companion were spotted out and about in West Hollywood today, and it's so nice to see Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's youngest daughter in a good mood!

After all the drama with Demi's meltdown and hospitalization, Tallulah was quite upset the last time we snapped her photo, so we're happy to see her looking more like a normal 18-year-old girl. Rumor has it Demi is back from her post-rehab vacation and back in Los Angeles, so we're wondering how much time the 49-year-old actress has spent with her three daughters...

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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS - Demi Moore's 17-Year-Old Daughter Tallulah Willis Smokes The Stress Away

Feb 1, 2012 10:45 AM

Tallulah Willis demi moore bruce willis freak out jeans whole foods boots

Yesterday Tallulah Willis flipped out on photographers at Whole Foods in Beverly Hills, and the 17-year-old was also caught smoking cigarettes in her SUV before heading in to the grocery store. Hmm, that doesn't seem legal!

Tallulah's older sister Rumer was spotted at a local pet store the other day, and while she appears to be handling mom Demi Moore's hospitalization a bit better, it's been reported that she was with Demi when she went into convulsions after smoking a mysterious substance.

Tallulah turns 18 on Friday, so hopefully she'll be able to put some of her family's drama behind her for her birthday celebration...

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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS - Demi Moore's Daughter Tallulah Willis Has A Mini-Meltdown Of Her Own

Jan 31, 2012 04:05 PM


Today Tallulah Willis was spotted at Whole Foods in Beverly Hills, and she doesn't appear to be handling mother Demi Moore's meltdown as well as her older sister Rumer. Tallulah went off on photographers and attempted to hide under her shirt, and we're told that the underage starlet was smoking cigarettes in the parking lot as well.

Tallulah, who turns 18 on Friday, is reportedly living with dad Bruce Willis, and the two ventured out on Sunday to get a spa treatment at the Four Seasons Hotel. While Rumer had been spending a bit more time with their mom in the days and weeks leading up to her hospitalization, middle sister Scout is still at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

As you know, a 911 call was placed after Demi smoked a mysterious substance and started convulsing, and while Tallulah wasn't there, it's now being reported that Rumer may have been with her mom when all this went down.

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