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Tiger's Legal Team Forces PETA To Scratch Sex Ad

Feb 25, 2010 03:37 PM

petawoods460.jpgTigers are known to be ferocious animals...but apparently not as ferocious as Tiger Woods' legal team.

They've put the kabosh on PETA's upcoming billboard campaign promoting spaying and neutering because it features the golfer's picture next to the words, "Too much sex can be a bad thing."

When asked what they thought of the controversy, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals tell X17online, "I guess that's what we're known for."

PETA also gave us this statement:

    "While the world has been transfixed by the story of Tiger Woods’ sex life, we’ve been trying to put the focus where it belongs. Instead of talking about what a pro golfer did in his private life, we’re trying to focus the discussion on how we can all help reduce the homeless animal population by simply spaying and neutering. We apologize, but in light of conversations we have had with Mr. Woods’ attorneys, we cannot give permission to use the artwork at this time."

You got to give it to PETA. Controversy or not, they know how to get their point across!

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Chris On Tiger: "Nobody Has The Right To Place Judgment" On Him

Feb 24, 2010 09:42 AM

chrisontiger.jpgTiger pic courtesy of Getty Images

Tiger Woods wasn't the only controversial celeb of '09! It was just a year ago that the Rihanna/Chris Brown scandal erupted and everyone was pointing fingers at the "Forever" singer...

Chris Brown chatted with Mojo In The Morning about his latest album, romantic adventures and, of course, his opinion on Tiger Woods and his big public apology:

    "I think it's cool. I think people always deserve a second chance. I know my fans gave me a second chance. Whatever his personal life is, and this goes for me and him, his personal life is his personal life. Nobody has the right to place judgment on anybody else's personal life if they're not directly involved with them. He plays golf - that's what people love him for. They don't love him for the other stuff they're talkin' about.

You know, I almost agree with most of what he's saying here! Chris also talks a lot about how it's good to learn from your mistakes.

Who do you think deserves a second chance more - Tiger or Chris?

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Tiger and Elin Issue Apology Letter To Parents At Daughter's School

Feb 23, 2010 08:54 AM


Getty Images

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren are reaching out to the parents at Premier Academy in Windemere, Florida where their 2-year-old daughter Sam attends day care.

The couple is apologizing for all the drama they've caused in hopes that their apology will be accepted by the community.

But Woods is not laying off the paparazzi, saying that the shutterbugs are making the situation worse. Really, Tiger? It's not the time to start passing the blame. But let's not go there!

Here is the letter that was sent to the school:

    Dear Premier Academy parents,

    We would like to share our appreciation for your support over the past several months and off our personal apology for any inconvenience you are experiencing due to the increased media scrutiny surrounding our children. We truly understand how frustrating it can be.

    We hope that the paparazzi will find something better to do with their time in the near future. In the meantime, it is our goal to keep life as normal as possible for our children. We are sure that as parents you can appreciate that. For Sam, that normalcy means attending the school that she enjoys so much.

    Again, we truly appreciate the support from the entire Premier Academy family.

    Kind regards,

    Elin and Tiger Woods

You think this apology will be accepted?

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Tiger Going Back To Rehab Or Back To The PGA Tour?

Feb 22, 2010 04:26 PM


Getty Images

Tiger Woods' plane has been spotted at a small airport in Mesa, Arizona, a town just outside of Phoenix.

Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren and their two children Charlie and Sam are said to have accompanied the golf star on his company's private jet on Sunday, having departed from Orlando Executive Airport, about 20 minutes from Tiger's Windermere home.

During Woods' emotional apology on Friday, Tiger said that he would be returning to rehab immediately. However, The Meadows rehab facility (where X17online initially reported Tiger was seeking treatment) is an hour and a half away from the Mesa airport by car and Wickenburg (where The Meadows is located), has its own airport that can accommodate a Gulfstream GV.

Cottonwood de Tuscon, Arizona's other posh rehab facility is also host to several airports.

So is Tiger really returning to rehab? If so, which one? And why would his family be with him? Or has he traveled across the country to return to golf? The Waste Management Phoenix Open starts in Scottsdale on Thursday ...

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What's Tiger's plan?

He's returning to rehab, completing his treatment in Arizona with his family at a nearby resort.
He's on a family getaway in AZ, near lots of golf courses, for some R&R and rebuilding of his relationship with Elin.
He must be preparing his comeback to golf in this Thursday's tournament in Scottsdale.
Who knows?
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Tiger’s Mom Said Her Son Has Been Treated Unfairly – What Do YOU Think?

Feb 20, 2010 12:05 PM


After his sex scandal that rocked the world, Tiger Woods has had many detractors, but one woman is fiercely defending him: His mom.

Kultida Woods gave her son a hug after he made his first public appearance yesterday to apologize for what he's done, telling him "I'll always be there for you." Now, she's telling reporters that she's upset that she is "upset the way media treated him like he’s a criminal. He didn't kill anybody, he didn’t do anything illegal," she said. Although if Tiger paid for sex, as some escorts have alleged, he WOULD have broken the law.

Kultida went on to say, "They've been carrying on from Thanksgiving until now, that’s not right."

Tiger fully admitted he had brought the attention on himself with his numerous indescretions, but asked that the media leave his family out of it.

After the apology heard 'round the world, many questioned Tiger's sincerity, and wondered if it was enough to at least start to improve his badly damaged image.

What do you think?

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Has Tiger been treated unfairly?

Yes! People should respect the fact that he wants to get better and leave him and his family alone.
No! He brought this on himself.
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Will Today's Apology Help Bring Elin And Tiger Back Together?

Feb 19, 2010 04:55 PM

tigerelin2010.jpgTiger pic courtesy Getty Images

Today Tiger Woods apologized for cheating on his wife Elin, and based on what he said in his statement, it seems like the two are actively trying to work things out.

Though Elin was not present at this morning's press conference in Ponte Vedra, Florida, her mother Barbo Holmberg was there, and while she declined to comment on Tiger's apology, Elin's father Thomas Nordegren told the Associated Press, "I watched it but I have nothing to say right now."

We're also hearing that Tiger and Elin are together right now, and since he's taking the rehab thing seriously, is there any chance his actions from here on out will show Elin that he's truly sorry for his mistakes? Though his statement today received mixed responses, it certainly is a step in the right direction...

X17 Poll

What's Elin's Next Move?

She'll try to work things out with Tiger and she'll eventually forgive him.
She'll stay married to him, but they will eventually separate.
She wants a divorce and she wants to see him suffer!
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Psychotherapist Weighs In On Tiger's Reported Sex Addiction

Feb 19, 2010 01:46 PM


Getty Images

Jonathan Alpert is a licensed psychotherapist based out of Manhattan, and in addition to his appearances on CNN, CBS and The Today Show, he'll be giving X17online his input on the latest celebrity stories and scandals. So what does he have to say about Tiger Woods being a sex addict? Read on!

I hear a lot these days from people wanting to know what the scoop is with Tiger Woods and whether he’s a sex addict. I’m often asked if there is such thing or if it’s simply an excuse that celebrities and others use for cheating. So, here’s my take:

Boy meets girl, dates, cheats, gets caught, huge fight follows, he realizes his terrible mistake, she forgives, and they work on improving the relationship. Tiger meets girl, marries, meets another one, cheats, meets another, cheats, and so forth. There’s a big difference between the two: the former shows really poor judgment and is an isolated case of infidelity, while the latter shows a pattern of even worse judgment and difficulty controlling sexual impulses. This, along with an often larger-than-life sense of entitlement and narcissism, runs amuck in celebrities and portrays the same traits found in a sex addict. So sure, Tiger Woods seems to fit the bill and has become the new poster boy for sex addiction, but be careful ... it’s the diagnosis du jour as society and Hollywood are now quick to label every celebrity who cheats a “sex addict”...

Click here for the full story!

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PGA Tour Commissioner Responds To Tough Tiger Questions

Feb 19, 2010 12:37 PM


Getty Images

After Tiger laid it all out on the line this morning, the PGA Tour was hit with some tough questions about how the superstar's absence from the golf course will affect the organization.

Here's how PGA commissioner Tim Finchem handled the press:

How will the PGA tour be affected?

I think if there's anything about Tiger Woods that's been evident over the last 14 years is that when he sets his mind to do something and he brings the attention and focus that he can to do something, he's been successful. He laid out this morning, I think, what he feels like he needs to deal with. And from my personal perspective of watching him over the years, I give him an excellent chance to manage to do exactly that. I'll just take him for the roadmap that he laid out this morning and look forward to seeing how that progresses.

Did you feel sorry for him?

What I've heard from most people is mainly there's an anger in some quarters, but mainly there is a sense of sadness that he's an American hero and he's had these issues. But at the end of the day, he's a human being. We all make mistakes. We all have made mistakes. And when we're lucky, we learn from those mistakes and we get to be better people. And it seems to me that's the course that he is on.

Click after the jump to see what else Finchem had to say...

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