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Chris Kattan Talks About Attending AA Meetings, Says He's Not In Rehab

March 11, 2014... We hope he's OK! Chris Kattan arrived at LAX last night, and the actor was asked if planned on following through with attending AA meetings as part of his DUI charge stemming from driving erratically and crashing into a car on...
Party at Chris Kattan's Place!

Party at Chris Kattan's Place!

December 01, 2008... Who needs turkey and stuffing when you've got cigarettes and beer!
Seven Weeks Later...

Seven Weeks Later...

August 19, 2008... We're used to seeing Hollywood marriages dissolve pretty quickly - but Chris Kattan may have just set a new record! Life & Style reports that the former SNL star and wife Sunshine Tutt have split up after only seven weeks of...
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Should Harvey Weinstein go to jail?
Should Harvey Weinstein go to jail?
Probably - seems like there'll be enough evidence.
No; nothing's been proven and some women are admitting they went along with it.
They will; he'll go to jail!
They can't win - there's no way to beat this monster.