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Courtenay Semel To Get Her Masters In Psychology

Courtenay Semel To Get Her Masters In Psychology

October 06, 2010... Good for her! Courtenay Semel has revealed that she will be going back to school, and she tells X17online exclusively, "I'm getting my masters in psychology at Antioch... I started yesterday! Gonna save the world 1 teen at a time.....
Courtenay Lunches At The Newsroom Cafe

Courtenay Lunches At The Newsroom Cafe

March 22, 2010... And it looks like she needed a hearty meal! A little on the thin side, right? Don't waste away like every other Hollywood socialite, Court! Of course, her male pal is even thinner than she is... check him out in the...
Courtenay Semel Walks Away From Scandal

Courtenay Semel Walks Away From Scandal

March 17, 2010... The former Hollywood wild child looks to be leaving her troubles behind! No more Lindsay Lohan connections. No more Tila Tequila drama. Just a calm night out on the town for Courtenay Semel these days! Maybe the Casey Johnson tragedy...
Trousdale Draws In The <strike>Big Names</strike> B-List

Trousdale Draws In The Big Names B-List

March 10, 2010... Last night tons of celebs (read: Kat Von D, Courtenay Semel, Shanna Moakler, Tom Green and Dylan McDermott) attended the opening of Brent Bolthouse's new club Trousdale. Not sure if his former partners had something to do with it,...
Courtenay Bedazzles Her Bandage

Courtenay Bedazzles Her Bandage

February 26, 2010... Courtenay Semel didn't let a little thing like a boo boo keep her away from Voyeur last night. Instead of trying to hide her bandage, she bedazzled it with gold stars! Hot! But what happened? She tells X17online that she...
Courtenay Semel Talks About Plans To Release Casey Johnson Sex Tape

Courtenay Semel Talks About Plans To Release Casey Johnson Sex Tape

January 21, 2010... So much for resting in peace! Casey Johnson's ex-girlfriend (and mortal enemy of Tila Tequila) Courtenay Semel is speaking out to E! News about an explicit video that the two former lovers planned on releasing to earn a few extra bucks....

Lindsay Parties At Voyeur With Rumored Hookup Kevin Connolly And Ex-Girlfriend Courtenay Semel!

December 18, 2009... var entry_id = "12933"; var entry_tags = "Casey Johnson,Courtenay Semel,lesbian,Lindsay Lohan,Tila Tequila,Voyeur"; var preview = "llohan121709b.jpg"; var x17video_id = "small.llohan121709b.mp4"; Awwwwwkwaaaaard! Once again, we spotted Lindsay Lohan sneaking into the back door of hot-spot Voyeur last night. Her rumored hookup, Kevin Connolly, arrived...

Courtenay Has Curves!

November 30, 2009... Hollywood's most infamous party girl, Courtenay Semel, celebrated her magazine cover Curve at Crown Bar in WeHo over the weekend... The title asks if Court is "the most wanted lesbian in Hollywood?" Well, she has dated everyone from Tila Tequila to...

Kim & Preggers Kourtney Celebrate Semel's 30th

November 12, 2009... Kim Kardashian and her 8-months pregnant sister Kourtney celebrated the 30th birthday of fellow celebutante Courtenay Semel at Il Sole last night. It's kind of hard to believe this generation of Filthy Rich girls are turning 30 (especially when some of...

Courtenay Royale

June 23, 2009... Our favorite poor little rich girl, Courtenay Semel, was out last night at work (aka partying at the clubs), this time at Madame Royale. I love that Court's the "nightlife contributor" for LA Confidential, so she can actually justify all this...

Courtenay Says "No, No, No" To Rehab!

March 24, 2009... Okay, so she went, but it doesn't look like she's too happy about it! After setting her girlfriend's hair on fire, being a fixture on the Hollywood club circuit and flashing her nips over the past few months, Courtenay Semel decided...

Courtenaaay Checks Into Rehab

March 24, 2009... Courtenay Semel was spotted leaving Los Angeles yesterday, and after unsuccessfully attempting to go to rehab the day before, it looks like she finally made it! Apparently Courtenay was all packed up and ready to go on Sunday, but...

While You Were Sleeping...

February 06, 2009... Celebs were braving the SoCal downpour (which is saying a lot in LA) to hit the clubs! It was a busy night for the D & C List, with Courenay Semel, Khloe Kardashian and Kevin Connolly coming over to My House...

Courtenaaay Loves Pink!

January 28, 2009... Courtenay Semel was one of many celebs who went to Coco de Ville last night, and the celesbian rocked a pair of neon pink zippered tights. We're not quite sure why - she doesn't really strike us as a...

Feel Like Fakin' Love!

January 20, 2009... I find it pretty impressive that Tila Tequila's scary colored contacts are distracting me from her ginormous fake tatas and technicolor outfit. What on earth was the reality TV star thinking? She looks like a cross between a...
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