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We Love You Too Daveigh

We Love You Too Daveigh

December 09, 2010... No really, we do! Big Love starlet Daveigh Chase was snapped leaving Supperclub in LA last night, and she flashed us a sweet smile, a bit of tongue and her middle finger as she smoked a cigarette. Talk about multi-tasking --...

Daveigh Skirts The Issue

January 08, 2010... Super cute Daveigh Chase showed off her gams last night outside of Katsuya, and even though we're in southern California, it's still legging weather as far as I'm concerned! But is that a skirt or an oversize flannel shirt?...

Daveigh Looks Like She's Tired Of 2010 Already

January 05, 2010... Or maybe she's just tired of ringing in the New Year? The Big Love actress looked as if she needed a big nap outside of Voyeur last night. And for the record, yes, she's still just 19.

Chasing Around Our Favorite Big Love Star

September 24, 2009... Yesterday evening we caught Daveigh Chase making the rounds in Hollywood, but rather than hitting the clubs, the actress told X17 photogs she was at a friend's house. Though we've snapped her leaving the bars before, it looks like...

When The Bad Girl Met The Nick Star

August 25, 2009... Weren't you just dying to know what these two teens talked about at the Nylon party last night? Well, luckily, we had a super-directional mic to pick up their convo! Here's what the girls said: ER: I love your...

We Wouldn't Turn Daveigh Down Either!

August 20, 2009... Sure, 19-year-old Big Love star Daveigh Chase shouldn't be getting into Hollywood clubs, but she's just so adorable, how could anyone deny her entry to their establishment? Last night the actress and a pal waltzed right in to hotspot Madame Royale,...

Chasing Daveigh

May 19, 2009... Our favorite underage starlet was once again spotted leaving a Hollywood nightclub (this time it was H.Wood.) At least she's only drinking coffee...right? Although what's she gonna blame that choice of outfit on? Too much caffeine?

Was There Anyone Who DIDN'T Go To the Charlotte Ronson Party?

April 04, 2009... Well, aside from Lindsay, of course! The I Heart Charlotte Ronson launch party brought everyone from 90210ers Annalynne McCord (with her wild mane of hair) and Shenae Grimes, to a remarkably less wrinkled Rachel Zoe to Sting (and more)! Check out our...

Chasing Daveigh!

February 21, 2009... Our fav Big Love actress Daveigh Chase went to club My House last night, and we're surprised to see the normally funky dresser wearing something so basic! Hey, she looks great, but this is the girl that revived the...

Daveigh Left Her Pants At My House!

January 29, 2009... Oops! Looks like one of our fav young starlets forgot her pants last night! We spotted Daveigh Chase at club MyHouse (along with Brody Jenner and DJ AM), and the Big Love actress rocked this revealing outfit, complete...

We Heart Daveigh!

January 28, 2009... Daveigh Chase, who is absolutely brillz on HBO's "Big Love," hit up Coco deVille last night, and even though she's a bit young to be hitting the bars (she's only 18!) we still love her. Not only is she...
Ripped Tights - So Hot Right Now!

Ripped Tights - So Hot Right Now!

January 21, 2009... Britney in Feb. '08 Our girl Brit is no stranger to starting trends, and we think we have to credit her with being one of the first to start wearing ripped tights! But who's been wearing them lately? Check out the Hollywood...

Isn't She Too Young To Party?

December 18, 2008... Ok, maybe it's not that the 18-year-old is too young to party...it's just that she's DEFINITELY too young to party inside bars! For the second night in a row we caught Daveigh leaving another LA hotspot, looking a little worse-for-wear. Slow down,...

Wardrobe Malfunctions At Apple!

December 17, 2008... I love love love Daveigh Chase. I think she's adorable, she has a unique sense of style, and she's amazing on HBO's Big Love. However, there are two things I must point out. First, Daveigh's got a...

Moving Up On The List!

December 11, 2008... We love love love Daveigh Chase! Not only is she on one of our fav shows (HBO's "Big Love"), she's cute, down to earth, and she doesn't mind having her picture taken. Daveigh and an unidentified male friend...
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