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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS - Debbie Rowe Visits Daughter Paris Jackson At The Hospital

June 20, 2013... X17 photographers snapped Debbie Rowe making a pit stop before visiting daughter Paris Jackson in the hospital on Wednesday, and she looked very somber when when she paused to fill up the tank of her truck. Paris has been at the...
<em><font color=orange>X17 XCLUSIVE</em></font> - Debbie Rowe Is "At The End Of My Rope"

X17 XCLUSIVE - Debbie Rowe Is "At The End Of My Rope"

June 18, 2010... A week away from the first anniversary of the death of her ex-husband Michael Jackson, Debbie Rowe wore a shirt with the message, "I'm at the end of my rope and you're tugging on it," to lunch with friends in...

Debbie & The Dermatologist

August 07, 2009... Debbie Rowe was spotted returning to Dr. Arnold Klein's (the man who may be the biological father of Prince and Paris) office yesterday with a few pals. Jacko's ex has been making the trip from Palmdale to Beverly Hills on a...
Debbie Rowe WILL Get Paid For Giving Up Custody Claim!

Debbie Rowe WILL Get Paid For Giving Up Custody Claim!

July 31, 2009... Although lawyers on both sides claim that Rowe, the mother of Jackson's two eldest, had reached an agreement with the Jacksons to let Katherine retain custody of the kids while she was to get visitation and NO extra money, The...

Debbie Rowe OK with Rebbie Jackson Raising Kids

July 28, 2009... The mother of two of Michael Jackson's children is apparently okay with the plan to have Rebbie Jackson raise the children. Spotted as she was leaving the same Beverly Hills medical building where she was once a nurse for Michael's controversial...
Debbie Rowe Sues Over Reports She Was Willing To Give Up Custody Of Jacko's Kids In Exchange For $$$

Debbie Rowe Sues Over Reports She Was Willing To Give Up Custody Of Jacko's Kids In Exchange For $$$

July 17, 2009... Debbie Rowe filed suit yesterday afternoon against Rebecca White, a supposed "close friend" who blabbed to Extra that Rowe was willing to give up custody of her kids in exhange for a big payday. Debbie is suing White for defamation, invasion...

Debbie Rowe Is Really Starting To Get Sick Of The Media Attention!

July 14, 2009... But she had to know this would happen, right? I mean she did marry Michael Jackson and give birth to his kids, so it's not like she's just some average Jane... Yesterday Debbie called the cops to her Palmdale ranch,...
Debbie Rowe Gets Another Big Payday To Give Up Kids

Debbie Rowe Gets Another Big Payday To Give Up Kids

July 14, 2009... The Jackson family is reportedly paying Debbie Rowe $4 million to drop all claims of parental rights, the New York Post is reporting. Describing the payment as "a ransom," the Jacksons reportedly worked out the deal with Rowe so that Michael...

Will Debbie Rowe Fight For The Kids?

July 13, 2009... While Debbie Rowe continues to try to keep a low profile hanging out with her horses on her ranch in Palmdale, California, we have to wonder if she and Katherine Jackson are going to be able to work out a...

What Does Debbie Think About The Guardianship Delay?

July 11, 2009... Yesterday afternoon Debbie Rowe was spotted chatting with a pal at her Palmdale ranch, and while she appears calm and collected here, we're not sure what she's thinking about the guardianship hearing being delayed again. What kind of an...

Will Paris And Prince Be Joining Debbie At Her Ranch? Or Will The Jacksons Get Custody?

July 10, 2009... With Monday's custody hearing looming on the horizon, we can't help but wonder what's going to happen to Michael Jackson's three children. Joe Jackson has already made it clear that he believes the kids should stay with the Jackson...

X17 XCLUSIVE - Debbie Breaks Down When She Sees Paris' Eulogy On TV

July 08, 2009... Debbie Rowe broke down in tears as she watched her daughter Paris' emotional eulogy on the televised memorial tribute to Michael Jackson. X17 cameras snapped Rowe burst out from the door of her home, crying, at the EXACT moment Paris Jackson...

Debbie Rowe Calls The Cops On Paps

July 07, 2009...  After threatening photographers Sunday when she went out to lunch with a pack of paps following her, Debbie Rowe called in the big guns yesterday, bringing in the cops to protect her against the nasty lensmen. Now that Debbie has decided...

Debbie Rowe Won't Attend Jackson Memorial

July 06, 2009... Debbie Rowe, who we caught kissing a mystery man at her house yesterday, will not be attending the memorial for Michael Jackson on Tuesday. Rowe's attorney just released the following statement: Although Debbie had originally planned to attend tomorrow's Staples Center...

Debbie Rowe Drops The F-Bomb On Paps, Threatens Physical Violence!

July 06, 2009... MJ's baby vessel, Debbie Rowe, is sick of the attention following Michael's death - particularly the paparazzi attention. She was trying to enjoy a quite lunch at a Chinese restaurant near her home yesterday and when X17 and a few other...
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