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Christina <em>Loves</em> Veggies!

Christina Loves Veggies!

April 15, 2008... Wondering just how Christina Ricci got so teeny for her role in New York, I Love You? So are we - and we're thinking the secret is lots of vegetables! Check out the spread of greens offered up to Christina...
Thandie's Lookin' Dandy

Thandie's Lookin' Dandy

August 08, 2007... Otherwise-mundane news alert - we caught former bulimic Thandie Newton chowing down in Santa Monica yesterday! Seriously, it makes us happy to see stars coming back from struggles as serious as Thandie's; eating disorders, after all, can wreck a young...
David And Posh Go Out For A Nosh

David And Posh Go Out For A Nosh

July 24, 2007... Benihana? Last night, it was more like Beckihana! We spotted David and Victoria's car taking off from the Japanese restaurant in a big hurry last night - in fact, the couple's SUV beat such a hasty retreat that they nearly...
Skinny Bob Thorton

Skinny Bob Thorton

June 28, 2007... We spotted the Sling Blade star strutting around Malibu with his kids yesterday and we were left aghast at just how skinny he's gotten - seriously, those legs look like twigs! The funny thing, of course is that a while...
Eva Eats, Leaves To Shoot

Eva Eats, Leaves To Shoot

April 12, 2007... We spotted Eva Longoria at a Jack In The Box drive-through picking up a hefty sack of snacks yesterday. Given that she was on her way back to the studio, we're guessing that all those eats weren't for her dining...
What's Up With Brad's Bod?

What's Up With Brad's Bod?

April 10, 2007... We literally just got these photos from the set of The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, Brad Pitt's latest project - and is it just us, or does Brad look like he's been wasting away? To be fair, Benjamin Button...
One Skinny Latte

One Skinny Latte

February 19, 2007... I know black's a slimming color, but this is just wild! We spotted Reese Witherspoon on a Starbucks run yesterday morning, and we were taken aback by just how skinny the Legally Blonde bombshell's gotten lately. Hopefully she's not on...

The Male Kate Bosworth?

January 23, 2007... Antonio Banderas was looking pretty gaunt when we bumped into him yesterday outside Barney's. Let's hope he was stopping off for a bite at Barney's Greengrass rather than to shop!

Paris Studies Acting, Needs A Ham Sandwich

January 05, 2007... It might just be the shock of seeing Paris again after an extended absence, but the hotel heiress was looking distressingly skinny when we caught her out in Beverly Hills yesterday. She was actually on her way to the Anita...

Attention Sushi Lovers

December 21, 2006... Los Angeles is famous for the quality of its sushi - the combination of a large population of Japanese immigrants and close proximity to the ocean mean there's lots of talent for preparing and serving raw fish. In fact, its...

Let's Hope Nicole Gets Extra Christmas Pudding This Year

December 20, 2006... We spotted Nicole Richie doing a little Christmas shopping yesterday, and while the easiest topics of conversation from these pictures would probably be either her headband or her gigantic sunglasses, I just can't get past the ribbed shirt she's wearing...

Nicole Richie Arrested For DUI

December 11, 2006... Nicole Richie was arrested for driving under the influence early this morning - reports have her just being released by the police a few hours ago. Reports are still filtering in, but don't forget that this isn't the first time...

Paris Helps Nicole Eat

December 04, 2006... Paris really is a saint, y'all ... she finally convinced Britney to wear underwear the other night and now she's getting some food into Nicole Richie's belly! The do-gooder bought a sandwich for Nicole -- no work on whether...

Paris Hilton Turned Away At The Door

December 01, 2006... Just because Paris can waltz up to the doors of some of the most exclusive clubs in Los Angeles doesn't mean she never gets brushed aside by the doorman - hell, just last night she managed to get into Area...
She Eats, We Shoot, She Leaves

She Eats, We Shoot, She Leaves

November 21, 2006... We bumped into Nicole Richie twice yesterday - once while filling up on an Italian lunch and once a few hours later after she'd changed into a green jacket - and we couldn't help but be puzzled by her reaction!...
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What do you think made Justin Bieber cry while performing at the MTV VMAs?
What do you think made Justin Bieber cry while performing at the MTV VMAs?
I blame Selena Gomez!
He just got emotional about performing for his fans!
This whole thing was totally set up by MTV producers, duh!