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Ed Westwick Accessorizes His Outfit With Plenty Of Hair

June 25, 2012... Ed Westwick dined with fashion designer Phillip Plein in Rome last night, and the Gossip Girl star showed off his hairy chest and some rather interesting facial hair when we snapped his picture. The 24-year-old British actor recently wrapped shooting on...
Ed Westwick Buys Some Rags

Ed Westwick Buys Some Rags

November 18, 2010... Certainly Chuck Bass wouldn't be caught dead in Rag & Bone but the edgier, hipper Ed Westwick would! The Gossip Girl star gave us a cute little look yesterday when we saw him out and about but as much as we...
Hot Men Have The Hots For Hilfiger

Hot Men Have The Hots For Hilfiger

September 13, 2010... What's better than a hot man in a hot suit? Ed Westwick, Neil Patrick Harris and Bradley Cooper ditched the VMAs and headed to the east coast for New York fashion week to catch Tommy Hilfiger's show. While each of these dudes...
Ed Westwick Flaunts His Fur

Ed Westwick Flaunts His Fur

July 31, 2010... But not the kind that would upset PETA! The deliciously dirty hot Ed Westwick was out and about in Hollywood yesterday, and he showed off his impressively hairy chest in a shirt that was cut lower than anything we've seen on...
Chuck Lives!

Chuck Lives!

July 16, 2010... Ok, we've known for awhile now that Chuck (played by Ed Westwick) didn't really die at the end of the last season, unless this is some really elaborate dream sequence. And thank goodness for that because what would Gossip Girl be...
An Olsen Sandwich

An Olsen Sandwich

February 19, 2010... Ashley Olsen looks as if she couldn't be less thrilled to be sandwiched between Gossip Guys Penn Badgley & Ed Westwick in the front row of Tommy Hilfiger's NY fashion show last night. Maybe she just didn't like the clothes (girlfriend...
Ed And Jessica Make <em>Out</em> In America

Ed And Jessica Make Out In America

February 10, 2010... The real-life Gossip Girl couple attended an after party for the HBO screening of How to Make it in America at the Bowery Hotel in NYC last night... blah blah blah, they look cute and all. But at Maxim's Super Bowl...

X17 XCLUSIVE - A Drunk Ed Westwick Buys Condoms While Two Girls Wait For Him In The Car!

January 18, 2010... Whoa!!! Mr. Gossip Girl was looking a little light in his loafers Saturday night and we don't mean anyway other than that he could hardly stand up! A pal supported Ed Westwick into a convenience store in Hollywood while two...

Boys In Revolt!

January 06, 2010... Okay, I'm admittedly getting a little tired of Michael Cera. He's great at what he does! But how many times can you watch him play the same character? Cera hit the red carpet in NYC last night for the premiere of...
Jessica Szohr Dishes On Boyfriend Ed Westwick: "He's A Really Rad Guy"

Jessica Szohr Dishes On Boyfriend Ed Westwick: "He's A Really Rad Guy"

December 28, 2009... I guess watching each other make out with various co-stars is not the most "awkward" thing about Jessica Szohr (aka Vanessa on Gossip Girl) and Ed Westwick's relationship! "It can be a little awkward when all of a sudden...

The Good, The Bad and The Gossip

December 14, 2009... Although one of our fave shows is going on a six-week hiatus, they're still shooting their last eps in NYC before returning in March for a no-rerun run up to the finale! We've been loving the twists and turns this season,...

Gossip Girl Stars Looking De-Lish In Their Winter Clothing...

December 02, 2009... 'Nuff said! But while Ed, Leighton and Chace all look hot hot hot, we really wanna see what Taylor Momsen wears during the winter! Hopefully not the black lingerie she's been sporting recently...

Westwick And Lively Love Leather

October 19, 2009... Okay, it works on Blake. She would seriously look good in any outfit! But I dunno about Ed Westwick. I like the prep look wayyyyy better on him. This whole leather biker dude thing is not hot. Whoops!

Penn Promotes The Stepfather!

October 13, 2009... First of all, how hot is Amber Heard? She plays Penn Badgley's girlfriend in The Stepfather, which premiered in NYC last night... Also in attendance - Penn's GG co-stars Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick. Chace gave his signature "Blue Steel" while...

Leighton And Ed Run Lines!

September 03, 2009... So rare that we see any member of the Gossip Girl cast NOT in a fancy dress or suit! Ed Westwick (donning a casual sweatshirt) and Leighton Meester (in a hip leather jacket) ran lines on the set of their...
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