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Kris And Cait Reunite At Kylie's 18th Birthday Celebration

Kris And Cait Reunite At Kylie's 18th Birthday Celebration

August 08, 2015... Happy 18th! Kylie Jenner's started the party, ringing in adulthood and leaving behind her innocent childhood with a dinner at Nobu Malibu last night. The family got together for an early celebration -- Kylie's birthday isn't until Aug 10 --...
Happy Birthday Brad, Katie And Xtina!

Happy Birthday Brad, Katie And Xtina!

December 18, 2010... Today Brad Pitt turns 47, Katie Holmes turns 32, and Christina Aguilera turns the big 3-0. Happy birthday, guys!
Xtina Celebrates Her Own Birthday While Gettin' Ready for Her Baby's!

Xtina Celebrates Her Own Birthday While Gettin' Ready for Her Baby's!

December 19, 2007... Ok, Brad Pitt, Katie Holmes AND Christina Aguilera all share a December 18th birthday? Too weird. While Katie celebrated hers with her daughter, Xtina spent her 27th with hubby Jordan and her ever-growin' baby belly! Jordan took his mama-to-be out to...
Caffeine For Efron

Caffeine For Efron

October 18, 2007... We caught teen heartthrob Zac Efron heading back to his car after making a pickup at the Aroma Cafe yesterday. Since when does Zac ever need a pick-me-up? Just look at those photos - the kid looks like he strolled...
While You Were Sleeping...

While You Were Sleeping...

July 12, 2007... Everyone and their mother were on Sunset Blvd.! Anne Hathaway joined Rumer Willis, Jim Carrey & Jenny McCarthy, Rachel Bilson, Jamie Foxx and Jimmy Kimmel at the Sunset Towers while Brandy, Ray J, Lil Kim, Justin Long and Lance Bass attended...
Brett Ratner, Good Boy

Brett Ratner, Good Boy

July 03, 2007... To say directorial bad boy Brett Ratner was on his best behavior last night would be an understatement - not only did he leave alone (don't worry, Brett - we'll make sure to let your girlfriend know!), but he took...

Eva Turns 21 Again

March 15, 2007... Okay, so Eva's not 21 anymore - still, with all the vivacity she displayed bouncing out of Hyde following her birthday party last night, it's a forgivable mistake to make! Of course, given that we caught Jamie Foxx slipping into...

Kevin Federline's Birthday Party To Be Incredibly Non-Exclusive

March 08, 2007... Who wants to dance with a pimp? Well, get out your wallets - Kevin Federline's asking for some serious bank for the privilege of covering his 29th birthday bash! The New York Post is reporting that the former Mr. Britney...

Happy Birthday, Paris: Part Deux

February 26, 2007... When you're an heiress, one birthday party just won't do! Paris held a second birthday bash for herself at her house Saturday night. Her parents, Rick and Kathy (whose reaction to one of Paris’ biggest fans was quite...
Happy Birthday, Paris!

Happy Birthday, Paris!

February 18, 2007... Paris Hilton jetted back from Vienna to celebrate her 26th birthday last night in Las Vegas! The celebutante started off her night with dinner at Nobu with Nicole and Stavros, before heading over to the Hard Rock's Body English...

While You Were Sleeping

January 12, 2007... ...the stars were wishing Mary J. Blige a happy birthday! The singer, who turned 36 yesterday, threw herself a party at Mr. Chow's yesterday, and the celebs couldn't keep away - we spotted Chris Rock (for a second), Kim Kardashian,...

Happy Birthday, Katie!

December 19, 2006... Looks like Brad Pitt wasn't the only celebrity to gain a year yesterday! We ran into Katie Holmes visiting some young fans yesterday afternoon - even on her birthday, charity never takes a day off! Katie spent her 28th birthday...

Teri's Big Birthday Bash

December 11, 2006... The Desperate Housewife held her 42nd birthday at the Ivy over the weekend, where she was greeted by a crowd of paps! Having your birthday at such a well-known celebrity hangout might imply that this 42-year-old could be "desperate"...

You Say It's Your Birthday!

December 03, 2006... Britney's 25th birthday bash was pretty much like any other...She went to dinner with friends, blew out some candles, opened some gifts - Oh yeah, and she did a little dance for the crowd of paps outside! (If you...

Like Mother, Like Daughter

December 03, 2006... Britney Spears wasn't the only one with a birthday this week - Violet Affleck celebrated her first birthday on Friday! Here's EXCLUSIVE pix of the little tyke out for a walk with her hot (and happy) mom. Isn't...
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What do you think made Justin Bieber cry while performing at the MTV VMAs?
What do you think made Justin Bieber cry while performing at the MTV VMAs?
I blame Selena Gomez!
He just got emotional about performing for his fans!
This whole thing was totally set up by MTV producers, duh!