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HSM3 Face Off - Maxi vs. Sexy

HSM3 Face Off - Maxi vs. Sexy

November 10, 2008... photos courtesy Getty Images It seems stylistas for the HSM 3 cast didn't want Vanessa and Ashley to have the same look so they swapped out long and short dresses on the girls for a Sydney, Australia photo call and then...
Monique Spends Her Moolah

Monique Spends Her Moolah

October 31, 2008... Though she's not the first name that comes to mind when we think of the megasuccessful High School Musical franchise, Monique Coleman looks like she's doing just fine despite being the least famous of the bunch. With her co-stars raking in...
HSM3 Rocks the Box Office!

HSM3 Rocks the Box Office!

October 27, 2008... Go Wildcats! High School Musical 3 was the number one movie at the box office this weekend. With an estimated $42 Million in ticket sales, HSM3 had the best opening weekend ever for a musical and set a record...
The Value of 'High School'

The Value of 'High School'

October 23, 2008... Why are all these kids smiling? They probably just took a look at their bank accounts. High School has definitely paid off big time for the stars of Disney's High School Musical franchise. How much you ask? Let's just say none...

HSM3 Cast Hits The Big Apple

October 21, 2008... Zac, Vanessa, Ashley and the rest of the gang from HSM3 were in New York City Tuesday, where they were making the rounds on the morning talk shows. We don't know about you, but after watching these kids travel the...
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Does Rob Have A Right To Be Pissed At Kim For Her <em>Rolling Stone</em> Comments?
Does Rob Have A Right To Be Pissed At Kim For Her Rolling Stone Comments?
Yes! Kim should never have said such cruel things.
No - it's just the truth!