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Drake Fakes Out Haters When He Goes Undercover On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

April 11, 2014... Ohmygosh we love Drake! Drizzy made a pit stop on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday and further proved to us that Rihanna's main man is hilarious! For Kimmel's "I Witness" segment, the "Pound Cake" singer went undercover, asking unsuspecting passersby...

Jimmy Kimmel Debuts Star-Studded Movie: The Movie Trailer

February 27, 2012... Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to pack all of his celebrity friends into one epic movie trailer! During the late night host's post-Oscars show, Kimmel debuted the hilarious trailer for Movie: The Movie. Anybody who's anybody is in there ......

Pregnant Jessica Alba Takes Birthing Class With Jimmy Kimmel

August 11, 2011... Let's hope Jessica Alba's hubby Cash Warren is cool with this! We have feeling he knows that if Jimmy Kimmel is involved, it's all in the name of comedy. During a skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the pregnant starlet attends...
Charlie Sheen Makes Out With Jimmy Kimmel

Charlie Sheen Makes Out With Jimmy Kimmel

March 22, 2011... Jimmy Kimmel/ABC Men everywhere have dreamed of this moment -- getting a big, wet kiss from Charlie Sheen ... NOT! Unfortunately for late show host Jimmy Kimmel, he got just that last night when Charlie made a "surprise" appearance on the show...

Jimmy Kimmel Lays Into Leno On Leno's Own Show!

January 15, 2010... Jimmy Kimmel let it rip last night on The Jay Leno show, showing Leno no mercy. Jimmy had previously hosted his own late night show on ABC in character as Jay Leno. Leno returned the favor by inviting Jimmy on...
Sarah Says Of Her Relationship With Jimmy: "So far so good; thank you for asking!"

Sarah Says Of Her Relationship With Jimmy: "So far so good; thank you for asking!"

November 19, 2008... We caught Sarah and Jimmy, both with fast food in hand, last night after the GQ party -- doing their best NOT to be photographed together (we DO have Photoshop you sneaky comedians!). But is this couple really a...
The Happy Couple?

The Happy Couple?

November 02, 2008... Spotted: Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel out in Malibu, looking happy as can be. Maybe they never broke up in the first place? Who knows with comics!
She's F*cking Jimmy Kimmel

She's F*cking Jimmy Kimmel

March 25, 2008... And from that enormous smile on Sarah Silverman's face, I'd say she's pretty darn happy about it!
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