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Jonah Hill Is Back To His Old Jolly Self

June 25, 2014... On Tuesday Jonah Hill cruised around West Hollywood, and we couldn't help but notice that the 30-year-old star was looking a little bit fuller figured. The actor famously shed 40 pounds back in 2011 after he appeared in Moneyball...

Channing Tatum And Jonah Hill Show Off Their Best Moves In 22 Jump Street Trailer

February 20, 2014... They're baaaack! Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill reprise their roles as undercover officers for the sequel to 21 Jump Street, and while they went to high school for the first one, they're going to college this time around! The funny men pose...
<EM><span class="exclusive">EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS</span></em> -  Brad Pitt Has A Man Date With Jonah HIll

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS - Brad Pitt Has A Man Date With Jonah HIll

December 20, 2011... They're still not done with their promotional obligations for Moneyball, but we're guessing Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill also genuinely enjoy one another's company! Last night we spotted the actors grabbing a bite to eat at Dan Tana's in West Hollywood,...
Brad Pitt And His Long Locks Look Hotter Than Ever

Brad Pitt And His Long Locks Look Hotter Than Ever

August 23, 2011... Photo: Nadav Kander/New York Magazine Whether he's rocking short hair or long, a shaved face or a full beard, Brad Pitt is the King of Hot! And Brad proved that no one's taking that title away from him anytime soon when...
Jonah Hill Is Half The Man He Used To Be

Jonah Hill Is Half The Man He Used To Be

July 22, 2011... Jonah Hill is waving the pounds goodbye! We all know the actor, 27, has lost a ton of weight since his Superbad days - some reports say nearly 40 pounds! - but the Moneyball star is truly a new man. Jonah went...

Hot Trailer! Moneyball With Brad Pitt And Jonah Hill

June 16, 2011... This looks good! The first trailer for the long-awaited movie Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill, has been released, and we're intrigued! The flick, based on the true story of Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane's revolutionary method of using...
Jonah Hill's Major Weight Loss

Jonah Hill's Major Weight Loss

April 28, 2011... Funnyman Jonah Hill was falling under the umbrella of the Chris Farleys and John Candys of the world: funny and, well, full-figured. But now the Superbad star is transforming a la his good friend Seth Rogen; Hill has lost 30 lbs...
Jonah Hill Drops 30 Pounds, Keeps His Girlfriend

Jonah Hill Drops 30 Pounds, Keeps His Girlfriend

March 14, 2011... Jonah Hill and his main squeeze were spotted out and about in Los Angeles over the weekend, and we almost didn't even recognize the Superbad star! The once portly actor has shed an impressive 30 lbs to prepare for his new...
Our Favorite Funny Men About Town

Our Favorite Funny Men About Town

December 29, 2010... Our favorite funny men of past and present were out and about, and we got them all at the same time! Love that t-shirt Adam Sandler! Whether they're hard at work shooting a movie or just cruising around LA, seeing these...

A Coupla Funny People Come Out To Play

July 21, 2009... If y'all aren't excited to see this movie, GET excited! Judd Apatow is back with another sure-to-be summer hit - Funny People stars Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Leslie Mann and Jonah Hill (including tons of comics playing themselves) and it just...

Who Would You Rather Have On Your Arm?

January 07, 2009... A funnyman, like Jonah Hill... Or a hair man, like Ken Paves? Someone that can make you laugh is great, but someone that can style your hair is even better!

Who's Hotter?

December 21, 2008... Yeah, this is a tough one. First there's Jonah Hill of Superbad fame: And then there's Luke Wilson, seen here with the g/f in Beverly Hills: ...Well?
Jonah Hill Leaves Some Leftovers

Jonah Hill Leaves Some Leftovers

November 26, 2008... The Superbad star was spotted coming out of Dan Tana's in West Hollywood last night with a big grin on his face... Perhaps he's as excited for Thanksgiving as we are? And that's not all! We also caught up with Chris...
Leftovers: The Bardot Boys Get <em>Busey</em>

Leftovers: The Bardot Boys Get Busey

November 20, 2008... Bardot isn't really all that new of a hotspot - it used to be called Spider Club back in the day! Now the VIP hideaway above Avalon is a magnet for lots of A-list stars like, uh... Mischa Barton. Above...
Jonah Gets His Groove (And Workout) On!

Jonah Gets His Groove (And Workout) On!

October 22, 2008... Ok, so he may not have a physique like Ryan Reynolds or Hugh Jackman, but it looks like he might be on his way! Superbad star Jonah Hill was spotted burning some calories the other day when he went...
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