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Kristin Davis Enjoys Swinging And Sliding At The Park With Daughter Gemma Rose

June 04, 2012... Sex Swinging in the city! Kristin Davis took her newly adopted baby girl Gemma Rose for a playdate in the park on Sunday, and we've never seen her look so happy and at peace! Motherhood is definitely suiting the 47-year-old...

Kristin Davis Celebrates Her First Mother's Day With Adopted Daughter Gemma Rose

May 14, 2012... Look at those cheeks! Kristin Davis spent her first Mother's Day with adopted daughter Gemma Rose at a tennis club in Hollywood, and we can't get over how adorable her little girl is! The Sex and the City star...

Kristin Davis: Mommy In The City

April 23, 2012... We never saw Charlotte York this happy! Kristin Davis took her adorable adopted daughter Gemma Rose for an LA park playdate on Sunday, and we can't get over the little one's chubby cheeks... too adorbs! The 47-year-old Sex and...
<em><span class="exclusive">FIRST PHOTOS</span></em> - Kristen Davis With Daughter Gemma Rose

FIRST PHOTOS - Kristen Davis With Daughter Gemma Rose

April 22, 2012... Following in the footsteps of her character Charlotte from Sex and the City, Kristin Davis adopted has adopted a baby girl, and we finally get to see the new mom in action! Davis held Gemma Rose close as she exited a...
New Mom Kristin Davis Is All Aglow

New Mom Kristin Davis Is All Aglow

October 12, 2011... New mom Kristin Davis looked gorgeous in Beverly Hills on Tuesday! The Sex and the City star, 46, adopted baby Gemma Rose a few months ago and announced the news last week. Her SATC co-star Sarah Jessica Parker recently reacted to...
<em><span class="exclusive">BREAKING NEWS</span></em> - Kristin Davis Adopts Baby Girl

BREAKING NEWS - Kristin Davis Adopts Baby Girl

October 07, 2011... Kristin Davis Kristin Davis is the proud mom of baby girl Gemma Rose Davis. The 46-year-old Sex and the City star adopted the baby months ago via domestic adoption, according to People. Davis, who posted the above photo, tells the mag: "This is something...
Even More <em>Sex</em>

Even More Sex

May 17, 2010... Sarah Jessica Parker and the girls have been heavily promoting their Sex and the City sequel in New York, with a second round of press interviews on Sunday in anticipation of their Memorial Day weekend release. We hope the fact that...
<em>SATC</em>'s Slimmed-Down Kristin Davis Says Producers Never Pressured Her To Lose Weight

SATC's Slimmed-Down Kristin Davis Says Producers Never Pressured Her To Lose Weight

May 04, 2010... Courtesy Red Magazine Sex and the City's Kristin Davis shows off a stunningly slimmer figure in a new photo, but despite appearing far less "hippy" than usual, she says SATC bosses never pressured her to look perfect. "You get a lot of...
Not So Sexy In The City

Not So Sexy In The City

January 26, 2010... Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis may be in their 40s, but these two Sex-y ladies are still hot, hot, hot! I love how they're really making the most of their assets and showing off their sexy bodies despite...

Bergdorf Babes

September 08, 2009... The SATC girls - excuse me, women - paused in the middle of shooting a scene from the sequel today to pose for a photo op outside of Bergdorf Goodman's in NYC! And the ladies were predictably costumed to the nines,...

Has Kristin Finally Found "Mr. Right"?

April 24, 2009... Unlike her SATC counter-part, Kristin Davis hasn't exactly been lucky in love. But has she finally found "the one" in this tall drink of water? Or are they "just friends"?
It's Charlotte!

It's Charlotte!

June 17, 2008... Our favorite Sex and the City girl! We spotted the super-cute Kristin Davis - sporting a summery pink top - out and about in Santa Monica this weekend. Such a bright, happy smile on her face! Maybe because SatC raked in...
We Couldn't Help But Wonder...

We Couldn't Help But Wonder...

June 03, 2008... With the phenomenal box office success of the Sex and the City movie this weekend - and due to the fact that sooo many fans are coming back for multiple viewings - we have to ask... Which member of the fearsome...
SATC: Was it Good For You?

SATC: Was it Good For You?

June 02, 2008... Sex and the City: The Movie smashed box office records this weekend, raking in an estimated $55.7 million, the biggest opening ever for a rom-com, not to mention a chick flick! Did you see it? And did you love it???
<em>Sex In</em> Santa Monica

Sex In Santa Monica

May 02, 2008... Our photographers spotted Sex in the City starlet Kristin Davis out in Santa Monica with her boyfriend yesterday afternoon. Don't they make a happy-looking couple? It just warms our heart to see sweet little Charlotte finally find happiness!
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