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<em><span class="exclusive">EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS</span></em> - Larry Birkhead Steps Out With Daughter Dannielynn

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS - Larry Birkhead Steps Out With Daughter Dannielynn

April 22, 2011... Spotted: Larry Birkhead picking up his darling daughter Dannielynn from school on Thursday afternoon. Dannielynn is now 4-and-a-half years old, and we can't get over how much she looks like her mother, the late model/actress Anna Nicole Smith. Smith's former...
Dannielynn's Dad Larry Birkhead Still Has Crazy Eyes

Dannielynn's Dad Larry Birkhead Still Has Crazy Eyes

October 07, 2010... Anna Nicole Smith's babydaddy Larry Birkhead decided to venture into a Calabasas ice cream shop alone and pick up a sweet treat. Dannielynn, who just turned four a month ago, didn't accompany him on the trip, but Larry was spotted...
Larry Takes Daniellynn To The Park

Larry Takes Daniellynn To The Park

March 14, 2010... And all we can focus on are her flower-covered jeans! SO adorbs, right? Dannielynn, daughter of Larry Birkhead and Anna Nicole Smith, visited Coldwater Park on Saturday for a little family bonding sesh with her dad. First of all, this girl...

X17 XCLUSIVE - Larry And His Little Helper Go Christmas Shopping

December 19, 2009... Yesterday Larry Birkhead and his adorable daughter Dannielynn did some Christmas shopping on Ventura Blvd, and the celebritot was rocking a pair of pink Dior shades! Only Anna Nicole Smith's little girl could pull off this look...

Prosecutor In Anna Nicole Case Suggested Birkhead Should "Ramp It Up" On The Witness Stand

October 19, 2009... Larry Birkhead returned to the witness stand today in the case against Howard K. Stern, Dr. Sandeep Kapoor and Dr. Khristine Eroshevich, where he claimed the prosecutor suggested that Anna Nicole's drug use has left Dannielynn developmentally challenged and that...
Anna Nicole Took Methadone While Pregnant

Anna Nicole Took Methadone While Pregnant

October 17, 2009... Will this story ever go away? Larry Birkhead is in court with Howard K. Stern rehashing their time with Playboy Playmate Anna Nicole Smith, and the father of Dannielynn has now revealed that Anna took methadone while pregnant. He claims, "she...

Dannielynn's A Ghouly Girl!

October 12, 2009... Xtina and Max weren't the only ones getting into the Halloween spirit! We also spotted Larry Birkhead and daughter Dannielynn at Mr. Bones pumpkin patch in Hollywood, and Anna Nicole Smith's little girl looked absolutely adorable with her face painted....

Presenting Larry And Dannielynn!

July 19, 2009... It's been SO long since we've seen these two! But not much has changed... Dannielynn is still growing up to be a beautiful girl and Larry Birkhead is still a little weird, to say the least. But clearly everything's fine for...

What Would Anna Nicole Say?!?!?

March 23, 2009... Larry had an uncharacteristically wild night Saturday, and we're not just referring to the fact that he was making out with a tattooed...lady! He also chased after the paps with a pizza box before he macked on this mama, eventually going...
Crazy Eyes

Crazy Eyes

November 20, 2008... And then, here, he somehow looks rather innocent and goofy. What's up with that! Larry Birkhead lunched with some ladies on Sunset the other afternoon, before leaving the restaurant with this one in particular: Cute, right? But not as cute as...

Let Me Just Say This...

November 09, 2008... The death of Anna Nicole Smith was a tragedy. Thankfully, however, she is survived by a truly beautiful baby girl named Dannielynn - seen here playing in a Beverly Hills park over the weekend... And it looks like Larry Birkhead has turned...
Larry Gets Scary

Larry Gets Scary

November 02, 2008... 'Nuff said!

Larry's The One!

July 01, 2008... Actor Chris Evans and, uh, "socialite" Larry Birkhead were both spotted - albeit separately - at One on Sunset last night. Chris left empty-handed, but a female fan handed Larry a red rose upon exiting! (Maybe it's time the lady found...

Yoo-Hoo! It's Larry Birkhead on a Scooter!

June 06, 2008... Larry Birkhead stopped at a gas station on Robertson yesterday - but he didn't stop to get gas for his moped (those things can get up to 100 mpg), he got some fuel for himself - a chocolatey Yoo-Hoo! At first...
Anna Nicole's Daughter DannieLynn Named Sole Heir

Anna Nicole's Daughter DannieLynn Named Sole Heir

March 04, 2008... The eighteen-month-old was not a part of her mother's will (which was drafted back in 2001, before Dannielynn was born), but today a Los Angeles court clarified that Anna Nicole's only daughter will be the sole beneficiary of her estate,...
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