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Minnie Driver Sports Spandex To Go Food Shopping

July 19, 2013... She's looking fit! A svelte Minnie Driver was all about healthy eats on Thursday as she appeared as if she came straight from a workout to grab some grub at Lassen's Natural Foods & Vitamins in Los Angeles. Besides keeping up with...
Gwen And Minnie Take Their Boys To <em>Yo Gabba Gabba Live!</em>

Gwen And Minnie Take Their Boys To Yo Gabba Gabba Live!

November 26, 2011... Gwen Stefani celebrated hubby Gavin Rossdale's return to LA (he's been touring with Bush) with a trip for the whole family to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live! The cute couple took their adorable sons Zuma and Kingston to check...
<em><span class="exclusive">EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS</span></em> - Minnie Driver Shows Off Her Bikini Body On The Beach

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS - Minnie Driver Shows Off Her Bikini Body On The Beach

May 02, 2011... Minnie Driver and 2-year-old son Henry started summer off strong with a beach day! The 41-year-old Driver, who celebrated her birthday in January, looks great in her bikini. We love how she lets her signature curly hair go free on the...
Is Minnie Expecting Another Bundle Of Joy?

Is Minnie Expecting Another Bundle Of Joy?

April 11, 2010... Or is she just having a laugh? This afternoon we spotted Minnie Driver and her son Henry at Toy Crazy at Brentwood Country Mart, and we're certainly curious now! Maybe she's still in the habit of touching her belly from...

Mama Minnie May Have Found A New Baby Daddy

October 19, 2009... Minnie Driver was looking mighty cozy with a mystery man yesterday, who seemed just about as fond as Minnie's son as the hot mama herself! The threesome took a stroll in Malibu together, where they took turns holding Henry, and even...

Minnie Loves Being A Mom

June 15, 2009... We spotted Minnie Driver with her son Henry in Malibu this weekend enjoying the early summer sunshine. It's so obvious she just loves being a mom and with a baby this cute, can you blame her? We're not ones who...

Minnie's Back To Being Minnie!

June 01, 2009... Okay, so she's not exactly a toothpick, but Minnie Driver still looks pretty damn good after giving birth to little Henry back in September. Too bad she's going it alone! As sweet as it is to see just...
Minnie's Lips Are Red Hot...

Minnie's Lips Are Red Hot...

November 21, 2008... ...but what about her outfit? Minnie Driver attended the "Four Christmases" premiere in Hollywood last night, and if she was going for the cowgirl-wedding couture look, she sure nailed it! Is this outfit any better than Reese's or...
Minnie And Her Baby!

Minnie And Her Baby!

November 06, 2008... So cute! But where's little Henry's dad in all this? We hope he's taking some responsibility for his child!
Minnie Shares Baby Pictures on Myspace

Minnie Shares Baby Pictures on Myspace

October 06, 2008... Minnie Driver has posted this picture of her newborn son Henry Story Driver on her MySpace Celebrity post. The little guy was born last week in LA and weighed in at a healthy 9lbs 12 oz. Minnie is keeping mum...
Minnie Driver Gives Birth To A Boy!

Minnie Driver Gives Birth To A Boy!

September 09, 2008... Henry Story Driver was born on Friday! (How'd she keep it a secret for so long?!) -- weighing in at 9 lbs., 12 oz., according to Us Weekly. The baby daddy's an English businessman, according to Driver. Though for some...

Once More Onto The Beach, Dear Friends

August 25, 2008... With Labor Day just around the corner, celebs are running out of chances to flaunt their beach bodies. Guess that explains why we saw so many of 'em out in Malibu over the weekend! Ali Larter didn't leave much to the...
Minnie Keeps Her Mouth Shut

Minnie Keeps Her Mouth Shut

August 20, 2008... Minnie's due any day now, and she's still keeping quiet on the identity of her baby daddy! Here she is in Malibu over the weekend, and at Joan's on Third yesterday, where she looks like she's got another reason to keep...
Look Who's Ready To POP!

Look Who's Ready To POP!

July 23, 2008... Yep, she's still preggers! We know we always say that when getting pix of these mothers-to-be, but ain't it the truth! Here's Ms. Minnie in a, er, colorful dress in Santa Monica. Kinda sad that the last thing I remember seeing...
Minnie Day Now!

Minnie Day Now!

July 21, 2008... We caught Minnie Driver out and about in Malibu Saturday afternoon - but after getting a look at the size of her baby belly, we're kinda amazed to see her up on her feet! (And yet, even at this...
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