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Michael Lohan: "A Person Can Be A Drug And Sam Is A Drug"
Posted on Wed Aug 27, 2008 01:37 PM PDT

Lindsay Lohan LLohanLIPS0814_01.jpg LOS ANGELES, California (X17online) - After recent reports that Samantha Ronson is penning a tell-all book that includes details of her relationship with actress Lindsay Lohan, Lindsay's father Michael spoke exclusively to X17online about Ronson, his daughter's alleged substance abuse, his ex-wife Dina, and what he's willing to do to find a solution to his daughter's problems.

When asked if it's true that Ronson is writing the book, Lohan said he believed the reports and added, "Samantha's a control freak and she's using Lindsay to further her career. Lindsay's been sold out by so many people in the past, Sam would just be another name on the list."

Michael adds that Ronson is "feeding Lindsay alcohol behind the scenes, but that's really Lindsay's fault for taking it - it's not about drugs or alcohol. A person can be a drug and Sam is a drug. She's very controlling and manipulative and it's not a healthy relationship for Lindsay."

When asked about Lindsay's mother Dina, Lohan responds, "I blame a lot of Lindsay's problems on Dina - she's two-faced and plays both sides of the coin. She tells me it's important to get Sam out of Lindsay's life and then she turns around and has dinner with them!"

Finally, when asked if he's attacking Ronson simply because he doesn't approve of her gay relationship with Lindsay, Lohan responds, "That's not the reason at all. Lindsay is fragile and Sam takes advantage of her and the relationship is too intense and too dramatic. Sam and Dina are probably the two worst people Lindsay could be around right now...along with her friend Patrick...As long as Sam's in Lindsay's life, Lindsay will never be able to reach the potential God gave her."

Lohan continues, "It's not about Sam giving Lindsay drugs or alcohol or anything - there are prescription drugs from doctors - psychotropic drugs, antidepressants - that have a serious effect on a person. And I would like to put that out there. These things can mess with a person's mind. I see some parallels between Britney and Lindsay - the instability, the domineering companion. Lindsay's not in the state that Britney was or is, but there are minor similarities. Just because a person's not abusing drugs or alcohol doesn't mean they're healthy. And Lindsay being with Sam is making matters worse. I would sacrifice my own life to get Sam out of Lindsay's."

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