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Michael Lohan Speaks Again
Posted on Thu Aug 28, 2008 02:47 PM PDT

Lindsay Lohan LLOHANDAD090907_01.jpg LOS ANGELES, California (X17online) - Michael Lohan has once again spoken exclusively to X17online, and now he claims to have texts and phone conversations that prove he has daughter Lindsay's best interests at heart, and that Samantha Ronson and Lindsay's mother Dina are the negative influences in the her life.

Michael Lohan initially spoke exclusively to X17online following reports that Ronson was penning a tell-all book which would include details of her relationship with his 22-year-old daughter. Lohan said Ronson was "using Lindsay to further her career," called her a control freak and even suggested that Lindsay had fallen off the wagon with drugs and alcohol.

A few hours later, a very upset Lindsay told Access Hollywood, "He's out of control...I want him to stop hurting and talking to the media about the people I love." Additionally, Lohan and Ronson fired back at Michael on their myspace blogs this morning, calling him a coward and a public embarrassment among other things.

Lohan now tells X17online:

The response by Samantha and Lindsay regarding what I said is absolutely ridiculous!

When I first spoke to X17 ( whom I trust), I clearly stated that everything I said and my concerns were generated by my ex wife, Dina. (I have taped recordings, texts and the corroboration from lawyers and authorities to prove it. )

After a recent phone call from Lindsay while she was traveling on one of Samantha's DJ gigs, I became very concerned. It was then that Dina, Lindsay and I agreed to meet when Lindsay got to NY and have a mother, daughter and father sit down. Everything was arranged and agreed ( again I have dozens of texts and recordings with Dina to prove it.) BUT, when the time came on Sunday, Dina chose to go into NY and have dinner with Sam,her mother and Lindsay, rather than address real issues and make things better for Lindsay.

A day later, Dina told me that Sam was writing a book, that Sam was a negative influence on Lindsay and that Sam needs to be out of Lindsay's life....then she asked me how to do it!! ( all on tape). Matters became worse when Dina said Lindsay was in REAL danger and "she" needed to save her and get Lindsay into "a place"! ALL Dina's words. Tell me, what father wouldn't be concerned and even pissed at Sam after hearing this!!???

To even imagine that Dina would then go on vacation is even more sickening! Should we actually believe a women who says she doesn't party with Lindsay, get drunk or care about fame. She has been on video and photographed dopezens [sic] of times with Lindsay, Drunk in public, thrown out of events, had public fights with Lindsay ( at Phillippe Chow) and then does a reality tv show which was so far from the truth , it's disgusting!

Dina cares, PLEASE!!!! Lindsay was once stalked by a guy named AJ ( who Dina trusted and I said from the get go that I didn't) only for Dina to look the other way when I had to get a task force to track AJ down. ( LA's DA's office will confirm).

Dina took a percentage of Lindsay's money when I NEVER took a red cent! Dina made a deal with ET to interview Lindsay on the Red Carpet! All while , I only speak out when something is wrong or needs to be made right!

Dina is a money loving, fame seeking, self serving deceiver , who comes from roots of the same. Her brother, Paul Sullivan, was sentenced today for defrauding the 911 disaster fund of $1 million and telling witnesses to lie. Dina even publicly said he was innocent ...and so did he! Her other brother, Matt Sullivan, was arrested twice this year on DWI and drug related charges, and has lived in his mothers' basement doing "deals" for years! The same guy I had a fight with for being high at my sons communion party! ALL FACTS! ALL PROVEN!

Meanwhile they say I seek fame! Ha! I am out there doing charity work, going on mission trips, working with the United Nations and trying to help my daughter while spending sleepless nights with a father dying of cancer. Did Dina call my dad, or have the kids visit or send a card to a man who never hurt a fly? NO! Dina raised all this alarm and caused this whole thing!

While guilt may bring a response by some, others, like Dina, pass the buck and don't accept any responsibility at all. But the tapes and texts will PROVE what the truth really is and everyone is going to hear. The rest you can simply pull up on the internet by typing in Dina, Paul or Matthew Sullivan with the words drunk or fraud!!!

All I want is for Lindsay to be healthy and in a good relationship! I want her to use the gifts she has in the best ways and to help others! I said it from the very beginning: show me who you walk with and I will tell you who you are! People may deceive us, but our eyes and facts don't! OPEN YOUR EYES!!!

My apologies to Lindsay, but this is the only way to get her attention!


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