Dog The Bounty Hunter Sued By Fellow Cast Member
Posted on Mon Sep 19, 2011 03:30 PM PDT

DogBountySued200.jpgLOS ANGELES, California (X17online) -- Dog the Bounty Hunter and A&E Television Networks are being sued by cast member Bobby Brown.

Colorado bail bondsman Brown argues that he has appeared in more than 40 episodes of the show and has only been paid $6,000 for his work.

Brown is suing A&E Television Networks, Hybrid Films, and D&D Television Productions in Colorado federal court.

According to the complaint, the series has grossed more than $400 million in its seven seasons since 2004. Says the lawsuit:

    "While the series portrays 'Dog' and his team as assisting Bobby Brown with capturing difficult fugitives, in fact it was Mr. Brown who laid the foundation for each of these captures with meticulous preparation and research. In most cases, he postponed faster and less expensive options to capture the fugitives to ensure there was sufficient quality material for filming."

Brown says he worked at least 50 hours on each episode.